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Chapter 30


(Psycho POV)

Kanani snarls again, as Larja draws herself up, taking a challenging step toward the livid Llonng Sain'ja.

I wince, as their words stab harshly against my hearing with sharp, dominant tones.

"I mean it, lady, you better fuck off, before I give you an ass-kicking that you won't forget! I will mess you up so bad, you will never be able to have kids!" Kanani growls.

Larja snarls before sucking in breath and roaring, flaring her large tusks and flashing her sharp fangs in a display meant to intimidate.

Only, it seems to have the opposite effect on Kanani…


Kanani's wild black hair is blown back from her face, but as Larja's roar dims, a flickering flame bursts out of control within Kanani's eyes (a look I remember very well, from the moment I first met her). She gutterally snarls as she strides forward, faster then I thought she could move and shoves Larja away, right over her right shoulder.


Larja takes this as the challenge she has been waiting for and swiftly, eagerly, backhands Kanani into the wall. There's a sickening crunch as Kanani's body collides with solid metal.

Smirking, Larja struts as Kanani hits the wall, but her smirk vanishes as Kanani shoots straight back to her feet and roars in return, flames flickering from her fanged mouth as she rushes forward, flapping her wings, she leaps into the air, somehow evading Larja's up-thrown claws and driving all her weight into the Honored Warrior's Throat and chest, (feet first) shoving the Huntress back and off-balance. But Larja, as I remember is not defenseless, nor without training.

As it is, she has no idea just WHO the PAUK she has decided to mess with…


(Kanani POV)

I see red… well, actually, more like green. The claws on my feet have punctured her skin slightly, just from the sheer amount of weight I put on her as I jumped higher then I ever thought I could, getting high enough to use my weight against her, though I doubt I'll get that chance again, so I unfurl my wings and back-flap, using the added force of air to push myself into her. I slash at her face with my claws, but she bats them aside and tries to punch me. I move my face and bite into her forearm, instinctively injecting some of my venom into her. She roars, (it probably burns!) but doesn't let go of me as she grasps my throat. I know I've got to shake her, so I throw in a little heat.


She lets me go, as her skin bubbles with the fire I've just washed over her arm and I tumble through the air, disoriented, as she tosses me like a wad of paper.


I slam into the wall, leaving a pretty detailed indention, ( I thought that only happened in the cartoons…) and I groan as I hit the ground again. She slams her clawed foot into my ribs and I swear, one of them cracks.

Fuck… so much fucking pain…

I roll out of her way as she lifts her foot to fully smash me into the ground and try to gather my wits together. She snarls, and then makes a hacking noise that I've come to recognize as laughter. The fact that she's fucking laughing at me makes my blood curl as my pride rears its ugly head and looks my consciousness in the eye.


Despite my pain, energy rushes through me as I growl. I don't think, I don't rationalize, I rush headlong into a fight against someone bigger, stronger, and obviously more experienced, like I have it all figured out.

I wish I did...


(Lex POV)

What the hell is that noise?! Sounds like two drunk Yautja attempting to fight each other…


… Or maybe a catfight…


(Rosy POV)

There's the most awful sound of a brawl, and as I finally get some semblance of clothing and menstrual padding between my legs, I take off down the hall, trying to keep up with Spiky, who storms full speed ahead with all the grace of a pissed off elephant in one of those little crystal and china shops..

I do not pity whoever is about to be at the receiving line of his wrath….

However, as we get closer, I realize with a start that it's MY daughter who is IN the brawl… she probably started it too…


She fighting this gigantic Yautja, who Spiky only mentioned to me a few minutes ago. I had no idea she was so…


Kanani is clearly the winning fight. She's faster, and is not allowing herself to be hit, dodging, swinging, looking like a bear robbed of her cubs… or a dragoness who's fighting for her mate. Not to say she looks hunky-dory, she's bleeding, bruised, and the right side of her face is swelling.

"What the hell is going on?" I finally croak.

Spiky looks down at me.

"They are fighting over the rights to mate with Kha'bj-te."


"Larja has challenged Kanani-"

"No, no… Kanani challenged Larja. She gave her the challenge without realizing." Psycho croaks. Poor guy looks like he's about to have a stroke… or a mental breakdown.

"What do you mean, she challenged her?" I snarl.

"She shoved her shoulder."

Spiky looks like he's about to do a face palm.

"Someone better give me some fucking DETAILS ON THIS!" I snarl, tensing as Kanani takes a kick to the mid-section.

Spiky looks at them for a moment, considering. Kanani snarls as Larja bitch slaps her, and whirls, with her tail slamming like a club into the female's face.

