Dragons of Quail Ridge

"Hey come on in" Luke said to his best friend Brandon. "What was so important that I had to leave my homework" I asked as he came in. "I need to see your clay dragons". He said I think I started to get red. "Why."

Well I'll tell you why I was nervous. my name is Luke crater and one day a man came to me he said "this snowball will never melt in your best friends hand give it wisely and you will receive honor and respect put it in stupid hands and the earth will die because of your foolishness".

I never saw Anders Bergstorm again until he became my fifth grade teacher. But he left me a piece of himself. Or at least what I thought he was. He left me a real life dragon but it was small and made of clay. And strangely enough no one else could see no one else except Brandon and Jacob nelson, Joel Ochoa, and Carson Jensen.

Well anyway I tried to use it to create something and it didn't work I just smeared some snowball onto one of my painted dragons and waited… and waited….. ok fine I waited for three weeks so what? But why I was nervous was because when Anders saw Brandon he always mde us partners in every subject I think Brandon is the true master of the snowball

OK I admit that sounds like were playing club penguin with all the true master of the snowballbut really this is serious!

"Because im wondering if I can bring them alive like Gaiden" Brandon replied