Title: All the Colors of My Heart

Rating & Any Needed Warning: M to NC-17 for language and LEMONS.

Pairing: Bella & Edward AH

Summary: After having a realistic erotic dream involving a mysterious man literally right before her one month trip to Italy, Bella meets Edward by chance encounter on a nine hr red-eye flight from Seattle. When things get hot & heavy in the plane, Bella questions if the feelings will translate to the real world. With an intriguing offer on the table from businessman Edward to show her around Italy, Bella wonders what the future has in store for her, for four weeks...and beyond. She's counting on her heart to guide her.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything Twilight. I own the words that are placed in this particular order.

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Chapter 1: All the Colors of My Heart


Where the fuck is my other shoe?

I was late.

I took an afternoon nap before I had to get to the airport for my evening red-eye flight. It was only supposed to be a quick thirty-minute power nap, but I slept for one full hour. This nap resulted in an erotic dream that was an amazing, sexy, and perfectly detailed dream featuring a man I desperately wished to discover in life. We had sex on the deck of a modern-looking houseboat then continued moving into all of the glorious rooms to break in each one with hot, sweaty, passionate love making. It was as if we were marking our territory with our bodies, using each other to say, this is forever and you are all mine.

I could feel the sun's warmth on my body and see the crystal clear blue water in which the boat was sitting. The calm ripple of the waves glistened in the bright sunlight, shining patterned light onto the deck of the boat and onto the windows. We were there for our honeymoon and with the emotions I was feeling, it felt incredibly realistic. There was loving and meaningful sex between us and I felt love and euphoria. I felt a connection to Mr. Dream Guy that I longed to have in the real world.

The problem was that even with all the incredible details, I couldn't describe what the man looked like. I knew he had amazingly big hands that did astounding things to me, not to mention that he was hitting all the pleasure spots with his quite substantial dick. I was incredibly attracted to him, like a moth to a light, but it was a vacant feeling because there was no face or true person to match the pleasure. It was divine and orgasmic, and unfortunately just a vibrant dream.

Damn, add this one to the fantasy list. It was beyond extraordinarily hot.

I hadn't had sex in over a year, and my mind and body were calling out for it, even in my dreams. I wonder if they have houseboats in Italy? When I was looking through all the websites and literature about the sightseeing in Italy, it must have been a detail my subconscious had picked up. Too bad I was late or I would have googled it.

It was only when my dog licked my toes that I fully realized everything had been a dream. Glancing at the clock, I also realized my alarm had failed to wake me . I thought dream guy might have had a foot fetish… and I actually liked it. My giggle woke me and made me realize that Dream Guy was only a part of my very horny and creative imagination and wildest dreams. There was a sad undertone at this realization though, because that meant that I didn't know anyone like him in the real world.


I had just gotten out of the shower and I needed to be at the airport in thirty minutes. I had been so turned on by the dream that I had to take care of business before leaving, and I got a little carried away while in the water. Thank you, removable shower heads. My long, brown hair was still wet, having just towel dried it. Shit. I looked into the mirror and applied a little foundation, blush on my cheeks, and added a bit of mascara, keeping it simple in just about five minutes.

I was feeling sexy, so I put on my Victoria's Secret see-through black, lacy bra and matching panty set. Sexy undergarments are always a guaranteed confidence builder. Even if no one saw them, I knew they were there. I ran to my closet in just my lingerie as time ticked away at a ridiculously fast pace. My ass was up in the air while I frantically searched the bottom of my too-packed closet. All my suitcases were luckily packed yesterday with the exception of what I was supposed to be wearing to the airport. All I needed was my other damned shoe and I'd be on my way to this once-in-a-lifetime trip. I tossed aside shoes left and right.

How many fucking pairs of black heels do I have?

"Oh! There you are, you sneaky fucker!" The glossy black-colored high heel was found and two made a pair. I was wearing a short blue shirt-dress with a black ribbon bow over the waist and finally my sky-high black heels. Those damned heels were coming off as soon as I got on the plane, though. "Beauty is pain," as the saying goes. I could never walk into an airport sloppy, even though I'd love to just get on in some yoga pants and an over-sized shirt—especially on this trip. You never know who you might bump into. On the last trip I made to New York, I bumped into my ninth grade ex-boyfriend and his new… boyfriend. Awkward, but at least I looked nicely put together.

So, the new rule for a traveling single girl like me was: dress like you'll run into your ex or your next. It changed my entire traveling experience.

I'd been waiting for summer to arrive so I could visit Jasper and Alice in Italy, where they've lived for a year already. They were on orders from the United States Army for a three year PCS and were based out of Aviano Air Base. Alice had begged me to come and visit them, and I couldn't miss the opportunity. It was just too good to pass up, and I really missed Alice and Jasper too. Besides, when would I have another chance to visit another country without having to pay for a hotel?

From all the pictures I'd seen on Facebook, Alice and Jasper Alice and Jasper were renting the most charming little two-bedroom apartment. I was so excited to visit and see it come to life in person.

