A/N: This story takes place just before STD, and I plan to keep it in the spirit of a classic KP episode. Count on an update every Friday until it reaches the grand finale. But as the saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings ... And fair warning: with a villainous musician on the loose, musical gags and puns will abound!

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It was a beautiful but exceptionally warm Friday afternoon at Middleton High. Through hooded eyes, Kim Possible sleepily gazed at Mr. Barkin as his lecture on Gregorian chant droned on. He had taken over the Music History class when Ms. Terpsichore was injured in that freak harpsichord accident only the month before. But this warm weather was much more conducive to drowsiness than to Kim's usual attentive demeanor. With both elbows on her desk, her chin rested wearily in the palms of her hands as she thought back to the previous night's events.

"Ooh, that mission last night lasted way too long. And pulling that all-nighter to catch up on mid-terms the night before last sure didn't help matters any. At least Drakken and Shego are both headed back to Cell Block D now, so I'll be able to catch up on some Z's this afternoon as soon as I get home."

Bonnie Rockwaller was likewise bored stiff by Mr. Barkin's dry lecture, and busied herself by filing her nails. Even half-asleep, Kim couldn't help but draw a comparison between Bonnie and Shego, remembering how the villainess also enjoyed giving herself a manicure and filing her claws to a razor-sharp point.

"Hmm. One more thing that snarky Bonnie has in common with my arch-enemy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were related somehow…"

For his part, Ron busied himself by absentmindedly staring out the window. He noticed that the school's marquee now read, "March Into March! Let The Band Put Some Spring Into Your Spring." Through the open window, he could hear the Middleton High Marching Band drilling intensely in preparation for the competition that weekend between Upperton, Middleton and Lowerton. He sighed as he thought, "Man, I thought becoming the Mad Dog Mascot would make me a lot more popular with the ladies, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. But maybe that would change if I joined the band, with those badical new uniforms of theirs ... Hmm, I wonder if they have an opening for a spoon player?"

Oblivious to his class's inattention, Mr. Barkin blathered on. "And so it was Pope Gregory I that first instituted what we now call the Gregorian chant, and was the first music to be notated into a system which would become the ancestor of our own modern musical notation, consisting of …"

Mr. Barkin stopped in mid-sentence as Kim's head slipped from her palms and onto her desk with a loud thump. She jerked up with a start, instantly awake and aware of every eye in the class focused on her. An undercurrent of laughter rippled through the classroom.

Barkin shot her a stern glance as he growled through clenched teeth, "Well, Miss Possible, are we keeping you up past your beddy-bye time? Perhaps I should be lecturing on the Brahms Lullaby instead?"

Kim blushed bright red as she stumbled out an apology. "Uh, no, Mr. Barkin. Sorry, late-night mission last night. I promise to stay awake."

Mercifully, the afternoon bell rang at that moment, dismissing the class and rescuing the young cheerleader and world saver from any further embarrassment.

As the class filed out, Ron commented, "Boy, that was close, Kim. Another few seconds and you might have earned a one-way ticket to detention hall. I thought that the Ronman was the only one who could pull something like that!"

Kim yawned, "So not the drama, Ron. But I'm sure glad that I dodged that particular bullet. Anyway, it's nothing a quick nap won't fix."

"So, how about Bueno Nacho at seven? They've got a muy bueno special on their bean and cheese guacamole wraps!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and chirruped in anticipation. "Mmm! Guacamole and cheese!"

Kim turned a shade paler at the thought of any kind of food that she might accidentally fall asleep in, but decided that after a short siesta she'd be much more up to it. "Sure, Ron. Catch ya then."

As soon as she got home and her head hit the pillow, she was out like the proverbial light. As she drifted off, her exhausted mind began to combine the events of the past 24 hours into a strange dream. Drakken and Shego were proceeding slowly through a dim cathedral, both wearing dark brown ecclesiastical robes. Holding candles before them to light their way, they were intoning Lather, Rinse and Obey in the style of a Gregorian chant. Following immediately behind them, a similarly clad Ron and Rufus slowly chanted a verse of The Naked Mole Rap.

A loud beep-beep-BEE-beep startled her back to consciousness. Thankful to be awakened from her bizarre reverie, she tapped the button on her Kimmunicator.

Sleepily she answered, "Hey, Wade. What's the sitch?"

The pre-teen genius and keeper of her website appeared on the tiny screen. "Hey, Kim, you just got a hit on your site. The local music store is asking for your help in solving an unusual theft."

Now fully awake, she replied, "What, Magnificent Max's Music Mart? Sure, I'm happy to help, but this sounds more like a job for the police. Has he contacted the local authorities yet?"

"Well, he did, but they couldn't find any clues. No signs of a break-in and no fingerprints, so they don't have anything to go on. But he's positive that there's some expensive equipment missing."

Kim wondered who might be behind the theft. "Well, could it be an inside job?"

"Not likely, since Magnificent Max is the sole owner and proprietor. His only employee was on vacation in Hawaii when the theft occurred, and Magnificent Max has the only set of keys to the shop. Airtight alibi, Kim."

"Curiouser and curiouser, Wade. Not exactly a secret research facility, but if the police are stumped, maybe I can help somehow. I'll give Ron a call and we'll check it out."

She clicked off and immediately called Ron.

He picked right up. "Hey, KP! Enjoy your little snooze?"

"Yeah, Ron. There's been a theft at the music store right next to Club Banana. Can you meet me there in fifteen?"

Ron grinned back. "Wow, two missions in two days? Sounds coolio, KP! Looks like business is picking up. See you in a few."

As she hung up, she muttered, "Well, this sitch doesn't seem all that unusual so far. And yet …"

As the dream of Drakken's weird chant faded from her mind, she couldn't quite escape the bad feeling she was getting about where all this might lead. Nevertheless, she just tried to shrug it off, and took a deep breath to clear her mind as she left her room. The siren call of a new mission beckoned.

TBC ...