Oh, That's Just Perfect!


Chapter 1

What Now?

Ya know, looking around right now, I can see that my life ain't bad.

Could be worse. Most definitely worse.

I could have been shuffled off to buffalo in an underground lab, waiting to be experimented on. I could have been raped, mutilated and left for dead.

Instead, I'm blindfolded, tied up, thrown in the back of a truck (i think), and I actually don't know what's going to happen to me…

So, yeah, trying to figure out if I'm going to be shipped off to that underground lab, or the other thing.

Who knows, maybe I'll be crowned Queen or something… though coronations don't generally start with a kidnapping.

Oh, by the way, you should know that I'm not human. Not completely anyways. I'm part dragon. A hybrid, if you will. Scales, wings, claws and a prehensile tail with the ability to change into a more human form. I can morph completely into a dragon if I want to. But I like my in-between form.

So… what the hell am I doing, blindfolded and tied up, waiting for my fate?

That's the problem. I can't morph at the moment. I'm trapped in my human form. Yup. I hate my human form. It's only good for blending in with my surroundings. Everytime I start to morph, electricity arcs through me. I imagine they have some sort of sensory collar.

I grew up among humans. My mom explained to me that my father was… well, special was the term she used. He was a dragon. Completely. I don't know how she managed to fall in love with his humanoid form, but she did. And after that… he was killed mysteriously, I believe. I never knew him, at any rate.

I grew up, pretty normal, except for the occasional morphing. I learned to fly on my own. My mom taught me fighting skills.

No friends. Never had one. My mom was my friend… until they took her.

damn government agents.

i tried looking for her but… got caught. So… as the sounds of opening doors and human voices and human scents enter into my senses, I growl. I have a pretty baritone voice, for a human girl, but I don't sound like a guy. And I imagine I'm pretty ugly too. Tall, big-boned, small waist though, thank the gods, with a sarcastic attitude. I'm pretty sure I got it from my sharp-tongued mother.

I'm Kanani, by the way. Kanani Woods.

And… I'm about to find out what the hell's going on around here.

Completely random story idea I had. I'm running with it.

Reviews? *pretends to not care before falling to knees with clasped hands* PLEASE!