"Why would I fight YOU. I'm not going to waste my good energy..." I hopped up and walked clear out the room. I grabbed my combat boots from outside and walked away.

"There's no where to run, freedom fighters are all around you." Smellerbee(?) said,pulling up to me,out of breath.

"Oh,honey. I never run. It's kill,deny,or hide." I smiled sweetly after the vile comment I had learned from Azula. She looked at me, eyes wide, as I blasted myself from one tree to the other, using my firebending. "Bye." I called sweetly, waving my fingers. I spotted a small town,probably one of my father's more citzen-controlled colonies,and landed.

"She's pretty,Mommy." I smiled at the little and created a fire buterfly. She chased it all around until it disappeared. What can I say, you call me pretty,I treat you right...

"Who are you?" A girl with fire-berry colored hair stepped forward. She was about my age, and had a slightly darker complexion than me.

"." I added the last part fastly, like I forgot Lee was a boy's name. Because I did forget Lee was a boys name.

"What so you want,Anne?" The girl with berry hair doubled over.

"You shortened her name. Ooh,ya' know what Jake? We should totally do a 'good-fire nation soldier, bad-fire nation soldier."

"There's no such thing as a GOOD fire nation soldier." One girl said. I looked into her red eyes, into all of their red eyes and realized slowly that these were the people who left the Fire Nation when my father took control.

"I am not Lee Anne,in all truth. I'm Tokyo. I am also known as the Lost Princess." I leaned on one foot, unsure if I should be telling these people my true identity. But, I figured, If they were smart enough away to run away from my Dad, then they must be smart enough to keep a secret. Everything was frozen for a while, until the berry-head flung her arms around my neck and hugged me. Two other boy's and one other girl hugged me. There was one,though, that kept a stone hard face.

When the berry-head pulled off of me, she was wiping tears from her eyes. Suddenly it was all coming back to me. The day I left, the day THEY left,Jake... I flung my arms around said Jake and stared at him until he made movement.

"Hello." He stifly walked away, and nodded robotically.

"Bro,I don't a hug back, a punch in the boob, an insult, nothin'?" He turned around, more like the Jake I had grown to love, and smiled warmly. He gave me a nice puch in the boob and I punched him in his chest. Catalina(formerly known as berry-head) strode towards us, with a older looking Ruby,Luan,and Beck(his real name was Oong, but we called him for the sake of his romantical life.).

"I missed you!" Ruby said, hugging me again.

"You missed me? I had,like,completly gone blank on your name! I remembered everything else about you, but I was full-ass blank on your name." I was crying I was so happy. This doesn't make sense! I'm not supposed to CRY when I'm happy.

"Goodnight." I smiled at Jake, who smiled back. "I missed you." I whispered lowly after I had rolled over in the tent. He obviously thought I was asleep, because he back-hugged me and whispered into my ear; "I love you,too."