Raxus Prime

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Starkiller lay back in his seat as Juno flew the Rogue Shadow around the Separatist blockade with relative ease, even finding time to chat with both him and Kota while doing so. It marveled the young man how this woman could fly as naturally as Anakin could, as well as how she had little to no fear of the enemy.

"So, how did you become a pilot anyway?" Starkiller asked, observing Juno carefully. Her calm expression flickered from a second. Starkiller knew that look. She was recalling a painful memory, like he would every night when he sleeps.

"That's my business, I'm afraid." Juno replied, covering her nervousness with a smirk. Starkiller could still sense it though, so it didn't matter.

"You have an interesting choice in clothes, General Starkiller." Juno noted casually after a moment of silence. Starkiller blinked and looked Kota, who didn't glance back, since he couldn't see what Starkiller's outfit was.

"What's wrong with it?" Starkiller asked in confusion. His sith training only taught him that only the clothes that could offer some protection should be used. He was currently wearing heavy armor that he used in his training, with a brown scarf around his neck. The armor slowed him down a little, but provided some protection against blaster bolts and lightsabers. He decided to try it out once. If it wasn't as useful as he thought, he'll just use the white and black jedi adventure robes Kota gave him.

"Nothing sir. I just prefer you in your other robes is all. But you look handsome either way." Juno shrugged. Starkiller blinked at that but Kota barged into the conversation.

"Wait, you're not using those robes I gave you?" Kota asked, obviously offended.

Starkiller rolled his eyes. "Calm down Kota, it's just for this mission."

Kota opened his mouth, but PROXY walked in.

"Master, I have uploaded the coordinates of the droid you seek, but it is heavily guarded." PROXY reported.

"Why would the separatists make jedi murdering machines here?" Juno asked, turning to look directly at the generals. Starkiller didn't move his gaze from PROXY.

"Are you picking up any signals?" Starkiller inquired. PROXY paused for a moment as he scanned the area for transmissions.

"It's strange. I can hear thousands of droids all calling out to each other." PROXY raised his head, realizing something. "This is where all droids go to… die." PROXY finished silently.

"Cheap droid parts." Kota said with a hint of disgust in his voice. It was silent as Juno piloted the Rogue Shadow above a platform. Starkiller got up, and Kota, sensing his apprentice standing, got up as well.

"Ready?" Kota asked.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing." Starkiller replied, walking to open ramp. He turned to PROXY and Juno.

"Pick us up once we're done. We'll contact you. Until then, tell the fleet to mobilize and engage the separatist blockade. Make sure no ships can leave and deploy this new droid weapon of theirs." Starkiller told Juno. Juno nodded.

"Good luck." She called behind him. Starkiller just smirked, and jumped out of the floating Rogue Shadow and landed right next to Kota. The ship above them zoomed out of the planet as the jedi activated their lightsabers and ran towards the separatist base on the planet. Kota smirked as he felt Starkiller behind him, not running as fast as he should have.

"So, how's that armor doing for you?" Kota asked in a mocking tone as they made it to the front door. Starkiller glared at him in annoyance.

"Don't know. Haven't used it in a fight yet. Shall we?" Starkiller responded, gesturing toward the enormous locked door in front of them. Kota smirked.

"After you." He said. Starkiller placed his hands to his side as he gathered the Force around him and contained it between his palms, before sending it as a blast and tore the door down. The droids inside all glanced at the two intruders.

"Uh oh." One of them commented right before Starkiller cut his head off with a lightsaber throw. The blue lightsaber came back to him just in time to block hundreds of laser bolts being fired at him and his new master. Starkiller and Kota stood back to back, deflecting blaster fire from all sides, occasionally hitting some of the droids with the deflected bolts.

"Not the best plan I've ever thought of." Kota grunted as he managed to force pull some droids into the blasts.

"Tell me about it. I'm really starting regret using this armor." Starkiller responded as another blast managed to get by his defenses and shot him in the chest. The armor was useful, but it was a little too heavy and it would slow him down in a lightsaber battle. Because it left his head wide open he had to force his lightsaber up and make sure nothing got by his defenses.

