Chapter 1

There was a stream of light as the door opened and two Klingons entered the room. They had on their uniforms, which were all black and gray. They both looked around the small room. Their eyes fell upon the small sink and toilet, and the small towel that hung from the rail, implanted into the wall. Then their eyes wondered onto the bed in the right corner of the room and on top of that bed was a young girl. This young girl was curled up on the bed. She was about 14 years old with long jet black hair and deep blue eyes. This young girl had on a ripped up black suit with a deep blue and white tie that matched her eyes. There was a rip on the girl's right arm where a line of dry blood had formed. There was a rip in the pants on the girl's left leg where dry blood had also formed. There were many other rips in the suit. The young girl looked up at the Klingons.

"You won't get the information out of me," growled the girl.

"You know that sooner or later you we will get the information we want out of you," the first Klingon answered.

"And today is the day," the second one said as he pulled out a knife. The first Klingon went towards the girl and grabbed her by the neck. He slammed her body against the wall. The girl's body shook as she hit the wall with a big THUD. The second Klingon that held the knife came forward with the knife in his right hand.

"Now, tell me how did you get here and who are you. Don't forget to tell us the truth," the Klingon hissed.

"I told you already. I am just a young lady who accidentally got transported to your ship," stammered the young girl.

"We never detected any ships near us," the Klingon said irritated.

"It is the truth," the girl said. Suddenly, the knife in the second Klingon's hand flew up and cut through the young girl's suit on her left arm. Soon bright red blood started to leak through the cut and onto the black suit. The girl bit her lip to stop from screaming and then tears started to come to her eyes and blur her vision.

"That is what I will do every time you tell us a lie," smirked the Klingon holding the knife.

"But, how do you know if I am telling the truth," questioned the girl. The Klingon that was holding her up took her by the neck and slammed her against the wall again. Once again the girl's body shook as she hit the wall.

"Don't you dare ask any questions to us," commanded the first Klingon. There was a moment of silence as the Klingons waited for a reply, but there was no reply. Time went by and soon the two Klingons started to get tired of this waiting. So, the first Klingon that was holding the girl up grabbed her by the neck, once again, and this time threw her onto the bed. The girl's body hit with a THUD onto the bed. She got up and looked at the two Klingons by the door.

"Mark my words, you will have to tell us soon," growled the second Klingon as he put his knife away. "Mark my words." Then the door slammed shut and the young girl was left in total darkness.

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