Sexy101 "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

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Blaine had naively assumed that after Kurt became 'his' and he was happily able to touch and kiss the other boy all he wanted, he would feel relieved and less… frustrated. Oh how wrong he was.

"You are officially whipped," Wes observed in amusement as he scribbled something down on his notebook. David had a wide grin on his face as he sipped his coffee innocently, pretending that he wasn't oh-so proud of Kurt's ability to turn their lead singer into a lovely little drooling puppy.

Blaine groaned and there was a loud thump of his head connecting with the wooden table in front of him. "Where the hell did he even learn that?"

Wes looked up slowly with an amazingly calm expression. "The kiss, lap dance… or the stripping?"

-glee (1 hour ago) glee-

"I don't get it."

Santana let out a heavy sigh and turned around, hand on her hip, impatient smile of her lips, and a 'what-bitch' look on her face. "What don't you get? Stripping. You do it all the time. You know? Before you get into the shower every day and wash out the gallons of hair products we know as hairspray."

Kurt blushed and frowned at the same time, turning his expression into a type of pout. "I mean. We're going out already. I don't see why I have to continue all this."

Santana gave him a doubtful look and waited. Kurt, in the silent, slowly began imagining the look on Blaine's face… "Okay. Fine. I'm listening."

Santana smiled in satisfaction.

-glee -

"This is going to be hilarious," Jeff gushed to Nick as they made their way down the hallway of the school. "I can't wait to see the look on his face."

Nick laughed and grinned in agreement. "You mean the same gawking expression he had during Kurt's rendition of 'Gimmie More'?"

Jeff's smile merely widened. "That's right! Dang are we good. Who would have guessed how well our little intervention turned out?"

Just as both boys' turned to each other to give high-fives. Both hands froze in mid-air as their eyes widened in horror at the figure that had mysteriously appeared between them. "…. Hi Kurt…" both muttered weakly, eyes darting for a quick escape.

Noticing their deer-caught-in-headlights look, Kurt grabbed onto bother their collars, forcing them to stay where they were. "What little intervention are we talking about, boys?"

Nice laughed nervously. "H-hey Kurt. Your hair looks… really… brown today. Did you do anything new to it?"

Kurt raised his eyebrows and offered both boys a chilling 'bitch-don't-try' look that made his fellow warblers shrink under the power of Kurt Hummel.

"Well," Jeff started nervously and sheepishly, "we may or may not have prompted the Warbler council to ask you to perform something 'sexy' to prove to us of your performing abilities."

The newest warbler's grip on Jeff's collar tightened and he dragged the boy closer. "And why exactly would you do that?"

Nick snickered at the thought of their reasoning during the time. "To see the look on Blaine's face."

Kurt now gave Nick an odd look.

Jeff started grinned at the thought also despite fearing for his life. "Yeah. That was pretty funny. The poor dude had so much sexual tension stuck up his a—"

"—Jeff, you really don't want to finish that sentence," Kurt warned.

Jeff instantly snapped his mouth together and made a zipping motion across his lips before throwing away the key with a sweeping hand motion.

"Whatever. Now if you two are done, let's go. If you found that entertaining, this should be right down that same aisle," Kurt let go of the two boys and strutted ahead of them, purpose and confidence in his step.

As they sighed in relief to survive the Hummel, both boys looked to each other and grinned.

"Did you set up the camera?"

"You bet I did."

They high-fived each other. "Blackmail!"


It was nice to spend some time with the rest of the warblers. They were like a very tight family here at Dalton who just happened to have an extreme ability to harmonize wonderfully as well. However, what was not nice was the fact they were forced to study. Warbler Thad, being the undisputed but also should-not-be-mentioned-to-his-face mother hen of the group had a reinforced studying first, play later rule. Then again, there are times they were able to convince him that studying the trajectory of the path of a football can sometimes be considered studying. After all, boys will be boys.

