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"Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward."

Professor Charles Xavier

"You're a wizard Harry"

Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts

In a small house in Surrey, a child was busy cooking a breakfast. A normal person would have immediately stopped the boy, seeing as he was working with a stove and knives and couldn't be more than five years old based on his appearance. But alas, the people that were in the kitchen were anything but normal, no matter how hard they tried to be.

You see, the people sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the boy to finish cooking, were known as the Dursleys. They had a respectable, quaint house in a small suburban neighborhood, and prided themselves on being as normal as they could. Of course,they had their dirty little secrets, as does every "normal" family. Theirs, however, was busy cooking.

The Dursleys secret was the boy Harry Potter, a small child of 6 years, no matter his appearance. He was quite bright, but had managed to hide it from his relatives so he seemed more normal. He was also told he was a freak and therefore not normal, a sin worthy of continual punishment from his relatives, no matter that he didn't know what to do to be normal.

However, the secret was not about Harry Potter, not even what he was, although that is the basis of this story. No, the Dursleys secret was their treatment of Harry Potter, and what a well kept secret it was! By making him wear overly baggy clothes, cast offs from their own overly obese son, they could hide all his bruises and cuts, while making him seem bigger than his emaciated frame really was. As long as they didn't break any bones, there was no reason for them to get caught. Not to mention that none of the neighbors had a clue, since they saw him working outside a lot of the time, they figured that if he was strong enough to work, he should be fine. At least, that is what one Arabella Figg thought, but squibs have a hard time living between two worlds.

However, Harry Potter had a secret too. No, not that he was a wizard, that was a secret kept from him. Besides, if a whole population of a hidden world knows you are a wizard, does that make it a good secret? No, Harry had a different secret, one that was about to be revealed today.

"You'd better be almost done with those eggs boy!" Vernon said to his nephew as he continued reading the paper. Harry meanwhile, was doing the best that his emaciated body could do, which meant he was frying a whole pan of scrambled eggs for the Dursleys while trying to keep the toast from burning and the sausages evenly cooked. Needless to say, this was quite the task. It didn't help when Dudley was walking past and shoved him into the stove, making all the eggs spill out of the pan and the sausages to go flying. Dudley smirked, and, having caused the trouble for his cousin he wanted, rapidly sat back down at the table to watch the fireworks.

Of course, it didn't take long. Vernon, being a man concentrated on the existence of his stomach, and solely focused on the newspaper at the time, automatically assumed the "good-for-nothing freak-of-a-nephew" had purposefully threw the eggs and sausages all over in an attempt to ruin his day. Thus, this resulted in Vernon grabbing Harry roughly by the arm and dragging him into the living room where he proceeded to beat on the poor child, not hard enough to break bones or cause cuts this time, but hard enough to leave bruises.

Harry was getting quite fed up with this treatment. In his mind, (not to mention the actual truth), his cousin was always to blame for whatever his relatives thought he did. Well, except his teachers hair turning blue, his haircut growing back, or that old ratty sweater shrinking. But those were just three things that he had done out of thousands of punishments, and he didn't even know how he did them. He had learned long ago that protesting the accusations that his relatives hurled at him only made things worse, generally just shut up and took the punishment, but today he was feeling different.

Today, everything would change.

As hit after hit landed on Harry, he got angrier and angrier. Why did his relatives hate him so much? Why? He could think of no good reason. He had never done anything to deserve this! As the unfairness of it all settled on his mind, his rage and fury grew, and soon there was a palpable tension in the air. Even Vernon felt it, and stopped his fist mid swing. Looking around, he saw the tele, which was previously off, switch on to the news channel they had been watching an hour ago. Then the screen flickered. The lights on the chandelier and in the room started to flicker on and off, while all the switches stayed in the off position. Then, all the flickering stopped, and the lights from every appliance grew brighter and brighter. Eventually, Vernon and Dudley, who had been watching the beating, covered their faces from the light, and just in time. Suddenly, every light bulb burst and the tv turned off, making the room seem much darker than before. But then there was a source of light, coming from the ground.

Harry, during the beating, had felt his anger at his relatives grow until it reached eruption range. Then, when the tele had turned on, he had felt a flow, a rush, of energy start to flow into his body. As the lights started to flicker, he felt more flow in. He closed his eyes,and smiled, enjoying the feeling. He tried to see where the energy was coming from, and felt a tingle course through his veins. He reached for that tingle, and mentally pulled on it, forcing it to his bruises and cuts, hoping to make them feel better. And surprisingly, they did. Then, when those had felt fine, he opened his eyes and was surprised by the brightness of the lights. He drew on that strange source of energy again, and felt his eyes feel better when all of the lights seemed to explode at the same time.

Surprisingly, he could still see in the darkness, just as well as before. In fact, he realized as he stood up, he could see better than before. As he was standing, he was looking around, marveling at the newfound clarity all the objects around him had. He didn't notice the Dursleys looking at him with fear as he took in things he had never noticed before, like the way the couch sagged from Vernon and Dudley's hefty weights, or the carpets fibers that Petunia made him clean so thoroughly. Thus, having not noticed them, it came as a surprise to him when he saw Dudley try to take a swing at him out of nowhere. He flinched, and raised his arms to defend himself from the hit when he heard a strange noise, almost like a mix between a buzzing sound and a "zapp!" Feeling no hit, he opened his eyes to a strange sight.

Dudley was on the floor, flopping around in pain, with Vernon standing near him in shock, while Petunia hid behind him, looking concerned about her "poor dudykins" but not moving from behind Vernon. Harry wondered why they had that expression on, it was like the expression Petunia had the time that man in the van had tried to give Dudley some candy, but more defined. He noticed they were giving the look to him, and looked down at himself to see why. To his shock, his arms, from his elbows to his fingertips, were sparking.

"No," Harry thought to himself, "thats not quite right." While there was electricity on his arms, it wasn't sparking, like that metal in the microwave did once. No, it was more flowing, like he had seen his teacher do with a cool machine during a science lesson. Harry was just about to study it further when Vernon grabbed his arm again (this time careful to only touch the upper arm) and before he could think to do anything else, shoved him into his cupboard.

Harry sat there in a moment, shocked at what had just happened. The electricity coursing down his arms slowly faded back into his skin and Harry felt the energy he had felt before dim down. It didn't leave him completely, he could feel it coursing through his body with a core somewhere in his torso. It did fade to a slow hum.

Meanwhile, in a secret underground facility under a mansion in a small rural community in New York, a bald man took off a strange helmet with cables attached to it. He smiled and turned to his companion. "I've found another one, a very powerful one. We need to leave immediately."

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