Author's Note:

This first chapter is set soon after the movie ends, all the others follow in chronological order. I wanted to answer a few questions that are none of our business, but we still wonder about. Or I do anyway. Are they going to get married? He's physically humanoid, just oddly proportioned. Does that continue under his clothes as well? Could they conceive children? They have to reconcile a past where he was evil with a present where she has to love and trust him. What will her family think of him? Does he manage to STAY good? And we can't forget his egotistical personality problems.

I wanted to continue the story just a little bit and tie up some of those lose ends that wouldn't really be appropriate to tie up in a PG animated movie. Don't worry, I don't go into detail. It's rated Teen for some very mild sexual content, but it's not explicit in any way. So far, I haven't actually put in any chapters about his crime-fighting adventures. This all deals with personal stuff and his day-to-day life. There are already lots of stories here on FanFiction creating whole new hero adventures for him. I wanted to do something different. Lots of it's fluff, but fun fluff.

I first published this as a wrap-up, and it still has that, but now I've expanded it. If you read it before, you'll find the first and last chapters to be pretty much the original story. The middle chapters are new. Chapter 7 is my absolute favorite.

Please excuse some grammar errors. It's getting better every time I edit it, but I'm still finding more (mostly having to do with accidentally slipping into past-tense or accidentally typing Metroman instead of Megamind), so I know they're still there.

I'm mostly writing this to get the ideas floating around in my head to leave me alone. I hope you find it entertaining.

Chapter 1: New Love Silly

A nice day. The sun is shining and the sky is as blue as Megamind's skin. He and Roxanne are walking through a park. They spread a blanket and sit under a tree, just like they did that other afternoon in the park when Megamind was wearing his Bernard disguise and he was still the bad guy. Only there are no disguises or lies between them now.

Megamind, perhaps for the first time in his life, is truly happy and at peace. Life stretches before him with bright possibilities that would have been unthinkable for him a mere month before. His considerable mind shies away from thoughts of the future for fear that it will slip through his fingers and he will find himself back where he was before, but worse for having felt what he feels now. He doesn't know how he'd survive it if he lost her. His ego is far too strong to break, but the strain might drive him back to evil, and such true evil as he's never sunk to before. He knows that, for now at least, he has to hold onto this woman at all costs. She is his savior and his lifeline. Fortunately, all is well between them and no crisis is threatening.

The couple sit close together, arms around each other. Their romance is in it's first glorious weeks and they each suspect, with both hope and wonder, that this is it. This is that special relationship that could last the rest of their lives. They're right, but it's still a fragile and unsure thing. There are still so many questions whose answers may ruin everything. But they must be asked and answered before any plans can be made.

For Megamind, she is the girl of his dreams. He's wanted her for years, but never had any hope of winning her. Despite that knowledge, he could never stay away from her. Now circumstances have changed his entire life. He's still playing the same game, but he's on the other side of the board now. He's finding, much to his surprise, that the one change from villain to hero has caused everything he ever really wanted to fall neatly into place. The universe he lives in rewards good extravagantly while evil, though necessary for the cosmic balance, goes largely unappreciated. He now has respect, popularity, a degree of acceptance, and, most precious of all, love. He hardly dares to trust his luck.

For Roxanne, she's seeing a whole other side to Megamind that she had no idea existed. Though far from perfect, his heart is in the right place and he loves her with an intensity she is amazed she hadn't noticed before. Though he's deceived her before, she doesn't doubt his sincerity now. He's funny, intelligent, brave, confident, and determined. All the traits she was looking for in a man, though she'd never thought to look for them in him. She suspects there's nothing he couldn't succeed at if he really chose to pursue it. He's even handsome, in his own unique way. She thinks he has beautiful eyes.

She is pleased to see him in the new black leather jacket (with spikes on the shoulders) that she bought him instead of one of his capes. He still has his signature costume on under it, but losing the cape helped a lot. She knows he feels self-conscious without it, but he looks less intimidating and is attracting less attention than usual. She wonders how long it will take her to get him to wear jeans, at least when he's off-duty. She slips her hand into his. His skin is cooler than hers but their fingers fit naturally together.

For both of them, the world is wonderful and bright. Anything seems possible and they're fairly beaming with joy. It's rather disgusting for everyone around them, but they couldn't happier. They make an odd couple, but neither of them are concerned about the opinions of others at the moment.

Roxanne looks into his green eyes, "I love you, Megamind."

"I've always loved you, Roxanne," he answers.

Roxanne smiles and wonders if he's trying to top her by saying that. She decides to stir up some trouble, "Is that why you tried to kill me so many times?"

"Oh, that," he smiles dismissively, "You were never really in any danger. It's not like my evil plans ever succeeded."

"But they could have." she insists with a smile.