"It ends when one kills the other." Spiky speaks wearily.

Kanani sidesteps as Larja rushes her, reaching out to grab a fistful of dreads as she smashes the female's face into the ground, grinding her knees between the bigger female's shoulder blades, she grabs fistfuls of the long dreads…

Holy shit, my eardrums!

The female Yautja screams with pain as Kanani yanks back the dreads with straining muscles, ripping some of them out as she bellows.

"DO NOT EVER GO NEAR HIM AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME, BITCH!? JUST STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM! DON'T EVEN LOOK AT HIM! DON'T EVEN FUCK YOURSELF WHILE THINKING ABOUT HIM! DO YOU HEAR ME?!" She gives a particularly wrenching yank and pulls back, leaning all her weight into her tug of war.

As neon green blood pours out, I clear my throat. Kanani hears me; breaking out of her trance, she snarls deep in her throat, scaring me. I hardly recognize that possessed look in her amber eyes, as she bares her fangs at me.

"Kanani Wood. Let her go. She's had enough."

Kanani snarls, but her grip relaxes as she hears my voice. Suddenly, she jams her knee into the female's back again and then gets off her, stepping back, right in front of Psycho, who looks… extremely frightened. I don't blame him, honestly. Kanani is scratched, bruised, and I think one of her fingers is broken...

Larja slowly gets to her feet, stumbling and leaning against the wall heavily. She growls, and her dreads flare out. Kanani hisses and advances on her again, but I step between them this time, growling. "Kanani Wood, don't."

Kanani backs down once more.

Larja growls low in her throat, but her mandibles are sealed shut, though they tremble against each other as she regards her opponent.

"Why didn't you just kill me? You had the right."

"I taught her better then that." I respond to her. Spiky translates for me. Larja looks confused, tilting her head. Kanani then speaks.

"He is MY mate. I will kill for him… but I hope you learned a lesson. Because if not, I will gladly outdo myself in the next class I teach. As it is, I would have killed you. So you fucking OWE your life to that little woman over there."

I stiffen at the title and swiftly reach out and yank Kanani's head down to eye-level by her horn.


"Kanani Wood, I may be little, but I'm still your mother! And you KNOW I can still whip your ass!"

"Sorry mom…" Kanani rumbles. I glance over at Larja and stifle a laugh. Her fangs hang slack, slightly, as her eyes flicker over the scene. All I can say is that it must look really weird, Kanani cowing to me.

Spiky translates Kanani's words and Larja nods curtly. "I will trouble you and Kha'bj-te no more… Nor anyone else on this ship. I do not wish to lose my life dishonorably, or foolishly."

"Good move." Lex pipes up as Spiky translates to Kanani.

Larja looks behind her, at Lex, and then asks Spiky, "How do they understand me?"

"I implanted translators in their masks. I will give you one."

"Thank you, Honored Arbitrator."

She then turns to Kanani and stiffly, inclines her head.

Kanani stands there stiffly for a second, before suddenly grinning.

"Just don't forget that lesson, or I WILL feed you to my live trophy-statue thing."

Larja looks confused, but says nothing as Kanani turns to look at Psycho.

Spiky motions to all of us, and as we all disperse, and I decide to myself that I don't want to be there when Kanani claims Psycho. Because I know that's what's coming next. After what just happened, Kanani is not going to wait anymore.

Even if I could stop her, I don't want to. She's grown. Time, and time again, she's proved this, despite her youth, she's no longer a child. Pain and pride both tug at me.

Now, to curb my killing instincts the next time I see Psycho...


(Lemon Kanani/Psycho)

(Kanani POV)

I am NOT going to wait anymore. As everyone turns and leaves, I whirl and practically leap onto his arms, climbing him as I level my face with his and rip off his mask. I growl as I mash my mouth to his-

Ayep, my lips are bleeding now, thanks for asking… that was maybe not the best idea I've ever had, but hey, I've had it with caution. To hell with waiting! I fucking NEED him. I've NEEDED him from day 1, Cetanu-damnit! Suddenly, he opens his mouth and this long, hot tongue meets mine, licking along my lips and inside my mouth, cleaning away blood, sweat and my tears. I moan as I feel myself start to grow wet, my body heating up as his claws trail down to grip the undersides of my thighs. My back is suddenly against a wall, my clothing ripped and shredded within moments as I return the favor to him, removing that loincloth and moving to get a look at what I'm dealing with.


