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"Aizen-sama," a low voice said in a hush, "we have done it. He is in the dungeons."

A handsome man with brown wavy hair smirked.

"Excellent, Kira-san. I am very pleased with you and your men." He stood off his throne and headed to the door. "Come. We must welcome our guest."

The blond bowed low as his superior walked by him, only standing when the man had passed, and then following him out.

The castle they shuffled through oozed prosperity at every corner. Every room had high ceilings, exquisite draperies hung from the spotless clean walls, each chamber was laden with obviously expensive rugs and furniture. Large windows made it possible for every passersby to witness the beautiful gardens outside, bustling with fresh flowers and unique plants, and the sun shining brightly without a cloud in sight.

Neither man paused to take in the beauty. Instead, they rushed through the hallways, the blond looking uneasy and the brunette with an excited gleam in his eyes.

They stopped when they reached a locked door at the end of a secluded hallway.

"Kira-san." Aizen said. "He is in here?"

His companion nodded and fished a large silver key out of his pocket.

"Madarame and Ayasegawa are inside, watching over him. We found it necessary, as he has already tried to escape several times."

The brunette's smirk became more pronounced at this. However, he did not speak his mind as he snatched the key from the man's hand.

"Thank you for your services, Kira-san," he said quietly. "You have done well to serve your king. I will be sure to never forget what you have accomplished for me today. You may leave now."

Not seeing any way, or reason, to refuse, Kira bowed low and quickly departed.

Aizen waited until he heard the footsteps die away before quickly inserting the key in his hand into the lock.

"Yo, Aizen-sama!" an excited voice called from inside. A bald man flashed him a smirk. "You come to see him?"

"Yes," Aizen answered, taking in the dark, dusty area that was the dungeon. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling, and only light came from a dull light bulb hanging on a chain in the middle of the small hallway. Many were unaware that such a place existed in the palace, as the planet was so joyful at most times. Recently, however, the peace they had been enjoying had been shattered.

"Well, you gotta watch out for him. He's real feisty." Madarame licked his lips at this, an evil grin on his face. He had always enjoyed strong challengers, even if they were just humans. "And a real kicker to boot. Already nailed Yumi in the head a couple times. Almost kicked off his feathers."

The so called "Yumi" could be seen sulking in a corner, his hands clapped over his forehead and a horrified expression etched on his face.

"I will be sure to keep that in mind," Aizen replied, sounding amused. "Now, if you men would excuse me, I have a guest to attend to."

Madarame stepped off to the side to give the man access. The brunette walked down the dingy hallway, passing many prisons with checkered metal bars. Some were empty, and some were occupied by prisoners either sleeping or sitting in corners with no emotion in their eyes whatsoever. The spark within them had burnt out long ago.

He stopped when he reached the last cell. This one was occupied as well, but the prisoner inside startlingly contrasted with the other prisoners.

There was a fiery burning of rage and passion blazing in his eyes.

"What do you want?" he snapped at him.

"Now, now," the visiting royal clucked his tongue in mock disapproval. "Your manners seem to need some work, even for a human, Hikaru-kun."

.. ღ ..


She hears her favorite voice calling for her as its owner enters their bedroom, but does not bother turning. Instead, she rests her head on her arms, which are folded atop the balcony she is leaning on, and sighs.

"I am such a terrible daughter," she mutters, her eyes never leaving the bright moon suspended so seemingly close.

A moment later, a pair of arms snake their way around her waist, a body presses itself against her back, and out of the corner of her eye, she sees a head of white hair rest on her shoulder. She does not bother turning to look at the eyes she can feel boring into her face, or giving any indication that she is aware of his presence other than pulling one hand out from under her chin and placing it delicately on the cheek resting so closely to her neck. Soon, she begins to softly rub the soft skin with her thumb.

He does not say a word, knowing that she will elaborate when she finds the words. And she does.

"How could I have been heartless enough to betray my planet like this, Toushi?" she says, solemnly. "I am positive my family is still not aware of my whereabouts. Not since "Hikaru's" capture, or possibly before it."

With a disheartened sigh, she takes her hand off of his face, and instead places it upon the balcony ledge with the other. She lifts her head once again, straightening her body and his along with hers, and lays it back against the figure behind her.

He does not speak for a moment, possibly contemplating her words. Never having been one to act before thinking extensively, she is sure he is taking his time to ponder a pacifying answer.

"You need not worry, my love," he finally speaks in his deep, comforting tone that is so rarely heard by any. "From all you have told me, my in-laws are understanding and kind. All that is important now is that you are still safe, and still have the future possibility of someday paying them a visit and reassuring them."

"But I am such a disgrace now!" she suddenly cries, her voice noticably louder. "It was a horrid enough desicion of mine to trick and lie to them before running away, but to actually wed the son of my people's enemy...to be happy when they are laced with worry and anguish...to love you..."