"No, they couldn't. Metro Man always saved you. You recall, I never started really threatening you until he showed up. You were always perfectly safe with me, my love." he kisses her hand and lays back on the blanket, closing his eyes.

"So, you weren't actually TRYING to kill me?" she teases.

Megamind turns toward her, concerned, and tries to explain, "Well, I WAS trying to kill you, but it's not like it could ever have worked." He kisses her hand again before continuing, "The villain never wins. That's how it goes. I kidnap you, show off my newest evil plan, and then Metro Man shows up, we have a wonderful battle, I try out my newest evil invention, he breaks it, and then he takes me back to prison and you go home. All harmless fun."

"Fun?" this is more-or-less what she'd always suspected.

"Well, I thought it was fun. You were never really scared, were you?"

"No, I suppose not. Or, not after the first couple times, anyway. So. What? All that time you were trying to impress me?"

"Partially. Weren't you ever impressed, Roxanne? Some of my evil inventions were really quite ingenious, if I do say so myself."

"Yes, some of them were pretty clever," she admitted, "but they got less impressive when they didn't work." she kisses him on the end of his nose for emphasis.

He laughs and pulls her down to lie with her head on his chest, "Oh, the evil inventions usually worked. It's the evil plans that always failed."

"I liked the shark submarine," she offers.

He strokes her hair as he thinks about the battle involving that particular evil contraption. "I still have that one. If I ever get around to fixing the holes Metro Man burned into it with his laser vision, it would probably work fine. Maybe we could take a ride around the bay in it sometime. Look at the reef."

She smiles, "That might actually be fun."

"I should probably remove the torpedoes…"

"Probably," she agrees.

He turns so he can look her in the eye, "In my defense, I DID think you were with Metro Man. And I WAS evil then. I didn't think I really stood much chance."

"You didn't," she agrees. They kiss and she snuggles down against his side. They lie there on the blanket in companionable silence for some time. An awful lot of silence, it begins to seem to Megamind.



"What do normal people do when they fall in love?"

"Oh, they date for awhile, get to know each other. If it works out, they get married and start a family," she keeps her face carefully neutral. This is venturing into new territory and she is very curious to know what he is thinking.

"A family," Megamind's voice is low and thoughtful, "I'd never though that would ever even be an option for me."

Roxanne wonders how to phrase the question in her mind. "Is it… Is it even possible?"

"I don't see why not. For all my awesome intellect, I'm still a man. I have the same rights as any citizen of Metrocity, now that I've been pardoned. I can marry if I like."

That didn't quite answer her question. She tries again, "I had wondered about that. I mean, is it the same…I mean…" she feels her face heating in a blush. It wasn't coming out right.

Megamind laughs as he realizes what she is trying to ask. "Do you want to know if I have some weird alien genitalia?" He feels oddly pleased that she is wondering about that particular part of his anatomy.

"Something like that." she giggles, but can't look at him. The question had been floating around in a naughty corner of her head for days now, but she hadn't had any idea how to ask it.

He kisses the top of her head, "No. As far as I can tell, I have pretty much the same equipment as any other man on this planet."

This answer both relieves and puzzles her. She lifts her head and studies his expression as she asks, "Pretty much?"

"Well, it is blue," he admits with a twinkle in his eye.


"But it should work the same." he quickly assures her. "I'm sure I'll be fan-tas-tic." He leers at her confidently. In a low voice he hopefully suggests, "We could go back to your place and find out."

Roxanne laughs and punched him in the stomach, just hard enough to make her point, "Sometimes you're still evil, you know that?"

He captures the offending fist and kisses it. "It's a hard habit to break." He tries again, "But we could-"

Knowing where this is going, she rolls off his chest and onto her side. She looks at him with what she hopes is a serious expression, "Good girls don't do that."

"And you're a good girl?"


Megamind sighs as he runs his eyes up and down her body in a most improper fashion that sends shivers up her spine. "That's alright, Roxanne." he assures her with an unmistakably evil grin, "I'll bide my time. You can't resist me forever." He leans in to brush her ear with his lips as he whispers, "Someday I'll have my way with you."

Roxanne laughs, but doesn't protest. She likes the way he is looking at her and she secretly hopes he is right. But today was not the time for that. "We'll see." she answers with a slightly evil smile of her own, then, to change the subject, "But still, you're not human. Even if it'll work physically-"

"Oh, it will." He wants her to have no doubts on that point. He pulls her to him and presses his pelvis against hers. She can feel that, yes, he probably is anatomically very similar to other men.

She pushes away from him slightly. She is not willing to be side-tracked just yet. While they are on the topic of his biology, there's one other question she wants to ask him, "Genetically, it probably wouldn't work," she continues.