By the time I made it to the airport, first-class seating had already boarded the plane. I sat down waiting and frowning as I saw I had been placed in the last group to be called for seating. I'll be waiting for a while. My hands ran nervously through my wavy, air-dried hair; My leg was bouncing in anticipation of what was to come. I'd never been on a flight that had been this long before, and I'd be traveling alone. I was a little worried that I'd get cabin fever, but hopefully I'd just sleep the entire time.

The flight would be nine hours and fifty minutes long, and take me from Seattle to Amsterdam. I had never been able to sleep on a plane with a stranger next to me, no matter how tired I was, but hoped that with the length of time it would take to reach our destination, I'd be able to get some sleep. Once I arrived at my destination, I would then board another plane from Amsterdam to Venice for another one-hour and fifty-minute flight. Alice would be picking me up in Venice where we'd travel by car to her city.

When it was finally my turn to board, I got up with my rolling carry-on luggage in one hand and my Kindle and sweater in the other. I viewed the layout of the plane noticing it had two seats on either side of the plane, and four seats in the middle. I walked in looking for my seat, 21J on the right side of the plane, towards the back and behind the wing.

A young-looking man was already in his assigned aisle seat next to mine with his nose buried in a hardcover book. With my hands full, I stood there awkwardly waiting for him to feel my presence so I could put my things down on my seat. I was too shy to speak to him and disturb him from his reading.

He didn't notice me.

I started looking for an empty overhead bin, since I was standing there looking like an idiot anyway. I'd been at a complete stop trying to decide what to do with my carry-on and had caused a mini backup of people trying to file in behind me. I cleared my throat to get his attention to point out the fact that I needed to get to my seat, when the man finally broke his trance out of his book. He looked up at me with gorgeous jade-green eyes. I took in the man's face, his incredible face, a strong, defined jaw line, and sensual plump lips. All of a sudden I couldn't remember what I was doing there and I just stared at him with amorously inviting glances. My tongue licked my lips subconsciously, and I didn't even realize I had done it until I felt the wetness lingering on my apparently hungry, deserted lips.

I want his lips all over mine.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there. Did you need help with your bag?" The man asked me politely.


"Huh?" I managed to say out loud.

He looked at me with a curious expression on his face.

Think through the question, then answer. Speak, Bella.

"Would you mind setting these down on my seat? And, if you wouldn't mind, would you also help lift my bag for me?"

He nodded and I started passing my sweater and Kindle toward him and reached into my bag to pull out my blanket. There was no way in hell I was bringing out the dorky looking travel pillow with that man next to me. I would have brought it out had my airplane neighbor been another girl or someone older.

A creaky neck it shall be.

I couldn't help but notice that the man was probably around my age, and he was either separated from his family or traveling alone.

Have I hit the airplane passenger lotto with this guy sitting next to me on this flight?

He set my things down on my seat, then stood up. He brushed past me, grabbing my bag, and I felt goose bumps form on my arm. Shit, is he doing that to me or am I just cold? He started searching the overhead bins and finding one, lifted my bag inside. I watched how his long, toned body moved and I caught a sneak peek of his abs as he lifted the bag above his head. He returned with a smile and I smiled back, making my way to my seat. The seats actually had leg room and as I settled in, I crossed my toned legs, showing off one of my best assets, and the super high heels I was sporting.

I know what men think of heels.

I lamely thanked him for helping me.

It wouldn't be proper to thank him with a passionate kiss would it? Damn. Didn't think so.

I knew it was going to be a long trip so I started thinking of how to get started with conversation, but he spoke first.

"Hi. Is your final stop Amsterdam? And are you going for business or pleasure? I'm Edward, by the way." He took my hand and I shook it, his big hand engulfed my own little one.

Oh. Big hands.

"Hi, Edward. I'm going for pleasure, but I'm headed to Venice, Italy. I'm visiting my best friend and her husband who are stationed just outside of the city. I'll be there for one month, until July." I smiled then continued, "This will be my first time in Italy and Europe in general. I'm really excited."

I'm going for pleasure. Oh God, let it be pleasure. Please let it be pleasure.

Our hands were still connected as I said my entire little speech. It wasn't quite a handshake; our hands were just kind of sitting there. I wondered if that was my or his doing. His eyes were a wonderland, like a forest of mossy trees and I could get lost in them. I wanted to continue speaking so I had a reason to stare into them and not freakishly stare for no reason.

Oh…where was I? I snapped out of the hypnosis.

"My name is Bella, nice to meet you. So, what's your story? Where are you headed and what for?" I managed to utter out loud.

Hands released. Connection lost. Bummer.

"I'm also on my way to Venice, but I'll be in Amsterdam for a day, meeting with a business partner, and I'll fly out that afternoon or evening. My family owns a couple of properties in Venice and I'm also taking care of some financial business matters for our company. We operate out of Seattle but we have ties in Europe. Once that's out of the way, I'll be there in Italy for the rest of the summer keeping up with the business operations and also maintaining the properties for my family." He talked with his hands and a light in his eyes.

