'Kay this is my third story and first story with chapters. Anyway way I must give credit to my best buddy Hallie who helped me write this. GO HALLIE!

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Skimming a Rock

Clare's Pov

Tick tock, tick tock. Man was English class boring. All we did was listen to Mrs. Dawes go on and on about contractions. I bet Eli was ready to just die of boredom. I bet everyone was ready to die of boredom!

When Eli came out of our class, I was ready to go and hug the life out of him, but instead I just walked over to him and gave him a friendly- oops I mean a girl friendly "Hi"

"Hey, glad someone's happy." said Eli.

"Just glad that boring class is over." I replied with a funny expression.

"Well then, let's celebrate. How about going to the carnival?" he said with a convincing smirk.

"What? Now?" I said practically yelling at him.

"You heard me!" He said while trying to take hold of my hand.

"But the nearest carnival is in Regina!" I inquired.

But without listening he said "Okay, let's get going." And off to Morty we went.

It wasn't until the ninth mile that I stopped complaining. But again it felt like Eli wasn't listening. I'm sure the carnival was only a mere 20 minutes away. That means another 20 minutes with Eli and Morty.

"Why are we slowing down Eli?" I asked.

"Um…" Eli said. "This doesn't look too good."

Eli was right. For some reason Morty just had to break down. An upside is that we stopped right in front of a beach. Not bad for being 15 miles away from civilization.

"Hey! Let's call Adam, maybe he can pick us up." Eli said.

"Might as well. Not like we can do anything else." I said with no excitement on my face.

While Eli made the phone call I looked at the beach. It was noon and the beach was lovely. I was actually hoping Adam wouldn't be able to pick us up. But instead Adam said he would be here as soon as possible.

I dipped my finger into the crystal clear water. It felt…good.

"Let's go swimming while we wait for Adam!" I exclaimed with a bunch of enthusiasm.

"What?" Eli said with a surprised face. "Now? We don't have our swimsuits!"

"Let's just swim with our clothes on." I said while smiling slightly.

So for the next 20 minutes or so, we were soaking wet. Too bad it seemed like a storm was coming. A bad one. I was glad when Adam came, in a taxi.

"Alright, get in the cab!" yelled Adam, just as the storm was getting worse.

"Come on Clare." said Eli.

As we raced to the cab lightning struck. We started to run faster to the cab. Again another lightning bolt struck. We finally reached the taxi. Driving away from the storm.

But driving away wasn't enough. Before we knew it a car crashed right into us. Leaving the driver bloody and possibly dead. But when I woke, I was in a room alone. Away from anyone I knew.

Okay so Clare was taken away. Just in case you didn't know. Sorry for the shortness. So tell me if I should continue. And if I do it'll be in Eli's pov. So good night, morning, noon or whatever!

XOXO Canadian Bagel