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Chapter 44: Facing the Truth

Lily had been out back with Billy, Niccolò, Blackhawk and Virginia when the three Elders showed up.

They had been helping setting up for dinner, they were all beginning to feel better and rested and would soon be on their way back home as would all the others.

Scatty had hugged her grandmother and aunt upon seeing them and the others in the room greeted them. Virginia was the first to walk into the room and she said "OH!"

Niccolò and Blackhawk were the next one's in, Niccolò looked at Aten and gulped a little, he wasn't quite ready to face his elder master but it didn't look like he was going to be given much of a choice.

Aten smiled at Niccolò and nodded then he turned to look as Billy and Lily entered the room. Juno and even the Witch also seemed to be looking at Billy and Lily.

Lily felt the emotion in the room and then stiffened when she saw Juno. She swallowed, she wasn't sure she was ready to face this. Billy put his hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear "give her a chance to explain, I know your upset Lils but, she's here she clearly cares about you, don't you owe it to yourself and to her to give her a chance to explain herself?"

Lily looked at Billy and whispered "I know but… I don't know if I'm ready for this."

Billy smiled sadly "you'll probably never be ready for it, Lils so just get it out of the way, so you can decide what you want to do, so you can move on from this point."

Lily gulped and nodded running a hand through her hair, and turning to look at Juno again. Then she sat down on the unoccupied couch, Billy sat next to her on her left while Niccolò sat on her right, Juno and Aten sat down on the Love seat while the Witch sat down in a single chair, Blackhawk and Virginia hovered nearby while everyone else stood away from the group.

Lily fidgeted anxiously not knowing what to say, so it was Juno who broke the silence.

"I know your upset sweetheart… and you have every right to be… I shouldn't have kept this from you, I should never have even dragged you into this… your mother… she never would have wanted this life for you… but… I want to explain… why I did this…" Juno was looking at Lily silently, waiting to be told either to shut up or to continue on.

Lily nodded for Juno to continue.

Juno whispered. "I… I knew that your mother never wanted this for you but I didn't care I just… I wanted to keep you hidden away all to myself where no one could ever find you again, when our first encounter took place, you were right, I was being selfish trying to protect the only piece of my daughter I had left… but you need to know that as time went on… as I got to know you, you became more to me than a piece of my daughter… you became my granddaughter, you became someone I loved and cherished so very very much but that doesn't excuse what I did, I should have told you I never should have kept it secret from you but-"

Lily cut her off "Don't… I… I'm not mad at you for keeping it a secret I was at first but then, I realized if I had been in your position I would have kept it secret too."

Juno sat up a little straighter, startled and then she looked at Lily and said "But there is still something your mad about."

Lily looked into Juno's eyes and whispered "I've tried to be mad at Mom, for not telling me and James the truth, but then I remember she was going too, she just never got the chance… and then I tried to be mad at her for the fact that me and James were different… but I couldn't blame her for that either, it's not her fault she fell in love… and I wanted, oh I so dearly wanted to be mad at her for anything… but I can't… I can't be mad at her, she gave up so much, for my father, for my brother, for me, she gave up her entire life for us to be normal… I understand that you wanted to preserve a part of your daughter but… but you undid everything mom had sacrificed for her family, I don't know how long I'll be upset about that… I don't even know if I'll ever get over it…"

Juno smiled sadly and nodded "I can respect and understand that." She paused and then said "I hope you do know Lily, that I love you very dearly"

Lily smiled and nodded "I do know that."

Juno smiled and then said "now… there are some other things you should be aware of…"

Lily's eyes widened "Oh this doesn't sound good."

Juno smiled a little "the Witch of Endor is my elder sister, she's also Scathachs' Grandmother."

Lily's eyes widened "wait that means…"

Juno nodded "you and Scatty are second cousins."

Lily slumped against the couch "oh wow…"

Juno nodded and then she said "the next news I have to tell you… might be a little bit less… well I don't know… Aten" she motioned to the man sitting next to her on the Loveseat "as you know is Mr. Machiavelli's Elder master."

Lily nodded slowly.

Juno went on "he is also my husband… and your mother's father"