"Wow. That is amazing. So, you work for a company that sends you off to beautiful places? How awesome! It must be nice!" I exclaimed with a possibly jealous smile.

"Yeah, I'm definitely lucky. My parents were smart with their business ventures, and with my business degree, they were able to put me in charge of the International Operations, which so far are concentrated in Europe," He stated in a serious, professional tone.

"Oh, I didn't realize that when you said your company… I mean I thought that you meant the company you worked for. If your family owns a company, shouldn't you be in first-class and not in economy with the rest of us lowly people?" I somehow managed to say out loud in broken thoughts and sentences.

Word vomit.

"It's not so bad over here." He chuckled.

My face felt hot as I blushed profusely. I realized as soon as I said the words that I sounded incredibly idiotic.

"Besides, it was a last-minute trip. No more seats left in first-class. I guess I'll just have to endure it." He chuckled again and I noticed the laugh lines around his eyes as his smile reached them. If I wasn't before, I was officially charmed by Edward.

He would rock my socks, if I was wearing any.

Believe it or not I was turned on by his laugh, his sexy laugh. Shit. I'm in trouble. I laughed back. So, to recap, he was hot, had a sense of humor and seemed to work for a successful company.

Three points for Edward.

I wanted to know more about this ridiculously handsome man next to me, so I started thinking of conversation we could have. I wondered if I would be bothering him. This was going to be a long flight.

I decided to take a chance anyway. Talking with him just seemed so effortless; I was not being fake or overly flirty or shy.

"You seemed to be really into your book earlier. What are you reading? If you don't mind me asking," I said with a grin.

He smiled with an unfair weakening-of-my-knees type of smile as his eyes lit up.

"One of my favorites. It's called, Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter. I haven't read this book in a while, but I decided to tackle it again, since it's going to be a long trip to Amsterdam."

I smiled back; I could tell he had liked my question, and was clearly passionate about the subject of his book and reading. I also smiled because I was rereading one of my favorite books too. I had never heard of his book before, so I was just about to ask him what it was about when he kept the conversation alive by asking me another question.

"You have one of those electronic book readers. Are they any good?"

"Oh yeah... I love it. I've got a pretty good book collection in this thing. My goal is to reread my favorite book, East of Eden on the way over. That is, as much as I can before I fall asleep."

I smiled when he looked at me with a puzzled look or what appeared to be concentration on his face.

"I don't know how I feel about those things. I'm a want-to-physically-touch-something type of guy."

Gulp. What were we talking about again? Oh right… physically holding books.

"Ah, well, it works for me; I'm a want-every-new-type-of-gadget type of girl. I actually prefer older and classic literature. Second place on my favorites has got to be the novel, On the Road, oh, and Wuthering Heights."

"I've read all of those. They are great but I figured you to be more of a 'mainstream book' kind of woman."

What the hell does that even mean? How does a mainstream book reader look? I didn't get it. I didn't have a chance to ask. A flight attendant came up to us and looked for seat-belts, breaking my thoughts.

I'd been enjoying getting to know him so far; at least I knew he enjoyed reading. The flight attendants prepared everything for takeoff and we got settled as they explained the safety precautions, the movies that would be played, and the refreshments offered. I kept sneaking glances at him, just wanting to keep his image etched into my brain. Why do beautiful people have that kind of power? It was as if I was under some kind of man-spell. The plane got really quiet as the attendants explained the details of the flight. No one was really speaking around us and we followed the lead of the rest of the passengers by being attentive listeners.

I turned toward the window as we took off. I always loved seeing the way it looked on the way up. We ascended into the sky, and watched as we flew into the clouds and saw how everything became smaller outside. The sun was setting, creating a beautiful pink and orange skyline that we were now flying in the midst of. I saw through the reflection of the window that Edward took a good long glance at my legs before looking out of the window.

"Beautiful," we both said at the same time then turned to each other and laughed. I had said it with double meaning. The sky looked beautiful, yes, and so did his reflection in the window. I pretended his words also had double meaning, because it just made things more interesting.

Score one for Bella?

After that last word and laugh, it got quiet between us again. We both put our attention back to our books and got lost in the words and the characters' worlds. I felt a little nervous as I was reading because he was so utterly good looking and distracting to be in such tight quarters with me. I attempted to read, but I couldn't move passed the same damned paragraph. I read and re-read it for about thirty stupid minutes. I got frustrated and decided to get under my blanket and try to sleep. I wasn't sixteen anymore, I shouldn't be nervous in the presence of a good-looking guy; I needed to act my age. I unbuckled my seat-belt and uncrossed my legs. I see and feel Edward shift himself as I bent down to put my Kindle away and pick up the blanket that I had placed under the seat. I kicked off my heels, trying to get myself comfortable.

