"Sirius just sit down and stop pacing. You're driving Moony nuts." Harry said pushing his Godfather gently towards a chair.

"He was just like this when you were born." Remus said.

"How did my father keep from killing him?" Harry asked.

"He sat on him." Remus replied laughing.

"Quit teasing. This is serious." Sirius said, "Ginny's in there having a baby."

"Wow really." Harry said sarcastically, "Are you sure."

"What is Sirius sure about?" Ron asked as he led the Weasley's into the waiting room.

"Oh just that Ginny's having a baby." Remus said as he yawned, "I think it just dawned on him."

"Shut up Moony." Sirius said, "How can you two be so calm about it all."

"Padfoot, it's a good thing you're too ugly to get a girl." Harry chuckled, "You would have died of a heart attack if you would have had any kids."

"And you're just sitting there all calm like this doesn't bother you in the slightest." Sirius growled.

"The healers know what they're doing. Ginny's in good shape they'd tell us if there was anything to worry about." Harry said, "Remember a few months ago when Angie had trouble. They were out here telling us just as soon as they knew. Relax Paddy it will be fine."

"That's a bit of a switch. The father to be telling people to calm down." Arthur said, "Have you had a calming draught?"

"Three." Harry replied.

"In how long?"

"Two minutes. Ginny got mad when I panicked and she held me down and poured them in. If she gets mad at me for being so calm it's her fault." Harry grinned as the Weasley's all laughed, "She's surprisingly strong when she gets mad."

"Now I don't feel so bad." Sirius said, "And you were making fun of me for panicking."

"You're not the father, you're not supposed to panic." Harry said, "I still get to laugh at you."

"Mr. Potter." The Healer stepped out, "She's about ready to start you can come in now. Everything's looking great, no problems you can all relax it should just take a few more minutes."

Harry stepped into the delivery room calmly and Ginny said, "Those calming draughts still working?"

"Yes, three should stay with me for a while." Harry replied grinning, "I told your family about it, I think they're still laughing. You look beautiful are you ready?"

"Yes, I'm tired of being fat and ugly." Ginny scowled.

"You've never been fat or ugly." Harry grinned, "You've been carrying around a quaffle under your shirt. And I think you're beautiful even after you've been playing quidditch against Puddlemore. You definitely look better that that now."

"That was the most brutal game I've ever played in. What was it twenty hours or something?" Ginny asked.

"Twenty two." Harry replied, "You only took two hours rest during the whole game. All the reserves were injured and you played injured for the last three hours. You stunk to high heaven and you're hair was practically standing on end."

"Ok Mrs. Potter get ready to push."

Harry took her hand and continued to talk quidditch in her ear until it was over. Then he was presented with his son wrapped in a blue blanket, "Should we do it?"

"It would be dooming him."

"I know but…"

"Just do it."

"Ok." Harry grinned as he walked to the door where the Family was waiting, while holding the blue bundle. The healer pushed open the door and the family gathered around, "Everyone I want to introduce you to James Sirius Potter."

Ginny heard a thud and some laughter. Harry returned grinning like an idiot.

"What happened."

"Sirius fainted." Ginny laughed.