In an effort to soothe her, he unwraps one of his arms from her waist (though the other considerably tightens its hold), and places it on her shoulder. Gently, he traces his fingers down the smooth skin of her bare arm, pleased when she instantly breathes in softly, melts back against his body, and calms at his gesture. When he reaches her wrist, he slowly lifts his hand off of her arm, and instead places it atop her small hand on the ledge. His own hands are significantly larger, despite his short stature, and seem to entrap hers.

He suddenly lifts her hand to his lips, and places a kiss upon the back. She does not speak, but does inhale sharply at the unexpected action. Appreciating her response, he slowly moves up to her knuckles. After kissing each one, he flips her hand over and gently pecks her palm.

"Toushi..." she shivers at his kisses, and reactively curls her hand into a fist. He forcibly straightens it, and gently runs his lips up her palm. When he reaches her fingers, he flips her hand once again, and caresses the back of each digit with his mouth.

"Please, my Queen," he speaks in a low whisper. "Please do not speak as if loving me is a sin. Your affection is my life now; it was even before the day we agreed to become husband and wife."

To clear her thought process, she lightly pulls her hand from his grip.

"I feel the same, my King. I will never once regret the choice I made of becoming your lover, but that does not change my act of betrayal, which is something I will always regret. I do not deserve the title of Human, nor the title of Wife. Not when this war is still so intense-"

"You must be aware that I am trying my hardest at ending all this bloodshed-"

"I am," she cuts off his interruption with her own. "I am fully aware that you are a compassionate man and a fair king. I understand that your efforts to end the warfare are great, but I also understand that the acts Aizen committed so many years ago cannot be forgiven easily, which is why I have lost hope of ever seeing my family again; of reassuring them, of apologizing to them, of explaining my treason to them."

"You did your best for your people," he suddenly cries. It is so uncharacteristic of him to raise his voice that she finally turns to look at his face directly. The green eyes and tan skin are as handsome as they were this afternoon. "It was not treason that you committed, but an act of patriotism. Your love for your people was so astounding, and still is because you still belittle yourself for something you did for their benefit, and in complete selflessness."

And his sudden rant creates an urgent need within him. His lips catch hers in a fiery passion. She is shocked by the sudden kiss, but allows the intimate contact.

When his lips make contact with her neck, she allows him to ravenously assault her sensitive skin, and wraps her arms around his torso.

There is no more talk on the subject for the remainder of the night.

.. ღ ..

"If you're waiting for me to bow down and call you "Aizen-sama," then you're gonna have a long wait, old man," Hikaru said, waspishly.

"You need not worry. I have no intention of expecting such a miracle from a human." Even when insulting, Aizen had a calm smirk on his face.

"So what are you going to do with me?" Hikaru suddenly asked. "If you think you're getting any information from me, you're gonna need the worst torture machine you have. And I still won't tell."

"Have no worries; there will be torture. But I do not plan on using it to get information. We already have dozens of spies in your armies for that." He chose to pause at this moment to enjoy the look of complete panic in the prisoner's eyes at hearing this shocking information. "No, you will serve a much more important purpose: bait."

Hikaru recovered quickly enough to laugh boorishly at this.

"And what makes you think the entire army is going to surrender just because you have me locked up?" he sneered, even though the statement was really underrating him.

"Do not think yourself important enough to be at the center of my plan," Aizen said lazily, as if he was explaining something very obvious to an unintelligent person. And he did consider humans unintelligent. "You are simply one of my many pawns. My faultless plan will ensure that I attain all of your pathetic planet's most significant figures as my prisoners in only a few month's time. Perhaps then your army will admit defeat."

He retreated from the cell after that comment, knowing that it would ensue torment and sorrow for the soldier who tried so hard to protect his race, only to realize that it was about to be annihilated.

He passed by Madarame and Ayasegawa again, not pausing to chat this time. Not to his surprise, when he exited the dungeon, he found himself face-to-face with his most trusted advisor, Ichimaru Gin.

"Just the man I wanted to see," he said, smiling widely. It did not reach his eyes, which still held the sadistic look they had had in the jail cell. He handed Gin the key in his hand, but not before locking the door. The two guards inside had their own secret passage to exit the prisons inside.

The two departed from the isolated hallway, heading back to the throne room.

"Heard 'bout ya new playtoy, Aizen-sama," Gin said cheerfully, his large grin never leaving his face. "Are we gonna have fun with him, like we did with all the others?"

"Indeed we are, Gin," Aizen replied. "But I will need you to keep a special eye on our guest. Madarame and Ayasegawa will not be enough to keep him suppressed, I'm afraid."

"An' why is that?"

"Because the two imbeciles did not even take any notice to the fact that our dear Hikaru-kun is female."

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