"Mmmm." A small noise escaped from Edward, followed immediately by a clearing cough. I froze mid-bend as I heard it and slowly brought my eyes back up to meet his. My hands gripped the blanket closely to my chest.

His eyes darted quickly away then he asked to anywhere other than me, "Are you cold?"

What the hell. Did I imagine it or is he trying to cover up a moan?

"I can't really concentrate on my book so I'm gonna take a nap," I said honestly.

"Yeah, me either. I always bring a book with me, but the only time I am really into one is before takeoff and waiting to board."

I placed the blanket over my legs as I leaned the seat back. He unbuckled his seat-belt and did the same with his own seat.

"So, Edward, you live and work in Seattle?" I asked, trying to get back into a flow of conversation.

"Yeah, I've lived there my whole life, with the exception of college when I got my business degree from Boston University."

"I hope you don't mind my saying this, but you look pretty young to have completed your degree and be in charge of international operations for a company."

He chuckled and I got a glorious glance of perfect teeth.

"I'm twenty-six; how old are you? Are you still in school?"

"No, I'm done with my undergraduate education. I'm twenty-three. I'm a third-grade teacher and I work at a private elementary school. I do plan on going back for a master's degree, but for now I'm content with my job and career opportunities."

"Really? A teacher? My daughter goes to a private elementary school. She's four years old. She's in pre-k."

I attempted to conceal my disappointment that he probably wasn't single with an immediate question.

"Which school does she attend?"

"It's called Bertschi School."

He's married and his daughter goes to the place where I work. Why are the good ones always taken? There goes that fantasy.

Why have I never seen him there before? I sure as hell would never forgotten his godly face.

"Oh wow. I literally just got hired there at the beginning of the school year. It is a beautiful school," I stated, going back into teacher Bella mode.

"What a small world. Yeah, her mother and I had been waiting until she was eligible to be put into pre-k, and we just got in this year. Do you have kids?"

"Oh... No, not yet. I'd love to have kids, but first I have to find a man."

That sounded so incredibly wrong on multiple levels.

I shook my head, getting flustered. "I mean… see the thing is… what I meant to say is, I'm single and I don't want to have kids until I'm married."

He looked amused at my complete lack of brain-to-mouth filter.

"Got it. You'll love it. It's fun being a dad, but I'm not married to her mother. Emma was unplanned, but of course, we have no regrets. I dated her mother in high school. It didn't work out when I left for college. When I got back to Seattle, we rekindled our relationship. She got pregnant, and even though we tried to make it work for our daughter, we just couldn't. We were different people. We soon found we weren't as compatible as we thought we once were." His face got red all of a sudden. "Oh gosh, I'm telling you too much of my life story. I'm keeping you from your nap."

"No, of course not! Finding out about a person is much better than sleeping. I want to know your story."

My smile seemed to relax him.

"Cool. I'd like to know more about you too. Why are you traveling alone if it's for pleasure?"

There's that word again, pleasure.

"I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit my best friend and her husband in Italy for the first and perhaps only time in my life without having to worry about also paying for hotel costs."

"Nice… you know, I'm very familiar with Venice and Italy as a whole. I could show you some of the highlights."

"That's a very intriguing offer, Edward."

"Awesome. I would love to show you around..." He paused then asked, "So, did you go to high school in Seattle?"

"No, I lived in Washington but in a very small town called Forks."

"Oh, I know of it. It's not that small. How do you like Seattle compared to Forks?"

"It's great. I lived in Phoenix when I was younger, but I didn't get to experience all the big-city life like I can now. It's been fun. I've explored a lot of what the city can offer since graduating from high school, and there is always something to do." I said, giving my honest opinion of my new hometown.

"Yep. I grew up in Seattle and definitely consider it my hometown. Even though we have properties in places like New York and California and Italy, it will always be my answer to the question of where I'm from. It's just a unique city and it's home."

I nodded my head in agreement. Now that I knew he lived there, Seattle just became my favorite place, too. There was some silence between us and I heard people chatting nearby. Several overhead lights went off around us. I played with the corner of my blanket, looking for something to do.

"This is going to seem very forward, and I hope you are not uncomfortable with what I'm about to say..." He said with a low tone. His head was turned in my direction, but he didn't look me in the eyes.

My heart sank and I felt nervous as hell. I gulped and nodded for him to continue.

"I think you are a gorgeous woman. You are interesting and you have fantastic taste in books. I'd like to know if maybe you'd like to exchange numbers so we can talk more, you know… outside of our airplane encounter."

My eyes got big, not expecting any of what he had just said, and I was stunned into silence. I looked into Edward's so-beautiful-it-hurts face and saw him start to second guess my silence. He looked down at his hands.

"Thank you for the compliment. I would love to exchange numbers," I said simply, with a grin on my face that made my reply sound strong and confident.