"Oh really?" Kota asked with a mocking smirk.

"Shut up." Starkiller snapped back, before leaping up into the air, curled into a ball, and released a powerful force repulse. Kota barely managed to form a shield strong enough so that he wouldn't get blasted like the rest of the droids in the room. Almost half were destroyed, but the rest were knocked down. Starkiller and Kota glanced at each other before running for the back door.

"Do you have a plan to get rid of them once we get outside?" Starkiller asked, using the force to boost his speed. Kota didn't respond, using the force to pull the back door open while Starkiller blocked the laser bolts being fired at them from the droids that had gotten up. Once Kota forced the doors open, he and Starkiller ran outside, with Starkiller forcing the doors closed again to stop the blasts from hitting them when their backs were turned.

While he was doing that, a ship containing Super Battle Droids arrived, but they couldn't do anything as Kota force pushed all of them out and into the ground and toxic waters below. Jumping into the ship before it closed the door; Kota quickly went to the pilot's seat and cut off the droid's head before opening the ship for Starkiller. Starkiller leapt into the ship.

"Hey, try ripping that section of the base into the ground. It should take care of the droids we didn't destroy." Kota advised behind him as he tried to keep the ship in the air and away from the base.

"And once again, I have to do the hard work." Starkiller mumbled under his breath. He used the force to grip the brown and rusted metal of the base, before quickly forcing it down into the dangerous water and land below it. Once that was done he took Kota's place in the pilot's seat and flew them to the part of the base that no doubt housed the droid they were looking for according to PROXY's coordinates.

"It's all so… polluted." Starkiller noted, looked at the polluted sky and the brown, toxic water and trash below them. Kota sighed.

"This was a beautiful planet once, but eventually the people living on this planet tried to do experiments and new, more powerful droids. Eventually, they left after figuring out how much they contaminated the planet."

"Then why build anything here?" Starkiller asked as they neared the coordinates.

"Probably because nobody would suspect it. Plus there are a lot of droid parts for scavengers like Jawas and for civilizations who can't afford new droids or droid parts."

Starkiller was silent as he absorbed this information. Suddenly, he forced the ship out of the way of a missile fired at them. He and Kota ran back and jumped out of the ship, said ship crashing into a communication tower. Blocking blaster fire, the two cut their way through the droids, until eventually four Magna Guards approached them.

"Just what I needed." Starkiller sneered as he charged at them, Kota running right alongside him. Starkiller ducked to avoid an electro staff from hitting him in the head while simultaneously blocking another Manga Guard's attack with his lightsaber. He swept the Manga Guard's feet from under him, while pushing the second one back. It didn't push that far, as the Manga Guard simply used magnets in his feet to force himself to stay standing.

Behind them, Kota was doing a better job at fighting his two Manga Guards since he didn't have heavy armor to slow him down. He kicked one in the face while tilting his head backwards with ease in order to dodge a strike from another.

The battle was over in minutes. Starkiller was struck in the back by one, but that was what he expected. He quickly twisted his body and his natural reverse Shien stance allowed him to impale the Manga Guard in the chest. Pushing it off his lightsaber with a kick, Starkiller turned with blinding speed, looking like a blue blur as he cut the other's head off. Starkiller turned to help Kota, but one Manga Guard was in pieces and Kota had just stabbed the last one in the chest just as Starkiller turned around.

"I think this it." Starkiller noted as they arrived to a door that had the label EG-5 right above it. However, Kota's communication link just went off, beeping incessantly. Kota raised his arm and answered.

"What is it?"

"Sir, we're picking up something on our scanners, another CIS ship is preparing to take off, and we think it contains all the jedi hunting droids they've produced so far!" The commander explained worriedly. Kota and Starkiller glanced at each other, both at a loss at what to do since the fleet was still in battle with the blockade above the planet.

"Where is the ship going to take off?" Kota asked finally.

"You should come right next to it if you follow the corridor to your right, why?" The commander replied in confusion.

"Good, just leave the rest to us." Kota said as he lowered his communicator.