(Psycho POV)

As we are left by ourselves, the scent of a female in heat overpowers me, as Kanani strides towards me and jumps onto me, ripping my mask off, she presses her face into mine. I taste blood from her lips, as she attempts to… taste my mouth. I try to keep from harming her as I meet her searching tongue and lips with my tongue. She moans at the contact and hoarsely, gutterally purrs as I rake my hands long her body. Grasping her hips, I press her against the wall. She purrs into my ears as I rip her clothing from her body, feeling her own busy hands remove my loincloth, making my flesh crawl as her body presses against mine. Heat radiates from her skin, making me shiver and I can't help but smirk as she gasps, looking down at me, for the first time.

"Pauk me…."

I chuckle at her words before reaching down and teasing her bared breasts with my claws. She moans into my touch, pressing her hips upwards, she hisses what sounds like a threat. I growl in response, gripping her thighs more firmly, I position myself and thrust into her tightness, bracing myself for her screams. She only squeals, to my surprise, and leans forward to suck at my neck, nipping at my rising pulse as I take her, pumping in and out of her as she claws at my back, breaking my skin. I groan, quickening my pace with each rake of her claws, reaching behind her with one hand, I desperately grasp at her wings. She screams with delight, and her walls close in on my length. I hiss; she is so tight, so warm so, so-


I cannot hold anything back as pleasure seizes me. I thrust harder, as I spill myself into her. Finally slowing down, as my seed leaks from between her thighs, I lick her neck and throat. She moans my name, and I whisper into her ear as I pull out of her before flipping her onto her hands and knees. Before she can react, I thrust into her still-dripping hole, pulling her back over my throbbing length. I have waited so long for this, I will not stop until we are both too weak to move, let alone speak. She screams as I grasp her by her hips and slam into her repeatedly.

Her back arches and smoke hisses from her nostrils as she meets my thrusts, her tail shoved out of the way. It suddenly wraps around my waist and jerks me even further into her. My senses are overloaded, and I roar her name as I fill her again with myself.

She moans as I lean down and lick at the liquid that dibbles out from her.


(Kanani POV)


I don't know what came over me, but as Psycho finished fucking me the second time, and licked me between my legs, something happened inside me. I suddenly NEEDED him. I NEEDED him to be inside of me again. I growled as I whirled, shoving him to the ground, I used my tail to bind his feet together while I impaled myself on his length. He growls, but I only hiss at him as I use my hips to rock back and forth. I grab his rippling pectorals in my hands and knead into them, making him groan. Suddenly, he purrs, and I squeal as the vibrations carry down to my clitoris.

Ohgawdohgawdohgawdohgawdohga wdoh"OHHHHHHHHH!"

I scream as the biggest orgasm I have ever had rocks through me. I scream as he grabs my hips and pumps up into me, thrusting harder and harder, while I ride out my orgasm, cuming hard as I milk him with my pussy, our juices mixing together to make a slick lubricant. I'm still not done with him, and I swear, I will keep fucking him for as long as I can.

YOU are MINE, Psycho. MINE!

(End Lemon 1)


(Larja POV)

I follow the arbitrator, to have a translator placed into my mask.

I'm feeling very much like a pup who has just been whipped. Thoughts roar in my head, and I try to sort through the clutter of disbelief.

I underestimated the Llonng… I will never do that again. And… I have long lived under the impression that Oomans were not all that special. They are smart, yes, but physically imposing?

However, The Ooman that saved me from the Llonng had only to speak, and the Llonng obeyed. What sort of authority can this Ooman possibly wield? I must be careful. No, I must be respectful. I must not let my pride destroy me so again. I would rather die in an honorable fight then allow my arrogance to destroy me needlessly.

The Arbitrator turns to me.

"I believe you told me that you would not cause trouble."

I lowered my eyes, swallowed my pride and told him, "You have the right to throw me off your ship, to make my humiliation public."

He looks at me for a moment, and somehow, I know he understands my pain.

"I will not… after all, you have been dealt punishment already. However, it would be wise for you to perhaps have Setg'in take you to the trophy room. You will learn all you need to know about the Oomans and the Llongs from that room."

I cock my head to the side, frowning. "Trophies? They have trophies? Even the Oomans?"

"Especially the Oomans." He chuckles.

I am intrigued, immediately. "I would very much like to be escorted to the Trophy room. Thank you, Honored Arbitrator, for your understanding and your gracious mercy."

"Sometimes, we learn best the hard way." He replies quietly. I take these words in my head and examine them as he disappears within his shop for a moment.

He is right. I have been given a piece of wisdom from an Arbitrator… I will not be so foolish as to throw it away.


