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(Chapter Five – This Isn't Good-bye)

Yoichi ran and ran down the dirt road, almost tripping over rocks as he sprinted towards his destination. He was running for a long time, too. He thought that he should have been seen her by now. Either she ran away pretty darn fast, or she took a shortcut by going in the forest somewhere. He didn't know, he just didn't know where she was at, but he did know that he wasn't going to give up until he found her.

After minutes of nonstop running, his eyes spotted her within the distance. That made him smile widely and run faster, sweat dripping from off of his face and his body panting heavily because of how tired he was. Though he wanted to keep running towards her, he couldn't do it because he was just so tired. He fell on his knees, and then yelled out with every last bit of strength that he had, "IZUNA-DONO!"

She clearly heard his voice call out to her, which made her turn around and look at him. She saw him sitting down on his knees, and he appeared to be very far away from her. "Yoichi?" she spoke softly, now running towards the samurai who was on all fours. Seconds later, she was now standing in front of him, later kneeling down on one knee as she looked at him with a smile; Izuna was such a fast runner.

"What are you doing chasing me like this? Do you want that beast soiling her man panties or something? Hurry up and go back to that house before she finds out that you're here," Izuna said, sounding mad and upset. He looked up at her and gazed into her eyes, she looked like she just got done crying. He felt like he couldn't talk at the moment, but he forced himself to.

"No. I don't want to go back there. I want to travel with thee back to thy village." Her eyes grew bigger when he said that. She couldn't believe what he was saying.

"What? You want to go with me?" Her voice sounded very surprised when she asked this.

He then stood up on his feet and wiped his face with his sleeve; she stood up, too. "Yes, I do. I feel like thine village may be my last terminus for my training," he serenely spoke to her.

"Training… What are you talking about?" asked the ninja with a mystified look on her face.

He smiled at her as he replied, "I was sent to this city by my father in order to become a better samurai. I also had to stay at the Ikaruga household, as well. But I believe that my training here is done. I believe I should move on."

She then gave him a big, long stare; his dark colored orbs looking back into her shining, green gems. "So what, that's it?" she soon asked him, still looking nonplussed.

Yoichi laughed and rubbed the back of his head, later replying optimistically, "I'm afraid so."

"Are you really sure that you want to go with me?" she asked him, emotion now being heard in her voice. Judging by the way she sounded, and by the way she looked, he knew that she was being serious.

Yoichi grasped one of her hands and entwined his fingers with hers. "Yes. Yes, I want to go with thou more than anything else! That is if thou are okay with that." The passion in his voice and the honesty in his eyes made her heart flutter. She knew that he meant the words that he was saying to her. His smile, his words, all of it just drove her crazy with love.

Within an instant, she cupped his cheeks with both her hands and pulled his head toward hers, their lips now joining together and engaging in a very loving kiss. He kissed her back almost instantly. He did not hesitate to return this action of love, true love, back to her. His hands were now grabbing the sides of her arms, gently pulling her delicate, curvaceous body closer to his slightly masculine frame. He felt her large breasts pressing up against his chest, and this caused him to feel incredibly aroused beyond belief; her, also.

He knew he couldn't keep this up; he'd be in big trouble if he continued to kiss her like this, but it was just so hard to let her go. Once they stopped, they looked at each other for a few seconds; but that didn't last too long because they soon began to peck each other on the lips. These kisses lasted 1 second each, and they both kept on pecking each other ever so softly, slowly. Their eyes were closed tightly, both bodies not wanting to stop loving on each other.

"Let's stay just like this," whispered Izuna during the moment, love and innocence in her voice.

"Yes. Just like this," Yoichi whispered back, tenderly pecking her lips again, tasting its sweetness. And they did just that, they stood like this for a very long time. After a total of 57 pecks to the mouth, they stopped and looked at each other once again.

"To be honest, Izuna-dono, another reason why I want to come with thee is to be with thou. I don't ever want to be away from thee," he devotedly said to her.

"And I don't want you to be away from me," she affectionately cooed back to him, a smile on her face. They then let go of each other.

"I'll be sure to write them, or even visit the house someday," he told her.

"Did you even say good-bye to them?" she asked him, her hands on her hips.

Yoichi did his usual head rub and nervous chuckle, later replying back, "Uh, I don't believe that I did, but don't worry! I'm sure all will be well. Besides, I don't think Ibuki-dono wants to see me anymore… or at least not for a while. If she can't accept thee, then she can't accept me."

Hearing him say that placed a smile on her face; and a blush, as well. "Aw, thanks, hubby," Izuna spoke amiably, giving him a quick hug afterwards. "Who would have thought I'd have a boyfriend as sweet as you?"

