Jesse fiddled nervously with the toggles on his coat. Rachel reached across the table and pressed on his hand, silently telling him to stop. "You know how much that irritates me." She sighed, looking up at him.

"I'm just nervous." He replied, now shaking his left foot. "The last time they saw me, I was throwing eggs at you. It wasn't exactly my best moment."

"First of all, you've never met Blaine, so that's a moot point. Secondly, Kurt knows that we made up after we ran into each other at Berklee. Any grudges have been forgotten by now." She cooed.

"Except yours." He smiled.

"Well of course," she replied. "I have to keep the upper hand somehow."

At that moment, the other couple walked into the restaurant. Rachel could see Blaine's shellacked curls over the top of the booth she and Jesse were sitting in. She waved them over, and the couples shared cheek kisses.

"How have you been?" Rachel squealed, giving Kurt a big hug.

"Oh, not bad. Just in town for the week while Mr. Singer-Songwriter here does a few small concerts at the Garden." Kurt laughed.

"I read about that!" Jesse interjected. "Congratulations on that gig!"

"Oh that's nothing for you, best-selling Broadway actor." Blaine smiled. "I read in the New Yorker that you're working on your own play?"

Jesse's eyes lit up. "It's a musical version of Hamlet. I'm still working on the details, but it should be out by next Christmas." Everyone had sat down by now, and the waiter took their drink orders.

"So, we have to ask... what's the story of how you two reconnected?" Blaine asked. "I've heard the basics, but I want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth."

Jesse and Rachel shared a look. Rachel began, "After we broke up in high school, Jess and I had a full-out war. I sent him back all the gifts he gave me, I left angry messages on his Facebook wall, the whole nine yards."

"I was scared." Jesse added. "Have you seen her uppercut? She could take a man down."

Rachel playfully punched him on the arm. "Anyhow, he was a TA in my Freshman music theory class in school. I was still so angry at him, but he was grading my papers, so I had to suck up."

"I saw her name while grading tests, and I knew I had to contact her. I sent her an email, apologizing for everything. We went out a few times, but couldn't date-date because I was her professor." Jesse shared.

"And once the semester was over?" Kurt asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"I hit it. Hard." Rachel laughed. "No, but seriously. We decided that all our crap just wasn't worth the pain and that we worked better as a couple than as enemies."

"And before long, she and I both had offer in the same play. We spent so much time together, it made sense to get married." Jesse smiled, staring at his wife.

"How long has it been?" Blaine asked.

"Two years." Jesse grinned.

"Kids?" Kurt asked.

"With what time?" Rachel laughed. "We can't all be super-parents, jetting all over the world with baby in tow like you guys!"

"Well, being a stay-at-home dad does have it's advantages!" Kurt smiled, digging in his pockets for pictures of his daughter. Once he found them, he passed them to Jesse and Rachel, who ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the blond girl. "It was tough having to leave my job, but it was worth it for Michaela."

"What were you doing before?" Jesse asked.

"Teaching." Blaine and Kurt said tat the same time.

All four laughed as the drinks arrived. They nursed their cocktails as the sun started to set outside.