Final Chapter: Wrap-up

Shall we continue to give them a happy life together? How about this?

Megamind splits his time between fulfilling his role as defender of the city and working on projects in his lab. He patents most of his inventions and creates more. Proceeds from these and the sale of limited merchandising rights on his name and logo mean that the couple do not need to worry about money.

Roxanne quits her job at the television station after they marry to help Megamind with his crime-fighting. Her investigative reporting skills prove remarkably useful, though Megamind usually insists on her working behind the scenes, out of danger, which is the cause of some conflict between them. She and Minion back each other up to curb some of Megamind's more enthusiastic bad ideas, which helps to keep him safe. She is a valuable addition to the crime-fighting team.

Since he was the source of most of the serious crime in the city, the crime rate is understandably low for the first year or so of his new career. He uses his disguise generator to infiltrate and bring down an organized crime ring. His brain bots and patrols keep violent street crime at a minimum. Not much happens.

Luckily, before he becomes too bored, a new super villain moves in to fill the void he left. Loco Diablo, or Sven as Megamind knows him, becomes just the rival Megamind needs and he is never so happy as after a victorious battle which lands the bad guy back in prison. He often visits this new villain in prison and they spend happy hours reminiscing over past battles and playing chess, which Megamind is surprisingly bad at. It is suspected that, during especially long gaps between crime sprees, Megamind may occasionally smuggle in a device or two that enables Loco Diablo to escape from prison. However, since Megamind always returns the villain to his cell soon after and his brain bots always repair any damages, officials willingly looked the other way.

Two years after their marriage, the twins are born (see chapter 9). A disguise generator was used to hide Roxanne's pregnancy from the world and nobody but close family knew about the blue-skinned babies until after their arrival. It causes an uproar as it becomes clear that genetic engineering played a vital role in their conception. A new law and a court order prevents them from having more children until the court case is settled. Ultimately they win, arguing that the state cannot take away Megamind reproductive rights and, since genetic engineering is the only viable option, the state cannot prevent it. The case takes ten years to settle, but once it is, the boys get a little blue sister.

Demands of family and a middle-aged body drive Megamind to hand over his role as protector of Metro City to a younger hero shortly after his daughter's birth. He enters the world of research and development and turns science on its ear. Although he never cures cancer or perfects cold fusion, his discoveries improve lives and earn him acclaim across the world. By the end of his life, most industries rely on Megamind technology for much of their operations.

When his children marry, the world learns that he designed them well. The children of his line need no help from science to conceive the next generation. Though his genes are diluted by breeding with humans, his line never loses its blue skin or unusually large brains. Though it would be unrealistic to assume that they all lead perfect, law abiding lives, most become credits to society and, to Metro City's credit, they face remarkably little persecution because of their appearance.

Roxanne lives until cancer takes her at 85 years of age. It is said that Megamind never forgave himself for being unable to cure her. He follows her a few months later. He is survived by his two sons, his daughter, Ten grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

The world lost a great man when he died.

Two centuries later, Metro City has a sizable and growing minority of blue-skinned citizens that are still referred to as the Children of Megamind. His memory lives on for centuries.

Okay, so, is that a happy enough life for him?

Additional Notes:

The reason that the Children of Megamind retained their blue skin and large brains even after generations of breeding with full humans is that he made those two traits dominant and made their reproductive systems unable to produce viable sperm and egg cells that did not have these two traits. He wants to be remembered. Not possible? Suspend disbelief please.

I just really, really wanted to give him a happy life, after the miserable start he had. I think the guy deserves it.