Typical of a man, blue-skinned or not, he isn't quite ready to give up, "It would be fun to try, though." he tells her, "And since when has the prospect of almost certain failure ever stopped me?" He nibbles her ear.

With an effort, Roxanne continues, "Right but… it wouldn't work. No little blue babies."

That catches his attention. He feels something instinctual and primitive stir inside him. He had thought, quite sensibly, that he would be the last of his line. But…maybe not. He looks at her intently, "Is that important to you?" he moves his hand and rests it on her abdomen as his thoughts turn inward. Would she be willing, one day, to carry his children? How could it be done? He turned the problem over in his head. He considers genetic structures and the equipment required to manipulate it. Some of it he has in his lab already. Others he could obtain or build from scratch.

She is very aware of his hand resting gently on her belly. "It might be. Someday." her heart speeds up and she looks away. She'd been merely curious when she asked, but now that she thinks about it, the question seems very important. She isn't sure if this romance will even come to the point where children are an issue. But if it does, she suspects she'd be losing something precious if little blue babies weren't even a possibility. She sighs sadly, "It's probably impossible."

Megamind moves his hand up to stroke her jaw line with his fingertips. He gently turns her face to look at his. His eyes are serious and a small, lopsided smile is on his lips. "I'm sure I could work it out." he tells her, "Fertilization would probably have to occur in a test tube, which isn't ideal. But artificial insemination isn't a new idea. It merely comes down to a problem of genetic compatibility. Not that difficult, really." He kisses her on the nose.

Roxanne gapes at him, "Genetics is not that difficult?"

"No. Not particularly." he lies back on the blanket with his hands behind his head, very aware of her eyes on him. "It's just nucleic acid chains. Basic bio-chemistry." His eyes slide sideways to sneak a peek at her expression. He knows he is impressing her, though nothing he has said is false. He really is THAT smart. Nonchalantly, he adds, "Did you know that I extracted Metro Man's DNA from a bit of dandruff, isolated the source of his power, and invented a way to transfer that power to a human all in one day? The conception of a human hybrid shouldn't be that difficult."

She blinks. "You know, with your evil plans always failing, I sometimes forget that you really are a genius."

Megamind laughs and answers, quite truthfully, "I'm the smartest man on the planet. That is why I chose the name Megamind."

She knows he is right, but he's still showing off. She kicks him in the shin. "You're also totally egotistical."

He captures her foot between his ankles and pulls her head back onto his chest. "And incredibly handsome." His leer is back.

"You're the handsomest blue man I've ever met." she concedes.

Megamind is slightly hurt, "Faint praise."

Roxanne isn't buying it. His ego doesn't need any help from her. "Hey, you're supposed to tell me I'm beautiful, not the other way around."

Megamind hugs her close and breaths in deeply, enjoying the scent of her shampoo in her hair, "You are beautiful, Roxanne. The most beautiful woman I've ever met. Does it bother you that I'm not human?"

"I'm getting used to it. I actually think you're kind of…" She looks up to catch his gaze. "Exotic."

"Exotic? I never thought of it that way." He considers the idea, "I like that."

"Me too. My mom thinks I'm nuts, though."

"Your mother?" Megamind had never thought of Roxanne's family before. It occurs to him that he probably should. No doubt they play an influential role in her life, he thinks. It might be important to win their favor.

"And my dad thinks you have me under some sort of evil mind control ray." she pauses, thinking, then asks, "You don't, do you?"

"No, of course not. I never completed the prototype." he answers, "But, Roxanne, I saved the city. I'm the good guy now. Isn't that enough?"

"You don't know much about parents, do you?"

"No, not really."

Roxanne sighs. It is her turn to be nonchalant. "I think no one short of Metro Man would be good enough for me in their eyes."

"I'm no Metro Man." he answers seriously. He actually sounds worried.

"No, you're not." she smiles, "You're better."

"What about your parents?"

"Don't worry. They'll come around. They're just worried about me. They're afraid this is just another of your evil plans. Give them time to get to know you."

Still worried, Megamind asks, "What if they never accept me. I don't always make the best impression on people."

Roxanne turns to him with a frown, "Well, I wouldn't be the first woman who ended up with a man her parents didn't like. In the end, it's not their decision." A change of subject is in order, she decides, "What about your parents. Do you think I'd meet with their approval?"

"I don't know. I barely remember them. They sent me away when I was still a baby."

"I wonder if all your people were like you. A whole planet of Megaminds. That would be...different."

He smiles wistfully, "Ah, but there I'd be normal. Just another face in the crowd." he sighs "I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I'd been able to stay with my parents and my planet hadn't been sucked into a black hole. If I'd just grown up as a normal child around people like me. To be normal. I'll never have that, Roxanne. Whether I'm a hero or a villain. I'll never be normal. I don't really belong here, you know?"

