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"So someone please explain what the hell happened" vince said holding his head.

"Well you started singing" rallen began.

"Oh god, did anyone think to stop me" vince asked.

"Yeah but you somehow managed to tear this planet a new one under your odd drunken like haze" rallen said looking at the destruction.

"Damn I went batshit on this place, wait what was I singing" vince asked standing up looking around more.

"Well I don't really know but you said "Drink motherfucker drink motherfucker drink."" rallen said.

"So that explains everything, where'd whats his name end up at" vince asked stumbling towards some rubble.

"He said he had to go do something" rallen said absent mindedly.

"So were bubblegum hair, burning fag and hair brain" vince asked looking around.

"Well assuming fag is jado he's scouting along with hair brain, jeena is fixing the ship since you tore half a wing off" rallen said with a pointed glare.

"I've done worse to more important things" vince said looking at another pile of rubble.

"Well that is true, you tore my house in half" nick said coming onto the scene carrying a big bundle on his back.

"Hey in my defense your house was a giant dick" vince said pointing an accusing finger.

"God you need a full psyche examination" nick said walking towards the ship that had half of a wing missing.

"Um why not use the ship we came here in it's fine right" vince asked looking around for the ship.

"Well we sorta blew it up after you were put down" rallen said while scratching the back of his head.

"I don't wanna know" vince said also heading towards the ship. "Wait fag and hair brain used a portal can't they do that to get us back?"

"Well there not here" rallen said walking to the ship.

"I'll get them" vince said putting his hands to his mouth. "HAIR BRAIN FAG PATROL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE FUCKING A RABIT."

"Well he's dead" rallen said going towards the ship leaving vince to die.

"WHAT'D YOU CALL ME" maja yelled appearing from no where and punching him.

"DANCE FUCKER DANCE" vince yelled while doing the worst dance ever.

"QUICK GET HIM" rallen yelled sending out a spikanor to knock him out.

Twenty minutes later

"Can we just kill him" maja asked glaring at the near corpse that looked like that taken a meat grinder to it.

"No, we might need him to be a pack mule" rallen said.

"And he can kill the shadows" nick said.

"Right open a portal home for us would you" rallen said to maja.

"Er how can I say this" maja said thinking, "You see your home has a shield around so we cant portal there."

"Fuck" rallen said walking to can before kicking it.

"What about the research bay" nick said.

"Um technically it's off planet and out of the shield" jeena said.

"Great" vince said jumping off the ground looking perfectly fine.

"You faked all that" maja asked.

"Yep, I'm way too tough for you to bruise/maim/flay me that easily" vince said ducking under a punch.

"TO KOLLIN" vince yelled pumping his fist in the air.

On kollin

Sam was destroying the main city on the planet and killing anyone fool hearty enough to attack him.

"This is boring" sam said flinging a tank into a building.

With that done he started jogging away to the more desolate area of kolling, jogging meaning moving as fast as the ground patrol cars.

With ledo

"Now I just need a rook, a bishop, and a queen to have my generals to my army" ledo said holding three chess pieces.

"But who" he said looking at the sky of the planet he was currently on.

"Maybe the girl that little pawn always is with" ledo said looking at picture of rallen's motley crew.

"Yes she'll do perfectly once I awaken her" ledo said with a smirk before sitting in a throne that appeared from no where.

"Now then white king when will you retaliate to my attacks I've caused quite some damage now" ledo said laughing before some more shadows formed only to combine into a purple veined shadow. "Get my queen."

With a nod the shadow melted into a shadow under it.

"Ah if only you could be alive to see my world little brother but alas, fate would have it that you died from old age as you were destined to" ledo said chuckling darkly.


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