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Become one with what?

Aragorn was in his study, looking over some reports and other official papers, when he heard a knock at the door.

" Enter!" he called.

A timid-looking servant came in and bowed. " King Elessar," he began. " a tall blonde man has requested a meeting with you."

At first, Aragorn assumed the boy had been talking about Legolas or Eomer. But he realized the boy would have said " Lord Eomer" or " Lord Legolas" if the man in question had been one of his dear friends.

Aragorn furrowed his eyebrows and replied," Send him in."

The servant boy bowed again and scurried off. Aragorn stood up and readied himself for the stranger.

A few minutes later, the man arrived. He was indeed tall, a few inches taller than Aragorn, in fact. The man was wearing a long tan coat and a white scarf. His face was childish, despite his size. The most striking feature of this man, however, was his bright violet eyes.

" Good day," he said. " I have come to ask a question regarding you and your people."

The man had a very strange and thick accent. " Please, good sir, continue," Aragorn said.

The man smiled. " Would you like to become one with Mother Russia?"

Aragorn was, to say the least, perplexed. He had no idea where this man had come from or who he was. He could be an insane, murderous lunatic, for Eru's sake!

Aragorn sighed and answered, " No thank you, sir. My people and I are quite content as we are. Thank you for coming, though."

The man looked a bit like a child who had been denied a piece of candy. But, his faced brightened. " It is alright, comrade," he said cheerfully. " All must become one with Mother Russia, eventually."

With that said, the man turned and left.

Aragorn sighed and murmured to himself, " What an odd person."

He returned to his work and never gave the encounter with the man a second thought.

Russia arrived home with Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia standing nervously. " How did it go?" Lithuania asked, breaking the silence.

" The man declined my offer," Russia replied nonchalantly. But added," He will come to his senses soon enough, however."

" I'm hungry after my journey," he said. And with that, the Baltic nations scurried off to the kitchen to prepare the dinner.