I'm going camping with my little brother today. Right now we're in the van on our way to the Smokey Mountains. I drove the first half, and Mokuba is now taking the second half, allowing me to sit back and enjoy the bear-filled land of tourists. Mokuba turns up some music. It's an old song that I used to sing during my naps. Bears! Bears! Be-beaarrssss!

I allow my feet to crunch against the gravely road as we bound out of our seats towards our cabin. I didn't expect it to be so high up on a cliff. I'm a-a-f-fraid of h-heights! GULP!

Mokuba takes his hefty axe and drifts about the other side of the mountain to hunt us some grub. I'm so proud of the warrior he's become, and sometimes we still play card games.

As the day drifts into night I wonder what we'll see at the shopping district of Gatlinburg the next day.