Even though I sounded the part, I was anything but confident at that moment. My heart was doing somersaults in my body and I was pretty sure my skin might have looked as pale as a ghost. He looked up with a smile that made me melt—again. If I was in Vegas, the red light on the slot machine would be flashing as I saw the number of credits I'd won multiply as others stood around gawking at me in envy. Edward just said I was beautiful and interesting. Wow. What a way to start off my trip. What should I say back? You too! You are my fuck-hot dream guy. You wanna get hitched and have our honeymoon on your houseboat?

He pulled out his phone and we exchanged numbers, programming them into our phones. I felt like I'd won a major prize and it was only a phone number.

I finally spit out, "I'm not gonna lie… I thought you were married as soon as you said you had a daughter… and I was… disappointed. Not about your daughter, just the fact that you were married. Even after I found out that you weren't together, I would have assumed you'd be in some sort of relationship. I mean just look at you." I motioned with my hand over him.

I'd embarrassed myself again. I wondered how many different shades of red my skin had turned since meeting this man. Way to play it cool, Bella.

He smirked back at me and I liked it. I liked it a lot. Cocky bastard. He remained quiet to allow me to continue.

I recovered my train of thought before continuing, "But if you hadn't asked for my number before we went our separate ways, I would have asked you myself. I would have waited until we were leaving so if I was rejected, I could play it off…"

No, not really. I would have watched him leave and then regretted not saying anything.

"Cool. Well, I'm glad that we have settled that," he said with a sexy-ass smile.

"Settled what?"

"That we both find each other attractive, because I kind of want to do something."

"Oh yeah?" I said as I arched an eyebrow, a shy smile automatically formed on my lips.

He took my hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a friendly kiss on the knuckles of my hand. He released it and I felt like was under water, not at all on the surface of my actual life. It it also made every fiber of my being want, or even need, this man .

"It has been a pleasure to meet you, Bella."

"Uh-huh, same here," is all I managed to utter.

It had been a friendly kiss, nothing even passionate or sexual about it. If I were more confident and there wasn't a plane full of people nearby, I'd grab his face and force my lips to his. If he could do all of that with a kiss on my knuckles, what would he do with a kiss to my lips? What would a grab to my thigh or waist do? Would I get a screaming orgasm to a touch of something other than my hand? Well, fuck me. I was intrigued and entranced by everything that I knew of him so far.

We eased our way into small talk,discussing our pets and the weather and families. Eventually, more lights around us dimmed as people got tired. My own eyes were losing the battle of staying open and fighting the drowsiness, and no matter how much I would have loved to just stay up and talk to this gorgeous man until we arrived, I lost. With my blanket draped over my legs, and heavy eyes, I felt the fuzzy want of sleep. The last thing I remembered before letting myself completely fall asleep was Edward and images of a houseboat.

A creak in my neck woke me up in the silent darkness. The blanket was now pulled up to my neck. I didn't remember bringing it up.

Oh shit. It was all a dream.

But, it was not.

Edward's eyes were closed and a slight snore came from his mouth. Even in sleep and in darkness, he was the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen. It must have been late, probably several hours since I had drifted off because I didn't hear anyone talking and the movie was no longer playing. As I looked over at my row, I saw no one was awake. The creak in my neck was painful and moving made me flinch. This was the result of sleeping in a cramped plane seat. My head had been turned to the left for who knows how many hours. I liked that my body subconsciously had me leaning toward Edward, even when I was out cold. I pulled myself forward, rubbing my neck. I needed to get up and stretch. Edward's long legs were stretched out. He must have been really uncomfortable in his seat, but he was actually sleeping soundly. Apparently, he hadn't pack a blanket or requested one, poor guy. I wondered if I could make my way out without disturbing him, but it looked a bit impossible. I sat there planning how to get around him, but couldn't find a way unless I practically straddled him.

I finally decided to just go for it, lightly dropping the blanket from my body and scanning the rest of the plane. I looked forward and back and it appeared everyone in my sight was asleep. I moved myself gently, starting to stand.

"Hi." A sleepy Edward greeted me.

"Hi. I'm sorry I woke you. I just need to get up to stretch," I whispered, while pointing to the aisle.

He moved his legs so I could squeeze through and I headed to the back of the plane barefoot. I moved my head in a circular motion, my hands rubbing my neck and shoulders; I walked slowly and stretched my body. I went into the bathroom, not bothering to lock it; I just wanted to check my reflection to make sure I didn't look too terrible and used the extra time to just stand without being in someone's personal space. When I finally headed out of the bathroom, I saw Edward standing outside the door. He didn't say anything, but he wore a shy smile on his face as he backed me up into the restroom. I matched his smile with my own. The door closed and he locked it in one swift movement.

His eyes looked sleepy but intense as he slowly leaned into me. A hand was draped around my waist in the tight quarters; it sat there teasingly as his eyes darted from where his hand was placed and looking into my eyes. The goose bumps from earlier reappeared and I felt them travel the length of my body like a charge of electricity. He held steady there, like he was trying to gain confidence to do more.