"I think you belong RIGHT here," she contradicts him, "You know, if you ever get tired of being the hero, you could still do amazing things." She looks at his giant skull with pride. She knows that all his bragging about his intellect is not meaningless bravado. He really is astonishingly intelligent. When he bothers to use it, that is, "You could invent things to help people. Cure cancer. Solve global warming. Perfect cold fusion. Do anything. You could really make Metro City love you."

That reminds Megamind of a pleasant evil memory, "I tried to make Metrocity love me once. Remember the Popularity Bomb? Oh, that was a fun half an hour. A whole crowd thought I was the greatest thing and you… That was the first time I ever tricked you into kissing me. If I hadn't loved you already, that was when I knew."

"I don't remember that." Roxanne says. It seems like she should remember something like that. It worries her.

"You don't?" He is clearly disappointed. "You put your tongue in my mouth. I never forgot that." Again, he leers at her.

She giggles. He looks so cute when he's trying to be sexy. But she still doesn't remember. "Sorry, I don't remember. Are you sure it wasn't someone else?"

"No, it was you. Perhaps the gas had some effect on your memory." he begins thinking through the chemical compounds that went into the gas used in that bomb. Could they cause memory loss? Some WERE common to his forget-me spray. It was possible.

While Megamind is thinking of chemical properties, a completely different thought occurs to Roxanne, "The kiss, though. That's all we did? I mean, you were evil and if I wasn't in control of myself… You could have-"

Megamind attention returns to Roxanne immediately. She thought he'd have done that? "No! All I did was steal a kiss, Roxanne. I was a villain, not a monster. There are some lines I never crossed in all my time being evil." It worries him that she might not understand that.

She understands and is relieved. "Sometimes I think you weren't really as evil as you wanted people to think."

"Perhaps," he acknowledges.

"What happened after I kissed you?" she asks. She wants to hear the rest of the story, since she doesn't remember it herself. Also, her ear is resting against his chest and she's enjoying the pleasant rumble of his voice. She wants him to keep talking.

"Oh, the usual. Metro Man dispersed the gas and pulled us apart. Man, did he clean my clock that time!" he grins, "But it was worth it. Are you sure you were never with him? Because he seemed distinctly jealous."

He is baiting her again and she knows it. She decides to give him what he wants and feed his ego a bit, "No. I told you, he's not my type. I prefer someone a little more intelligent." She traces her finger along the side of Megamind's oversized skull, in case there was any doubt what she meant. It tickles and sends pleasant little tremors down his spine. "But not evil." she adds, circling her finger around his ear.

He pounces and flips her onto her back, pinning her gently by the wrists. He then proceeds to slowly nip at her neck and nibble her ear while she squirms delightfully under him. "Not even a little evil?"

"That can't be evil. That feels too good."

He releases her with a final kiss. "If that counts as being good, then I have no reason to ever be evil again."

"You're sure?"

"Of course, my love. With you by my side, who knows what good I'll accomplish? I am the good guy, now." He has never been so sincere in his life. Although he is still an utterly selfish and amoral man, he has learned that being evil never brings him the kind of attention he craves. So far, being good is working out extraordinarily well and has won him Roxanne. Even if everything else falls apart again, it is worth giving up evil just to keep her. He knows he is far from perfect, though. Old habits are hard to break. It worries him that he might fall back into evil unintentionally, "And if I slip, you'll be there to catch me, won't you?" he asks.


"Always?" his breath catches at the implications of that word.

"Well, I'm not willing to take any vows yet, but I'm not going anywhere either."

"Yet?", he sits up suddenly, "Wait, you're thinking about taking vows?" his heart skips a beat.

"It has crossed my mind." she teases, then continues seriously, "Don't look at me like that. It crosses every woman's mind when she starts dating someone new. It's much too soon to discuss it, though. Especially with our history. I need to be sure this is real. That it will last."

"Oh, it will last, Roxanne! You'll see. You will be MINE!" he kisses her enthusiastically, and laughs "And then I will be the happiest man in Metrocity!"

"I haven't said, 'yes.'" she cautions, not sure if she should be flattered or worried by his sudden possessiveness.

He ignores that. Her eyes very clearly say yes to him, "Oh, but you will!" he was absolutely sure of that, "Someday you will. I'm Megamind. How could you not?"

Roxanne laughs, but doesn't contradict him. She thinks he is probably right. But not today, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Today I just want to be happy with you beside me. The future will get here soon enough."

They kiss each other slowly and thoroughly.

Additional Notes:

I'm not certain where Metro City is located and I wanted to have some reason to use the shark sub. So, I decided it's somewhere with a reef nearby. It's been pointed out that this is probably not the case but it works for my story, so I'm leaving it in.