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Her sobs and moans echoed through the house. Hot tears streamed down her face. That one tidy hair that was always tide up in a bun was now unkempt and left down. She had been crying again.

"Oh why did you leave us Goku?" She asked out loud hoping as if by some miracle he'd show up and answer her.

"I always tried to be a good mother and wife Goku, really I did. I always kept the house clean and I just wanted Gohan to have a good education, is that so wrong?" She broke down into sobs yet again, all the while holding on to her only picture of Goku. Their wedding picture.

"Oh Goku I'm sorry. I should have never told you to marry me. It's true, I guess I did trick you into marrying me. I-I'm so sorry." Her heart ached so much. She felt pain inside her beyond belief. It seemed like nothing could ease her grieves and sorrows. Slowly, as her tears dropped down her soft cheeks, Chi-Chi got up from the azure couch she had been laying on and went upstairs to the bedroom she and Goku shared, to the bedroom she would have to share by her self. Reality was never what it was. She always thought that humans couldn't fly on clouds- that is until Goku came. The fact that Goku was dead, that he wasn't going to be here for his family, that reality hurt more that anything else in the world.

She was miserable. Everyday all she ever did was stay at home and cry her soul out while Gohan went out to train with Piccolo for a couple of hrs. She couldn't sleep nor eat. As the days passed she grew weaker and weaker.

"I remember when I first met you Goku. You were so innocent. And then at the tournament..." Chi-Chi laid down on her bed, looking up at the ceiling as all her memories of Goku played through her mind. As she neared the point of his death in the Cell Games she realized something. Her sadness soon turned to hate at her new realization and all those memories of her beloved Goku changed.

"He hurt me, he always hurt me. When Radditz came and kiled him he had hurt me, when he bame back and allowed Gohan to fight the Saiyans hurt me. When he let Gohan go off into space he hurt me, when he left me alone in the hospital without as much as a goodbye he hurt me. Then when Planet Namek was destroyed and he didn't come back to me he hurt me. Before the Cell Games when he couldn't promise me he wouldn't let Gohan fight he hurt me. And then when he decided he'd rather be in Other World than be with his family he hurt me!" Chi-Chi was now clenching her fists so hard that they began to turn white. Anger was what she felt now, anger towards only one person: Goku. Clenching her teeth, Chi-Chi did the only thing she could. She let it all out but this time it wasn't in the form of tears, it was in violence. She destroyed everything in her path not caring about the consequences it may have. It was too late and nothing she did would make her stop.

"I hate you Goku you hear me?! I HATE YOU!!!" she yelled at no one. Everything was silent except for the beating of Chi-Chi's heart.

" I refuse to(pant) live like this(pant) any longer. I'll make him pay 10 fold for what he has done to me," she whispered to herself, " I know what I should do."

In a flash Chi-Chi was out of the room and down the stairs. Turning a corner she reached the kitchen-or what was left of it- and went looking for the needed item. The dragon radar.

" 'Use it only if you have to' is what Bulma told me. Well I really have to." she muttered as she walked to the door, dragon radar in hand. Opening the door, Chi-Chi stopped and looked down at her purple sleeveless shirt and matching skirt. 'Was it going to get too cold? Should I wear something else? No, I can handle this weather.' she thought as her small fragile hand reached for the doorknob. Walking to the hoovercar, Chi-Chi paused to think if this was the best thing to do. 'He's hurt me more than I can bear, even now leaving a piece of himself inside me.' She looked down at her growing stomach and patted it gently.

"Oh my baby don't worry, mommy is here." Chi-Chi cooed as she reved up the engine and sped towards the closest dragon ball. Meanwhile somewhere else in Other World a certain saiyan looked down at the events unfolding.

"What have I done?"