I decided to help him with his decision. My arm went up to reach the back of his head and I grabbed a hold of his glorious, messy, bronze-colored hair. I made the first move, pulling his head closer to mine as I pulled on his bottom lip slowly with my lips. He let me lead with the tempo. His mouth opened and our tongues matched each other's intensity as they tangled together, slowly dancing. We played in each other's mouths, exploring, delighting in each other's senses. I smelled the strawberry scent of my shampoo mix with Edward's cologne or masculine soap scent. It was, for lack of a better word, heaven. He grabbed me and lifted me onto the sink as my legs went immediately around him to help keep me steady. There was barely room enough for one person. We let out throaty but stifled moans in each other's mouths. I grabbed his shirt, letting my hands find home with one his chest and the other on his muscular back. I lightly allowed my fingernails to scratch and pull on his back. He grabbed my breasts and I felt my nipples perk up, hardening at the touch. He pulled back the top of my dress and licked my right breast in circles before taking the nipple in his mouth and sucking it. He moved on by licking between my breasts. I grabbed his back and licked his neck before lightly sucking it, my hands getting tangled in his hair.

"Let me make you feel good," I said softly.

But he ignored my request. He moved on to the left breast, once again playing with the other in one hand and licking and sucking my left nipple. All I felt was pleasure and want. His hardness pressed against me taunting me from his jeans. We continued touching and kissing, feeling each other's bodies, but there were no actual clothes removed. No matter the intensity of my feelings I was having, I didn't want to join the mile-high club in a disgusting cramped bathroom.

"Let's go back to our seats. I don't want to do this here. I'll take care of it for you there," I whispered into his ear, then nibbled to show I still wanted him and I wasn't blowing him off.

We got ourselves back together, our clothes wrinkled and mangled. My leg was shaking as he lowered me and I kissed him urgently again, telling him to wait a few seconds.

I headed back to my seat, my lips swollen from the kisses. I felt my lips with my hand and smiled; it was so intense and sexy and just plain right. My head was in a cloud of ecstasy. He came back and sat down. I give him a flirty smile and grabbed his hands, pulling the blanket over us.

I whispered softly into his ear. "Close your eyes, I'm going to make you cum." I pulled the zipper of his jeans and he did the rest.

He shuffled under the cover of the blanket and pulled his jeans and boxers partially down to allow me to work. His eyes darted back to mine and I leaned over to him and said, "Close your eyes. Trust me." He did as I said with a smile.

I ran my hands over his thighs and felt the hardness and length of his probably painfully hard cock. I heard a hiss escape from him as my heart beat wildly in my chest. The size and girth surprised me. I figured he'd be packing, but I had been underestimating. He was much better than average. I was an explorer, finding treasure as I familiarized myself with him. I teased him with my hands, sweeping over his cock, stroking him gently. It would be the main event, but I didn't want the rest of him to be neglected. I ran my nails along his testicles and gently felt and tapped them. My middle finger and forefinger went around the top of his scrotum tugging gently away from his body. He whispered my name and I knew he wanted it badly as his breath hitched. My heard raced as I played around alternating between hard and soft grasping, getting turned on by the soft moans and panting from Edward.

My hands moved to his hardness and I started with a slow and light touch, with one going the full length of his cock, I bit my lip. It thrilled me that we were surrounded by sleeping people and had to be quiet.

"Fuck." I moaned softly, putting a hand quickly through my hair.

I wanted to please him. I brought both hands back onto him and with a firm grip around his cock , I alternated between rolling it in between my palms and stroking it from the base to the tip. His eyes remained closed as I felt him trying to contain the moans that were now building up. I followed the lead of his hitching breath and his soft controlled moans to help me find what he liked.

I built up the pressure with each approving moan as I moved closer to him and whispered into his ear while moving my hands in a rhythm, "Do you wanna cum for me, Edward?"

That set him off and I could tell he was going to find his release. I disappeared in between his legs under the blanket to catch what would spill. My mouth went around his cock and, feeling his seed spread, I sucked him clean. I felt him wiggle with relief and ecstasy. He swept my hair back and I heard a mumbled, "fuck," from him.

Yeah, I swallowed. And... It was the first time I had ever done so.

"Shit, that was fucking hot. Now it's your turn, Bella."

Oh. Okay. I get a turn. Yes!

Edward whispered into my ear and gently bit my earlobe.

"Your turn to close your eyes, baby."

He placed his lips against mine, kissing me firmly and deeply . His hand reached in between my legs, pushing my dress up. He felt the outside of my panties and the wetness that was there because of him. He added pressure in the form of his fist at my sex opening as I softly moaned. He pushed my panties to the side so the small piece of lace fabric was out of the way. With one hand at my sweet spot, his other hand went to my mouth as he slipped two fingers inside and I gladly suck them. He pulled them out then kissed me on the mouth, urgently. I pulled my panties down half-way and I gasped, almost panting with desire and want. He reached down and pulled my panties off completely, tossing them onto my seat. He pushed my legs apart. His eyes met mine and we seemed to connect by sight alone. He pumped a finger in and out of me, then added a second. My legs stretched apart even further to give him free access.

