"Sitting next to a skylight, freezing my butt off, spying on a middle school party. Gee, how did Nigel know exactly what I wanted to do with my Saturday night?" her sarcastic muttering prodded a low laugh from her companion.

"'Prevent recruitment for the Teen Ninjas'. The only thing I see that needs preventing is the slobbery make-outs down there. Disgusting." Hoagie grumbled, shifting uncomfortably. Abby poked his shoulder.

"Like you could do better," she teased, shivering as a cool wind made her sweatshirt flutter. A movement in the room below them caught her eye. "Aw, Seven Minutes In Heaven. How cute. Not."

Hoagie raised an eyebrow at the blushing preteen girl that had just been chosen to venture into a closet with some unknown boy. "Think I might hurl." One of the partiers looked up. They started, ducking out of sight. "Time to go?" He asked, his back aching from his crouched position.

Abby nodded. "This was such a bust." Swiftly, she swung her legs off the side of the apartment building, dropping neatly onto the fire escape a floor below. Hoagie followed, though not as gracefully, and they made their way to the alley. Pre-pubescent voices reached their ears and both TND operatives froze.

"I'm telling you, there was some guy up on the roof!"

"You're full of it, man."

They looked at each other, panicked. The voices were getting closer to where they stood. Any moment, they'd be right in front of them. Abby made a fast decision.

When the two tween boys passed the alley mouth, all they saw were a couple of teenagers locking lips. The girl had her hands against the boy's shoulders, firmly pressing him against the dirty wall. His face couldn't be seen behind the girl's curtain of dark hair. If they'd been paying closer attention, they might have noticed that the boy's hands were splayed against the bricks, betraying the surprise attack.

Abby heard the snickers dying away as the middle-schoolers kept walking. She pulled away from her partner, too embarrassed to look him in the eye. She already knew that his face was beet-red, and the warmth in her own cheeks wasn't making her feel too confident either.

"What was that?" his voice was breathy, and she blushed deeper. Abby tugged her hat down further over her eyes.

"Fake-out make-out," she mumbled. "They noticed you, not Abby. Had to hide you."

"With your face?"

Please enjoy the weirdness below.

The girl reached across dimensions, cackling wildly. "This is my greatest plan yet," she thought, withdrawing her hand. Grasped within it was...Invader Zim? She stared at him blankly. "This isn't even for your network."
"YOU'RE LYING!" he shrieked as she tossed him back into the portal. Shrugging, she tried again, this time pulling out a humanoid. He looked at her story as she raised an eyebrow at him.
"Danny Fenton?" she peered behind him into the trans-dimension hole. "Aw dammit. This goes to the Nickelodeon universe. I missed Cartoon Network by a mile."
"'Fake-out make-out'?" he rolled his eyes at her. "How original."
"Shaddup. Just tell the nice readers to review."
He glanced at the screen. "What she said."

Hope you enjoyed that brief trip into my mind. On to the usual drivel. My story sucks, angst angst angst, blabbity blah, they're out of character and for once, I don't really care. It's just one of those days. So do as the nice cartoon ghost boy said and drop me a review?

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