Title: On Top of Things

Theme: Set #1; 4. Look who's on top!

Fandom: xxxHolic

Pairing: Watanuki Kimihiro x Ichihara Yuuko

Disclaimer: I still don't own any of them. Borrowed the theme from 15pairings in LJ.

"If people lie around on the ground, they get sat on!" Yuuko Ichihara sang happily as she patted her part-timer's strong back. The young man was soft and pliant in her hands. There was no doubt that she could have her way with him. She was always terribly attracted to men who let her have her own way.

He glared at her when she made herself comfortable. But he never said anything or even protested. He was in her bed after all.

"Look who's on top!" Mokona chirruped.

"Oh yes!" The witch cackled. "I got you whipped!"

Kimihiro Watanuki sighed. Some romance this was turning out.