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Chapter 1: You Need to Live

Lily Johnson was a young American girl, who, if she had known how upside down her life would become from saving that woman's life, she never… well that wasn't true, she still would have done it.

Lily stared at the woman and raised an eyebrow "Your Juno?"

The goddess of familys nodded. Lily nodded herself "oookay… I think I'll be going now"

She turned to leave. "Wait!" the woman called out "a debt must be repaid, I can make you immortal if you wish"

Lily stopped and turned raising her eyebrows "what was that?"

Juno smiled "I can make you immortal, and awaken the powers you have within you, I can tell you have a powerful aura"

Lily laughed thinking it was a joke "well all right then! Go right ahead!"

Unfortunately, Juno did, Lily was never the same after that, she was forced to fake her own death, with Juno's help she was able to get a home in Greece and did a few missions for Juno, she never really complained, she was away from her not so happy home and was living a new life entirely, she had been immortal for 2 years when Juno asked her to go work with Niccolò Machiavelli, she didn't complain, she had been sent to do missions with other immortals before, (Billy the Kid and her had some good laughs) but she could tell that Machiavelli was not happy.

"But master! I'm sure I can handle this mission on my own!" she heard him saying in his office when she stopped by to introduce herself. She knew the young man who was standing with her could not hear him.

With her awakened senses she could hear Machiavelli's Elder's response: "I don't want any protests from you Niccolò, you are going to let her join you on this! Juno has backed me for long enough, she wants this girl to get some real experience, I offered for you two to work together on this mission, do not fail me!"

Machiavelli hesitated and then whispered "yes master."

The young man, who was Machiavelli's secretary, knocked on the door "Monsieur Machiavelli? Mademoiselle Johnson is here to see you"

Machiavelli growled "send her in!" Lily walked into the room and Machiavelli's secretary closed the door behind her.

Machiavelli stared at the girl standing in front of his doorway and swallowed hard, she was beautiful, Machiavelli had not been expecting that. The girl, Lily, looked about 18 years old, with black hair that went past her shoulders in curls, her eyes were a bright vivid blue, she was wearing a very stunning red silk dress that hugged her curves well.

She was stunningly beautiful. Machiavelli took a deep breath and whispered "Welcome to Paris" in English; he must have been told that she only knew some French.

Lily nodded "I'm looking forward to this, Mister Machiavelli" she murmured politely, though it was clear she was not.

Their mission was simple enough, Lily thought, their mission was to gather allies in Russia, and Spain.

Lily was sitting on her balcony having a cigarette the night before she and Machiavelli would leave for Spain, when she heard him come into the room, he had been checking up on things in France. Machiavelli had come out onto the balcony and quickly snatched Lily's cigarette away and put it out in the ash tray "those are bad for you" he stated flatly.

Lily rolled her eyes and pulled out another cigarette and lit it, Machiavelli reached for that cigarette as well and Lily walked out of his reach unfortunately for her, Machiavelli followed her and when he had her pinned up against the railing he snatched the cigarette from her again and put it out quickly. Lily was blushing from the position they were in, Machiavelli stated to her "cigarettes are bad for you, your immortal but you're not invulnerable." Lily glared up at him and stuck her tongue out at him, she was not expecting for him to gently grab her tongue with his teeth and pull it into his mouth.

Machiavelli was surprised by his own boldness to kiss Lily, just as she started to kiss him back he pulled away and murmured "I'm sorry" he turned and walked into the room to get ready for bed, Lily bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut at his rejection, she pulled out a new cigarette and smoked it, it helped her calm down.

Machiavelli watched the young girl and sighed, he had not been intending to kiss her, he had made a vow to his wife after her funeral to never remarry, and yet here he was kissing a young woman who was much younger than him, Lily walked into the room and crawled into her own hotel bed and fell asleep, Machiavelli got up from his bed and walked over to the sleeping girl and stroked her hair once, Lily was quiet, when she had something to say she said it, but otherwise she was just quiet. It was one of the many things Machiavelli had noticed about her, he also noticed that she mixed Hawaiian punch with sprite, she was a new immortal so Machiavelli wasn't too surprised by the fact that she still ate, and ate well, she was thin, but a healthy thin, she ate reasonably well and.. Machiavelli sighed "Niccolò what have you gotten yourself into?" he murmured.

What Machiavelli didn't know was that Lily had woken up and heard that, the whole plane ride to Spain, Lily gave him small little touches and even placed her hand on his thigh. Machiavelli knew that she was giving him seductive little hints, but he ignored them, after about an hour, Lily stopped.

In the new hotel in Spain, Lily requested separate rooms, Machiavelli was surprised by this but didn't protest, he followed her and when they were alone he asked her why she wanted a different room, there were too beds in the room that was now his, she didn't respond, she simply went to her own room and unpacked, when Machiavelli came into her room later that night he saw her smoking a cigarette and walked up to her and pulled it away from her and put it out.

Lily pulled out her box of them but Machiavelli snatched the box and pinned Lily again "Will you stop acting like a child and tell me what's going on?"

Lily looked away, and then pushed him off her "goodnight mister Machiavelli" she whispered.

The next two days were spent the same way, Machiavelli trying to get Lily to talk to him, and Lily pretending like he wasn't there or not answering his questions, on the third day Machiavelli pinned Lily and made her look into his eyes "Lily, will you please tell me what's bothering you?" he murmured. Lily looked away and finally whispered "you are Niccolò" Machiavelli eyes widened, Lily had never called him by his first name before.

Machiavelli made her look into his eyes again and whispered "What do you mean?"

Lily bit a trembling lip and whimpered "your sending me mixed signals Niccolò, one minute your kissing me, then you pretend I don't exist, you ignore my advances and then when I get a different room you demand to know why!" tears were trailing down her cheeks as she spoke.

Machiavelli sighed and bit his lip "Lily... I promised my wife I would never remarry-"

"I'm not looking for Marriage Niccolò!" she whimpered "and that's a dumb promise to make! Wouldn't she want you to be happy?"

Machiavelli paused for a moment and then walked up to Lily and kissed her passionately.

Lilly lead him to her bed and kissed him softly and lovingly, and as they rolled on the bed together, Lily showed him how to really live.

Juno is the Roman goddess of Familys and Marriage, and yes she is just using Lily, thats the only reason she offered her immortality, because of the fact that she has a strong Aura