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[2 in the afternoon]

"That is ridiculous, my Queen!" one of the elders forgot who he was talking to and raised his voice. He was wrinkly and wore ancient looking robes—just like all the other elders.

Her eyes narrowed in a squint, making her eyebrows fall in a frown. And her lips tightened in displeasure, intended to form a frown, but ended up looking like whiny pout. She was now wearing a long-sleeved and cream-coloured dress. Its hem—much like the sleeves' hems—flowed like a draping curtain, elegant and long. A thin, golden rope was tied under her bust line, outlining her huge, round breasts. And to sum up everything, a curvy cola bottle would not stand a chance against Hinata's figure.

"You dare talk to her highness like that?" the queen's loyal right hand immediately snapped, his voice harsh. How can that old fart even think of defying and scolding his Queen? Did he have no respect for her, or did he just not value his life? Compared to the Queen, that elder was nothing!

All the elders broke out in sweat. Nervous and afraid that their idiot colleague's action might bring out the evils out of the queen, especially when the queen would certainly not be fond of their little village. The queen, the town's former freak—the hated and bullied freak.

"I have authorities." Hinata, after schooling her emotions, stated calmly. She was ever graceful as her gracefully flowing hair. Her bangs were a little longer, making her look more mature. Not like when they were just above her eyebrows—which made her look like an innocent young girl. And her side bangs were longer, as long as the rest of her hair—reaching the middle of her sheens.

Another elder—the leader of the town—was brave enough to try and continue debating with the queen. Though, he was a lot more careful than the other one. He gulp once, and then opened his slightly quivering mouth.

"Th—AHH!" the Queen's right hand pulled at the neck-line of the village leader's robe before he could finish his first word.

"Sasori," Hinata called at her moody right hand.

Sasori brought his attention to Hinata and obediently asked "Yes, your highness?"

"No need for violence." yet, Hinata added in her mind. "Let him speak." Hinata wondered what made Sasori so sour and bitter that afternoon. He was usually calm, and he was fine when they arrived in the village.

"Yes, your highness." Sasori followed the orders, and the elder sat back in the long ancient table. Hinata was naturally sitting at the head of the table.

After Sasori stood on the right side of Hinata, away from the other occupants in the room, the village leader continued.

"I do not mean to question your decision, my Queen, but I doubt that the King would approve of your plans." The leader said, occasionally giving cautious glances to Sasori, fearing he would attack again.

"Why do you think so?" Hinata started softly. "Your village would be given the chance to outshine other villages in our kingdom. And if this village did manage to be on top, the King would send more of the usual support that he gives to this village—he would make the amount of the supplies ten times more than the usual."

"The price, we certainly would like to win, but—" the leader's face hardened in determination, "—the risk is just too much."

"Is this village on war with another?" Hinata asked, matching the leader's determination.

"No, your highness. This village is peaceful and so far has no enemies."

"Then you have nothing to worry about sending all of the fighters of the village to the castle to compete."

"B-But still—!"

"I am the queen, am I not?" Hinata softly glared. "My words are final."

"Sasuke, I can't believe your dad replaced your mom with the freak!" Sakura shouted in anger.

"Would you just shut up? !" Sasuke snapped. His eyes were showing his own anger. Sakura did not need to remind him.

Sasuke's father was Fugaku Uchiha, who rules the kingdom that was located on the east of the village. This kingdom was far bigger than that of the kingdom that was located on the west of the village.

Sasuke and his mother used to live with Fugaku in the castle, but the romance between his parents faded, and his mother was forced to step down from being the Queen. Fugaku made his mother—Mikoto—bring Sasuke with her, but Itachi was left in the castle as the Crowned Prince, heir to the throne.

Sasuke loved his parents until this day, and he still strived to get his father's approval. He wanted his parents to be together again. Then he would rise as a prince again. Sadly, his father had found someone, and that someone possessed a beauty that no one would be able beat.

"Sasuke, you know, we can help you take your revenge. We'll think of a plan to make the...Queen…undesirable to your father's eyes." Kankuro said, unable to use the word freak to represent the beauty that was Hinata. He was dazed and not looking at anything in particular. His wild and predatory smirk—together with the bulge forming in his pants—helped give away what his idea of revenge was about.

PAK! Temari's strong paper fan hit Kankuro on the head. She had to, because when she looked at her fiancé—Rock Lee—and at her secret love—Shikamaru—there was no mistaking the lust in their eyes. Stupid Kankuro. Why must he influence the other guys with his disgusting lust for the freak?

"OW! Why are you being such a bitch!" Kankuro stood and shouted at Temari. They were all at the spacious straw shed of the Sabaku's.

"Hey, hey, we're all friends here!" Naruto smiled, a tad nervous, when broke the two siblings apart.