"So, what's the plan?" Starkiller asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Since your armor is a piece of crap and doesn't work well for you in lightsaber battles," Starkiller groaned in exasperation at this, "I'll go destroy it. You are going to pull that CIS ship back down."

"What! Are you insane? That thing is massive!"

"What is mass?! You're a Jedi boy! Size means nothing to you!" Kota countered. Starkiller still looked incredulous. The two stared at each other for a moment, before Starkiller ran towards the direction the commander instructed. Kota entered the door where the EG-5 droid is supposed to lie.

He wasn't disappointed. A red, humanoid droid was waiting for the old general. The humming of two lightsabers already filled the room. Kota calmly turned on his lightsaber, holding his green blade in front of him in a classic Juyo stance. EG-5 suddenly fired an enormous laser blast at Kota, who leapt up into the air, surrounded himself with the Force, and slammed himself onto the group. The droid leapt over the shockwave on the ground, and brought both his crimson lightsabers down on Kota, who raised his lightsaber to block both his lightsabers.

Meanwhile, Starkiller managed to make it outside the base, but the CIS ship was already making it out into the atmosphere. Starkiller bit his lip and raised his hands, channeling all his Force power through his body, focusing on the CIS ship.

I hope this works.

Kota deflected another blow from EG-5 and Force pushed it away from him. EG-5 managed to sneak another blast at Kota, who dashed to the side to dodge the blast. Kota used the Force to increase his speed, and their lightsabers clashed once again, Eg-5's blades were crossed in an X shape as he blocked Kota's lightsaber. Kota pushed with all his might, but EG-5's strength was surprising, kicking Kota off and sending him flying into a wall.

Starkiller gripped the front of the ship with the force, and slowly moved his arms, his hands curled into fists and a blue Force aura surrounded them. Moving his arms to the right, he forced the massive CIS ship to turn around and face him. The ship was already halfway there. The surprising force of the ship turning around made miniature explosions appear all over the ship. Starkiller forced it down; the tip of the ship was already crashing into the ground.

Kota grunted as he blocked one lightsaber, and had to move his body in a weird angle backwards to avoid another. He Force pulled EG-5 over his head, making the droid crash straight into the control panel that contained all the plans for making more. Kota sighed in relief. Now he had to trust that Starkiller would take down the ship.

Starkiller gritted his teeth as he forced the CIS capital ship down deeper into the ground. The ship was exploding in multiple sections, metal tearing off the hull as the ruined space ship was practically sliding itself towards Starkiller. Starkiller yelled in pain as he forced his hands open, his palms facing the ship. Channeling all he could, Starkiller constantly pushed the ship back with Force, roaring as he tried to decelerate the CIS capital ship. Just as the young man thought he was going to be crushed, the ship stopped right in front of him. Sighing in relief, Starkiller sat back on the ground to catch his breath.


A defeated Jedi Knight lay on the ground in pain, trying to pick himself back up. The Knight wore brown robes that looked to be made by a specific culture. Suddenly, the man was lifted up into the air, clutching his neck as Count Dooku approached him, his curved lightsaber humming with power.

"I sense someone far more powerful then you. Where is you master?" Dooku demanded, rising his lightsaber threateningly. The man struggled to answer.

"The dark side has clouded your mind. My master was killed years ago."

"Then you will now share his fate." Before Dooku could act on that promise, his lightsaber flew out of his hand. He turned around, seeing his lightsaber in the hands of a young boy.

"A son?" Dooku asked himself out loud.

"Run!" The Jedi yelled, but Dooku clenched his fist, silencing the Jedi Knight.

Starkiller gasped as he flew up in his bed.

Was that just a dream?

He suddenly heard a knocking on his door. Without thinking he said "Come in."

Juno Eclipse walked into his room, already wearing her flight gear. Starkiller got up, quickly slipping on his Jedi Adventure Robes.

"We are heading towards Geonosis to assist in the assault on the droid factory." Juno reported. Her sharp eyes noticed the haunted look in Starkiller's face.

"Are you alright sir?" Juno asked with genuine concern. Starkiller blinked at her in confusion before realizing she did care for his wellbeing.

"Yeah… I'm fine."

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