Setting: a village that is controlled by a kingdom

Note: Hinata is the only byakugan wielder in the village because she was just an orphan, left by a wandering stranger. Naruto is not an orphan, his parents are alive, and same goes to Sasuke.


Ages: 5-6

"Why are you talking to us?" Sakura fumed. She and her circle of friends each adorned a disgusted look.

"Like, you are so weak and freaky looking. Eww, go away!" Sakura threw a rock and hit Hinata's head.

"Ouch!" Hinata's cry could be barely heard, due to her soft voice. She put her hand on top of her bleeding head. "I-I just, w-wanted to p-play with you a-all." She stuttered as her eyes glistened, her tears forming.

"Look here freak, you make Sakura-chan angry, so just go away already!" Naruto shouted and stood in front of Sakura to shield her from the disgusting filth that was Hinata. He grabbed a handful of sand and flung it directly at her face.

Hinata gasped. She rubbed hysterically at her stinging eyes, sobbing.

"Ha! The white-eyed freak is crying, what a cry-baby!" Ino taunted.

"You disgust me." Gaara spoke monotonously.

"Hn." Sasuke agreed.

"You guys," Tenten started and picked up a couple of rocks, "let's make it go away!"

Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Lee, all picked up several rocks in their tiny hands and joined Tenten in her mad frenzy of rock throwing. All Hinata could do was block herself with her small arms. "P-Please, s-stop!" she cried. Red liquid mingled with her tears. It flowed from her head, her arms, her legs. Few of the cuts were deep and one could see the splitting of her flesh.

The village people saw it all, they saw the girl get bullied every day, but today was extreme, though they didn't do anything. They believed that, one day, the girl will cause a plague in their village because of her freaky, white eyes. So they only stood and watched the small freak stumble as she tried to run away, heading to the meadow outside the village. Good riddance. They do hope she gets lost and won't come back again.

Hinata ran blindly in the meadows. Why do they hate me? What did I do wrong? She had run for only about ten minutes, yet her feet had brought her far, so far away from the dreadful village. She took one last deep breath before she fell flat on her face, all bloodied and exhausted.

"Prince Sai! Please come back!" the guards of the running boy followed in a hurry. They were in the private playgrounds of the crowned prince of their kingdom.

Sai tilted his head to look at his loyal guards and monotonously said, "I see something."

"Be careful prince, what you see might bring you danger! Please wait for us!"

"But." Sai looked forward stubbornly and reached the peculiar object on the ground. He gasped at seeing that it was a person, and the person was wounded, bleeding all over. He crouched and turned the body over so he could see the face. It's a girl

[Prologue ends here]

8 years later:

"Sai?" Hinata purred in the ears of her still sleeping king. They were both naked under the covers of their king sized bed. "Sai, wake up." Hinata whispered. She put one hand on his chest and then proceeded to kiss his ear, then down his jaw, "Ahh!" Hinata screamed as Sai hastily pushed her under him.

"S-Sai, you scared me!"

"Don't blame me, you initiated it." Sai stated while he rubbed Hinata's shoulders with his thumb, looking intensely at his queen.

Hinata giggled and then lightly slapped Sai's biceps. Sai cracked a barely noticeable smile himself. He loved seeing his queen smiling and laughing. He would give her anything to keep her happy.

Sai bent his arms and lowered his head to place a tender kiss on Hinata's lips. He slowly closed his eyes, so did Hinata while her hands rubbed their way up his hard chest and onto his messy hair. Sai released her lips and moved down to nip and lick at her neck. He cupped and massaged her left breast, earning him an erotic moan from Hinata. Sai slightly smirked and continued moving down until his mouth was between her large round mounds. He enveloped her left hard nipple and grabbed the back of her right knee to pull her leg up. Hinata gasped at the pleasure that she was feeling, especially when Sai rubbed her womanhood and entered two fingers inside her. "I love you Hinata."

Sai made a great choice. The former king and queen were very proud of their son, because Hinata grew to be the most beautiful maiden all over the land. Other kingdoms even attempted to steal her away with unrealistic promises and extravagant gifts, but Sai made her stay. Though she was rumoured to be the most beautiful maiden because of the tale of those who have seen her, most of the people are yet to get a glimpse of her, that was why the people of one of the villages were so excited, especially the males. The newly crowned queen will be paying them a visit!

"I'm very excited to see the queen," Sakura started. "because once and for all, I will be able to prove that I am the most beautiful girl across the land!" she squeaked and latched herself in the arms of her beloved fiancé, Sasuke.