"Hmpf!" the two Sabakus huffed and sharply faced away from each.

"What's your plan?" Sasuke asked after the siblings sat down.

"Sasuke! Don't tell me you'll participate in that kind of revenge!" Sakura could not believe that her Sasuke would willingly touch another woman. That woman being the freak of all people! Sakura was feeling pain in her chest, and disgust for imagining any man being intimate with the freak.

"That would be perfect." Shikamaru added lazily, but still very aware. "We can make her look like a cheating slut."

Temari gasped, shocked "Not you too Shikamaru!" Temari shouted in a somewhat pained manner.

"I can't think." Naruto said and scrunched his face because of the mental torture he was going through.

"You girls are too loud. Maybe you need to wait outside until we finalise the plan." Shikamaru said.

"But there are other methods to extract revenge!" the girls nodded to what Sakura said.

The boys finally had enough and locked the girls out. There was no way in hell that they would let this chance pass—a pleasurable revenge.

Hinata was in her chambers, while Sasori was giving instructions and orders to the elders on what to do for the competition of the villages. Thoughts of Sai were what flooded her mind.

"Sai…" Hinata whispered longingly. This mission of hers decreased her time together with Sai. But it was ok, since Sai will follow her in the village.

Now, Hinata and Sai were really King and Queen of the kingdom that was located on the west from the village, but not officially. Sai's parents gave them a specific time and date on when they will sit on the thrones. But on the last minute, Sai's parents changed their minds. They just could not imprison Sai and Hinata—two of the best soldiers of the kingdom—inside the castle. So Sai and Hinata remained Crowned Prince and Crowned Princess.

Hinata's mission started to be formed into planning when she and Sai attended a party at King Fugaku's castle to represent the King and the Queen of the west. The first part of the plan was to make King Fugaku fall in love with Hinata, which went very well, as expected. Then Fugaku would try to steal Hinata away from Sai, just like what the other kings and princes did upon meeting Hinata. Hinata would pretend to be moved by Fugaku, and then finally, accept his offer in marriage.

"I sure hope our kingdom would grow bigger after this conquering madness… I'm so tired…" Hinata yawned and lied on the big bed. Her heavy eyelids fluttered slowly, until they fully closed.

KNOCK KNOCK! Not even a second after closing her eyes, they snapped open.

"Come in." Hinata called to whoever was at the door.

She heard the click of the door's lock before the door was pushed open.

A head covered in yellow peeked inside.

"Mr Namikaze." Hinata said as an acknowledgement. She bent both of her elbows and easily lifted herself up. She turned on her side to face him. Her form was still reclining as she leaned on her left elbow, while her right arm rested on her waist. Her right leg was slightly bent over her left one.

Minato gulped and stayed at where he was. If he went inside, his enlarged crotch would be noticed. And it was still getting bigger! The Queen's position on the bed was just too… arousing. And her dress was in a mess that showed more skin, specially the wide neck-line that was sliding down to her left breast because of gravity. And the thick curtains that blocked the sunlight gave the room a dark atmosphere that somehow made the Queen more enticing. He would give what he had and do anything just to be able to fondle those water melons of hers. B-B-Bre-Breasts… and get his length inside of hers.

"Why are you in my presence Mr Namikaze?" Hinata asked patiently as she sat up on the bed. "You can come in. And close the door behind you."

"Y-Yes, M-My Queen." Minato tried to hide his erection behind the trolley that had Hinata's snack. He had never been aroused this badly whenever he sees Kushina in a dress. In fact, he had never been aroused with Kushina in any dress at all!

Minato uttered no words when he uncovered the foods. He was afraid he would stutter again, especially when he was alone with Queen in her room, and having her stare intently onto him, as she was doing at the moment.

Minato tested each food for poisoning. After this, he bowed and he was about to tell his goodbye.

"Sit." Hinata softly commanded as she patted the bed.

"W-Why?" a dumbfounded Minato asked. His heart rate was increasing, and his crotch was twitching in excitement.

"Because I said so." and with that said, Hinata softly smiled.

Her smile had a huge effect on Minato that Minato did not try to resist anymore. He obliged and sat at the space on the bed that she patted—which was very close to her.

Minato was so tall, that Hinata only reached about his shoulders. She looked up at him with her soft smile still in place. She placed her palms on the bed to support her as she leaned into him, not stopping until her big breasts were pressed to his left arm. And another part of her mission begins!

"Hi-Hinata!" Sai shouted after masturbating near a lake. He would soon join his beloved in the village, and the first thing that he would do is fuck her senseless. All. Day. Long.

"Ahh~" Sai sighed and plopped down on the grassy ground, facing up to the sky. Soon.

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