The pace started slow, then built faster. He rubbed my clit in a circular motion. I couldn't help the steady moans and I fought to keep myself quiet. My g-spot was found with his long fingers and it felt like I was on fire. It was exciting and stimulating to be in a public area doing this, sharing this high above the clouds. There really was nothing like it. I imagined him entering inside of me and I pulled his head toward mine with both of my hands as my body rocked with absolute pleasure. I orgasmed and silently moaned into his mouth. As he removed his fingers, I whimpered at the loss and the sensitive nature of my sex spot. We both leaned back as we caught our breaths. Eventually we put the lower parts of our clothing back on.

He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his own, placing it next to his rapidly beating heart. I felt the beating of my own heart and his beat at a similar rate as we lay there with our hands connected. There were no words as we drifted off into sleep.

The pilot's voice came over the speakers, making his announcement about customs and paperwork as I stirred from my sleep.

"Folks, we have begun our descent to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where the current weather is partly cloudy 20°C, 68°F. We will be at the gate in about twenty minutes. We'd like the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for arrival, and we want to thank you for flying with us today."

The arm rest between the seats was still up and it appeared I had slept with my head resting against Edward. The blanket was still draped around us in our own little bubble of warmth. My eyes opened and I saw a mess of bronze-colored hair mixed with my own long, brown hair. A peaceful Edward was still sleeping. His hand was resting on my thigh. I stretched my leg and his hand gripped my thigh tightly. I smiled at the grip. He looked absolutely breathtaking and innocent while asleep.

I couldn't believe what had happened during our flight. What would happen to us once we parted ways? Did he do this with other women? What if this is the last I ever saw of him? Should we have had sex in the bathroom so I could feel how he felt inside me?

I'd really like to kiss him again; I really would like to see him in all his naked glory.

I had never done anything like this before. I was not the one-night-stand type. In the little time I'd known Edward, I'd acted like a take-charge kind of gal. This part of me wasn't known until I met Edward, and I liked it. A better version of me had formed because of this one encounter. There was something about him that was making me truly appreciate the saying, "Carpe Diem" and I wanted to thank him for it.

I moved forward as I started hearing the chatter of the people getting louder. I rubbed Edward's hand on my thigh to gently wake him so I could move and get ready to bring my seat back upright.

I took in the scenery from the sky and it looked so nice, trees and buildings starting to become clear. I made a note to remember to come back to actually experience what Amsterdam and the Netherlands had to offer. It all looked lovely from here.

When I felt his gaze on me, I turned back around to greet him.

"Hello there. We'll be landing shortly," I said softly to him, a bit of worry appearing on my face.

He sat up and began running his hands through his hair and then leaned back over to me. He cupped my chin with his hands and looked into my eyes; I started melting again at his gorgeousness, when he leaned over and kissed me.

He pulled away and tells or asked, "Good morning?"

"Um… yeah, I don't remember what time it was supposed to be when we arrived."

"Actually, I think it will be about 2:00 p.m., Amsterdam time."

"Yes, that's it," I said remembering the itinerary I thought I had memorized.

The plane neared the ground and there was a slight bump when the plane landed on the runway and began to slow.

There was an awkward silence as we both were probably considering our actions of a few hours ago.

I was nervous now that he was awake, scared that I would be rejected. Maybe he was putting on a front because he was forced to spend the night with me. If this had been a one-night stand, would he have snuck out and left to wake in an empty bed? My mind ran rampant with thoughts of rejection; the confidence I'd experienced earlier had been crushed. I wondered if this was all some master plan to get me interested in him enough to fool around in the bathroom and seats of an airplane. I doubted that he had given me his correct phone number.

I let out a sigh that I hadn't realized would be as loud as it actually sounded. I sat there with my head full of paranoid what ifs. The plane moved slowly to line up to the aerobridge, and still there was no further conversation between us. He broke the silence first.

"Bella, I'm sorry… I have to ask. Do you think it was a mistake hooking up?"

I looked at my hands, quite ashamed at all the scenarios that were running through my head. He couldn't read my mind; I should have just played it off as tiredness.

"No. I just… I mean I think it may have meant more for me." The words were truthful.

What the hell is it with words just free-falling out of my mouth before I even think things completely through!

My eyes closed. I was utterly embarrassed that I had said that. If I wasn't already just a one-night hook-up, getting too serious would chase this guy out of my life so fast, my head might spin.

"Listen, Bella. I don't regret what we did. I like you—a lot, and I would love to explore getting to know you better, if you would allow me to. We may have done this backwards, but I really don't know how to explain the great attraction I have to you. I want to know you."

People started rising from their seats around us and gathering their belongings as we were being let off.