"You can dream all you want, big forehead." Ino commented.

"What was that? Take that back pig!" Sakura hollered. The gentlemen of their group sighed at the usual and unending bickering of the two.

"Why should I, when it is clear that I posses much more beauty than you do?" Ino then turned to Gaara, her fiancé. "Right Gaara-kun?" she asked while fluttering her lashes and trying to appear sweet.

"Of course." Gaara agreed just for the sake of getting it over with.

"See?" Ino boasted triumphantly and latched herself to her beloved fiancé as well.

"It's not fair! Of course he will say yes, like, he's your fiancé!" Sakura whined.

"Just face it, the truth hurts." Ino then darted her tongue out to further aggravate Sakura, which she succeeded.

Sakura looked at Sasuke and waited for him to defend her.

"Forgive me if I may disagree, but I believe that my youthful Temari has the most beautiful face that I have ever seen!" Lee shouted with hearts in his eyes, one knee planted to the ground and his arm outstretched as if to further admire his beloved fiancée.

"Shut up Lee!" Both Sakura and Ino shouted.

"Shut up all of you! The queen is coming!" Kankuro shouted anxiously.

The group of teenagers hurried to get a good spot near the Elder Tower, where the queen will descend from her horse and carriage.

Naruto emerged from the Elder Tower, where his father worked as one of the council members.

"What are you guys doing out there?" Naruto shouted cheerfully, "father got us a permit to stay inside, believe it!"

Hinata watched the sea of faces while her carriage got closer and closer to the Elder Tower. She recognised all of the faces. She frowned. They all looked down at her and treated her like dirt. They were wrong, and now they all shall be the queen's play things.

The carriage stoped at the front of the tower. Men that were mounted on trained horses surrounded the carriage to protect the queen from danger. The people gasped when they saw an exquisite gown, creamy white skin, flowing midnight blue hair that was almost touching the ground, they couldn't even describe her face because no one has ever seen someone as beautiful as her. Though they couldn't see her eyes as she kept looking down as she gracefully walked with elegance.

"How modest of the queen for keeping her eyes looking down!" a townsperson gushed.

"How I wish that I am the king instead." A teenage boy voiced out.

"I will do whatever it takes just to catch a glimpse of her once more!"

"My Queen, I offer myself to you!"

"Let me be your mistress My Queen!"

"My Queen!"

"My Queen!"

"My Queen!"

"My Queen!"

The cry of the men never ended, which left the mounted guards no choice but to herd them away from the tower.

"My Queen" Minato bowed. He was trying not to lose control of himself. He believes that he just fell in love with his queen. How shameful, he was already with someone and had a son.

Minato straightened himself, and he simply stared… How beautiful…

Hinata then raised her gaze from the floor and to the eyes of Minato.

Minato's eyes widened a fraction, it couldn't be! He was filled with fear as he was one of the people who watched the freak suffer and didn't do anything, though the feeling of love and lust were still strong within him.

"Is everything alright, Namikaze-san?"

"Yes, My Queen. Please follow me to your room."

"Isn't that the freak from when we were small?" Sakura blanched, dumbfounded as well as the others.

"This is outrageous." Ino mumbled.

They were all standing by the sofas of the Tower's reception area. They watched in awe as the queen entered with her right hand and got greeted by Naruto's father. Right after the queen raised her gaze at Minato, all of their hearts went beating madly in fear. There was this atmosphere that seemed to surround her, mixing with her unearthly beauty that infuriated and at the same time, intimidated the girls. The boys, on the other hand, felt that they were being pulled to this beautiful and intimidating woman who they bullied at their young lives.

"This is ridiculous." Sasuke growled, trying to fight his strong feelings.

"Naruto, where are you going?" Tenten shouted after her fiancé, who was running towards his father and the queen.

"Can we hurry up? I'm drained from my long journey. I would appreciate a nice bath and a long nap before I meet with the rest of the council." Hinata uttered when she caught sight of the young blond—who she recognised as Naruto Uzumaki—running towards her and Minato.

"Of course My Queen." Minato readily answered.

The queen reached her temporary chamber at the Tower. She gave a lovely smile at Minato before closing the heavy door gently.

"Why are you still standing there?" the queen's right hand snapped and questioned rudely.

Minato only glared slightly before heading off to the council meeting room to report.

"Hmp" The right hand sneered and mumbled a few incoherent words which seemed to imply jealousy. Well, the queen forgot to give him a farewell smile because of that faggot! Then he himself headed off to his chamber to have his rest.