(Lemon 2 Kemp/Sabra)

(Kemp POV)

Sabra and I report to the trophy room to clean the skulls and stuff we collected. There was a really loud ruckus, but neither one of us felt like going to check it out.

"Sabra, stop that!" I groan.

"Make me." Her hot whisper caresses my ears and tickles the back of my neck, making my hair stand on end. Goosebumps erupt over my skin as her fingers trail lightly over my abdomen.

I turn into her embrace and grimly decide screw it!

She moans as I wrap my arms around her and kiss her. I hold her tightly, desperation taking hold as I feel her own arms wrap around me. Her tongue touches and caresses mine, and I feel her shift into her smaller form.

"Wait" I breathe "change back."


"Please. I want both sides of you."

She shifts back into her half-form and I gently touch the sawed-off tips of her horns. Tears shimmer briefly in her eyes.

"You really… really don't mind?"

For some reason, this question embodies the truest, deepest part of her soul. I just know it. For all of her confidence, her loud mouth, and her boldness, no one is without their insecurities. I nod in response and dryly comment. "I think you're getting the bad end of the deal. I'm the fucking leprechaun, remember?"

She giggles and suddenly, my pants are GONE.

"Yeah, but you're MY leprechaun." She whispers as she grabs hold of my dick and kneels down, nuzzling it with her face before giving it a little lick. I'm already getting harder- hell, it feels like my dick is hard enough to kill something with- and suddenly, I'm on the ground, Sabra on top as she impales herself. I groan as this super hot wetness envelopes me. She moans, squeezing her eyes shut. For being bigger then me, she is tighter then I expected.

The feeling of being inside her is unlike anything I've ever felt, and as she starts rocking back and forth, I reach out and gently rub her clit. She moans and jerks her hips harder against me. I breathe hard, as pleasure envelopes my senses. Suddenly, she gets a WHOLE lot tighter as she shifts into her human form. I groan as her skin softens, but she's not as warm. She giggles breathily.

"You want all of me, right?"

The implications of that make me groan and suddenly, she picks up speed.

Oh gawd…

I feel that heat, that coil inside of me winding up. With a moan, I stutter, "P-pull away! NOW!"

She does so, replacing one pair of lips with another. Sucking me off as I cum, Sabra caresses me, smiling as she pulls away, semen dribbling down her chin.

"Hey, I know a trick."

"For what?" I gasp, blinking back the stars dancing in my head.

"To make you cum again."

"Right now?!"

"Yeah." She giggles. She sits back and morphs back into her half-form. Her tail slides up from behind her and suddenly-

Oh… she's fucking herself… with her tail-

I watch, as though hypnotized. She moans quietly, poking the tip of her tail in and out. Her tail tip gets wetter, and wetter-

All thoughts are obliterated when she leans over me, removing her tail from her pussy and replacing it with my already hardening member-

holy shit, I'm hard again!

As she rocks back and forth, moving slowly, I feel something at my ass.


I squirm, about to protest, to tell her I don't do that, when she slips in, rubbing against my prostate in a way that takes my breath and words away.

Minutes later, I'm screaming as I cum again, unable to believe that it's medically possible for this to feel so damn GOOD.

As she pulls out, grinning at me, I look at her through narrowed eyes.

"YOU… you are illegal."


"Nothing THAT good is morally right."

"Glad to hear it." She smirks as she kisses me.

At this moment, we hear something clatter.

Both of us look up and see Larja. Holy shit…

Sabra goes from lazy and horny to possessive and horny. She snarls, her eyes glowing dark as she crouches in front of me. Larja quickly turns and runs the other way.

I sit up and wince. I get the feeling that out of the two of us, I'M going to be the one who's walking funny.


(End lemon)

(Sabra POV)

After Larja leaves, I help Kemp clean up the best we can. He gives me this suspicious look and I shrug.

"The dudes at that lab were sick, ok? I learned a few tricks from watching them. C'mon! Don't look at me like that! It was BORING in there and I couldn't help it sometimes!"

He shakes his head, but kisses me.

"I love you." he murmurs.

The words are so sweet to me, and I murmur back," No, I love YOU."

I pull back and kiss his nose.

"By the way… I want to do that again. Soon. If we can."

He gives me this adorable deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that makes me laugh.

"I'm kidding… sorta." I murmur.

Suddenly, he's got this strange glint in his eyes, and a smug looking smirk on his face that tells me he's about to be up to something.

"No you weren't, but I think that's going to be a good thing. In fact… I think I've found my pot of gold."

Oh my gawd… He made a funny!

"Baby, I love your sense of humor."

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