I was speechless. He seemed sincere and I wanted to believe him. I really wanted to believe those words.

"I want to know you, too," I said with budding confidence forming again.

"Let's try this again. Hello. My name is Edward Anthony Cullen. What is yours, Miss?" He smiled and took my hand in his in a handshake.

People were pushing past us with their belongings and filing out as we remained sitting.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Isabella Marie Swan."

"Ms. Swan, now that we've exchanged phone numbers, I would really like to hear from you once you arrive in Italy. My original offer is still valid. I would love to show you around once I'm done with business matters."

"Okay," I said, but truthfully I didn't know if I would take him up on his offer. I didn't know if I could be bold enough to make another first move.

He helped me up from my seat and retrieved my bag from the overhead compartment, waiting for me to pack my items back into my carry-on. We walked side by side once we were out of the plane.

"When does your flight leave and what airline will you be going on?" he asked.

"KLM. It departs in fifty minutes."

"Oh. We better get you to your gate soon, they may already be boarding. I'm very familiar with this airport; let's see where you have to go." He placed a guiding hand on my back momentarily.

When he showed me to my gate, I pulled out my phone and mumbled something about needing to text Alice to let her know I'd arrived. Once that was out of the way, I saw that they were once again calling the first-class seats to begin boarding. I was in the first group on this flight to be seated after the airline called first class. Edward looked down at me as they announced the next group of passengers to board. I hadn't realized how tall he looked next to me, even with my heels on. We were in seated positions almost the entire time we'd known each other. He looked strong and impossibly beautiful. How did I manage to meet him? He was totally out of my league.

"This is my boarding group," I said softly, my confidence deflating like a popped balloon. I felt like I didn't want to leave him even though I'd got so much to look forward to in Italy.


We looked at each other, both of us silent and unmoving. What was the goodbye procedure for someone you just met? Someone you've also just spent almost ten hours with, which also happens to be someone you kind of joined the mile-high club with?

"Hey, so you never told me why you thought I was a mainstream book-type of girl?" I asked trying to break the mood and remembering the question I had wanted to ask before we were interrupted.

He looked at me. His eyes seemed to go straight to my now faster-beating heart. He shifted a bit to whisper in my ear, "Because you are too young and pretty to be that into classic literature. Those are the types of books reserved for required school readings, not 'just for fun' reading. But that's why I like you so much; you are the opposite of what I thought you'd be."

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and brought me to his body in a hug. I gladly accepted it wrapping my arms around him and smelling his scent. He leaned down and gave me the softest, most gentle kiss on the lips.

We didn't say goodbye; it was left at that. We released our arms from each other and with a last look at his face and a gentle smile on my face, I made my way toward the aerobridge and walked through. I couldn't look back. Would this be the last time I ever saw him? I wanted to remember Edward in that sweet moment. I couldn't think about that now. I wondered if he looked back at me, as I left. I wondered if I'd ever know.


When I got to my assigned seat, my travel partner had not yet arrived. An older man with salt and pepper hair assisted me with lifting my bag into the overhead bin. I sat down and stared out of my assigned window seat, waiting for the plane to fill with noisy passengers. This flight was much shorter, but it would probably feel much longer to my now saddened blue-colored heart. A youngish woman sits next to me and smiles. She put ear buds in her ears right away and turned on her iPod.

I walked out of the plane. It was good to finally be on the ground. I was beyond exhausted from the traveling. I think it had to have been about five p.m. I walked to the baggage claim area and waited while bags traveled down the belt.


I turned around to see Alice running to me. Jasper followed closely behind her.

Alice reached me first and tightly wrapped herself around me in a gigantic hug.

"It is so great to see you, Alice! And you too, Jasper!" I exclaimed with as much energy as I could muster. I really was excited to see them.

Jasper grabbed me and lifted me off the ground in a hug.

"This is going to be so fun… I love that outfit, Bella, and your heels!" Alice practically sang while wrapping her arms back around me.

I laughed at her enthusiasm, but I was tired and all I really wanted to do was have her point me to a bed so I could sleep and try to get used to the time difference. I hoped I would have that same dream again, only with a real-life person starring in it, perhaps Edward.

As we waited for my bags to appear, I turned on my phone and got a beep and buzz for two new text messages. They were sent almost exactly at the time I was scheduled to leave Amsterdam.

Text 1 of 2:


Hope you have a great flight. Rest up tonight. I'll call you tomorrow so we can talk more about my showing you around.


Text 2 of 2:


Don't think you can get out of my giving you the tour. I've got an authentic Italian houseboat I'd like to show you.



Wait what? Houseboat?

I looked down at the messages, feeling giddy and excited. If my heart were on display, it would be turning a rainbow of vibrant colors that matched my emotions. My heart and mind were happy, euphoric and enchanted by the unknown mysteries of a possible real-life, Mr. Dream Man.

But ever the pessimist, I couldn't help but think, maybe that was just my heart?

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