"Gee, thanks, Izuna-dono. I've heard about having a girlfriend before, and at first I didn't understand it. But when I did understand, it all made sense. I didn't want one until I met thou."

She couldn't help but to smile again when she heard his benevolent words; a bright smile on his face, as well. She then grabbed his hand and started to walk down the path. "Come on, hubby; let's get you to your new home. The village is pretty big, and there are some empty houses available. I'm sure you'll love the place! Some people there are annoying, though. If anyone bugs you, just come and tell me, okay? I'll beat them off with a stick!" screamed the ninja with absolute valor while striking a fancy pose.

"Okay," laughed Yoichi; she looked so cute to him, as always.

During their long walk there, they had several conversations, and life couldn't of felt better for them both. The sun was now setting, and the environment they were in now looked so green and full with nature. They were indeed getting closer to the village.

"We're almost there, hubby," she chanted merrily, now holding onto his hand tighter.

"This reminds me about the mountains," whispered the samurai in admiration, looking around and loving the scenery.

"The world is horrible now-a-days isn't it, Yoichi?" Izuna asked him, looking in his direction.

He looked back at her and replied, "Why yes, I suppose it is. What made thee think about it?"

Izuna's query did seem rather sudden. She let out a sigh, and then retorted with an unhappy voice, "Nothing really, I guess. I just started thinking about how crazy everything has gotten. Like, what people think is normal, and what's good is bad and what's bad is good. I even heard someone say, 'what's good is okay, but what's bad is better,' or something like that. Heck, when I search me up on the Internet, I see things that really upset me, but I can't do anything about it. You know what I mean?"

Yoichi didn't really know what to say to her. Heck, he didn't even know what the Internet even was. All he could do was to try and make her feel better. She was obviously upset at the moment, and that made him worry about her. "We cannot do anything about how horrible the world is. The only things we, and everybody else, can do is this: love and trust in the Lord and tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only a few walk down the narrow road, and we both art one of those people. Let's just hope and pray a lot of people change, alright?" Yoichi said with a smile.

She returned the warm expression and replied, "Yeah." After a while, they then made it to Izuna's village, and he got a good welcoming from everyone there. The house that Yoichi now lived in was rather small, like most of the other households, but he really liked the village and the people there; he also got to meet Izuna's best friend, Shino.

Many years later, Yoichi and Izuna got married to each other. Yoichi was known as the wisest villager there, while his wife, Izuna, was known as the most beautiful woman there. Izuna's crazy teenaged days were long gone. She was now the mother of three children, and all three of them were girls. The oldest was named Aimi (愛美): Japanese name meaning "love beauty". The middle child was named Etsuko (悦子): Japanese name meaning "joyful child". And the youngest child was named Fumiko (文子): Japanese name meaning "child of treasured beauty".

Both Aimi and Fumiko took after their father; Etsuko took after her mother. All three of the girls were trained in the ways of being a ninja, but also a samurai. All three of them could fight fairly well, too. Aimi used a katana, Etsuko used a bo-staff, and Fumiko used a very outsized double-edged sword, as if she was a knight, or something. They all were very honorable and nice children, and their parents couldn't have been prouder of them all. Yoichi and Izuna had a very great marriage. They never really fought or argued much, and when they did, it was usual something small, like fighting over what to eat for dinner tonight: chicken or beef? Just silly stuff such as that; in fact, they got along so well, it scared most people.

Married couples usually didn't get along as well as they did. Aimi, Etsuko and Fumiko found it weird if parents didn't get along. The reason why that is, is because they see how their parents always act, so seeing a married couple screaming and yelling at each other looked outlandish to them. Izuna usual always wore stylish kimonos, and Yoichi still wore similar cloths like he always used to wear when he was a teenager, only difference now is that it's larger.

The two pretty much still looked the same, but there were some differences. Yoichi was taller and brawnier. His hair was longer now, and he had bangs that somewhat covered both of his eyes. He was now an expert samurai, and it was said that nobody could defeat him. He was a mentor to most young men at the village. He also still had a good personality, but he was a lot more silent and serious; let's just say that you DON'T want to mess with him.

Izuna was now a lot kinder and mature than what she was when she was a teenager. She always spoke in an extremely soft and breathy voice. She sounded so nice and calm all of the time. Her hair was much, much longer than it was before. It now traveled down to the back of her shins. She was also immensely well-endowed with her womanly charms; her body was perfect all over. But she always covered herself from head-to-toe. The only person who could see her in all of her beauty was her husband, Yoichi, and all of the male villagers envied him because of his wife. Izuna was very caring, smart, and definitely the most beautiful woman in the village indeed. Bottom line: Yoichi and Izuna were great parents with great children, and they both lived happily ever after.

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