And as Blaine mused over his calculus homework, he failed to notice a few of his fellow warblers subtly putting loose papers back into their binders and other starting to get up and move towards the door. What could he say? Calculus gets very interesting…

However, when a few of the warblers started to sing and bop, Blaine glanced up and around curiously. It wasn't a rare occurrence for a few members to randomly start created harmonies and sings and messing around. But what was rare was that everyone started to seemingly know the song except him (who, might he remind everyone, is supposed to be the lead singer).

Blaine's head whirled around, trying to figure out what was going on. He only met the amused grins of his fellow warblers.

Suddenly, the sound of a familiar voice sounded from the other side of the entrance door.



The doors were pulled open by some of the warblers as Kurt, flanked by Jeff and Nick, entered. His wonderful, amazing, singing boyfriend stepped into the room and grinned at the other warblers as he started singing again. A hand extended to point at Blaine as he cooed his lines.

He sits alone waiting for suggestion

He's so nervous avoiding all my question

Kurt danced over to Blaine's chair and slipped his fingers across the boy's lips… His lips are dry

… before leaning down and patting her hands against Blaine's heart with the rhythm of the song.

his hear is gently pounding.

Don't you just know exactly what they're thinking?

He slid his hands along his own chest before reaching a teasing hand out to Blaine and sliding a finger along the boy's chin.

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy

Come on, sugar, let me know

Kurt was suddenly tugged back slightly. His head turned and grinned as he noticed Jeff pulling at his jacket. For a moment, it almost looked as if Kurt was singing to the blond. However-

If you really need me just reach out and touch me

Come on, honey, tell me so.

With some agility and swift movement of limbs that made Blaine's jaw nearly drop, Kurt slipped out of his Dalton jacket and fell into his boyfriend's lap with an arm on either side of his body while leaning forwards and singing into the boy's ears.

He's acting shy looking for an answer

Come on, honey, let's spend the night together

Needless to say, Blaine shuttered and melted with desire. His hand reached out for Kurt's slim body; however, the teasing boy pulled away with a sly grin.

Now hold on a minute before we go much further

Give me a dime so I can phone my mother

Thad glared when Kurt made a phone with one hand and pointed at the council member with the other. He then danced back to the other warblers, enjoying the performance with laughter on the edge of his voice.

They call a cab to his high rise apartment

At last he can tell her exactly what his heart meant

The few of the warblers started dancing in the middle of the group, showing off their skills as Kurt sang. Kurt pulled at his tie and loosened it playfully as his eyes lock onto Blaine. And by now, Blaine had also stood and made his way across the room towards Kurt.

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy

Come on, sugar, let me know

Kurt's beckoned his boyfriend with a playful motion of his pointer finger. Blaine followed like an obedient puppy.

If you really need me just reach out and touch me

Come on, honey, tell me so

Blaine grabbed onto Kurt's hands and twirled the boy in a circle before intentionally tugged him off balanced and into his body. The younger warbler grinned as a pale hand slipped over Blaine's chest.

His heart's beating like a drum

'Cause at last he's got his boy home

Finally, Blaine finished the last line. Relax, baby, now we are alone.

The moment the line was done, Blaine leaned forwards and slid his eager lips over Kurt's. His hands slipped over the boyfriend's waist and pulled the other boy flush against his body.

The warblers glanced at the couple, hollering, laughing, cat-calling, and smiling. They glanced at each other and shrugged. With a charging, hand-in-air motion from Wes, the group filed out of the room still harmonizing. Flint ran ahead, taking over the lyrics. And it was quite the scene to see the warblers running through the school singing:

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy

Come on, sugar, let me know…

At last our favorite couple parted and Blaine pressed his forehead against Kurt's. "Just for the record, I totally think you are damn sexy and I'm letting you know."

They got each other, neither one's complaining.

AN: So sad Kurt left the warblers! I always felt like they were so, so awesome and I bet they all respected Kurt a lot. Not to mention now our boys are apart and we don't see Blaine as much anymore! NO! But absence does make the heart grow fonder… and it inspires my writing so I guess it can be a good (but still painful) thing.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading all about Kurt's smexy ways. We knew he could do it! Did you guys not see 'Born this Way'? Now that is what we call Sexy face!