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Charles looked at Harry, almost positive he was going to say yes, judging by the hope and joy on the child's face.

He wasn't disappointed.

Harry fidgeted on the uncomfortable hospital style bed. As he waited for Dr. McCoy to return with probably another weird looking device, he recalled the flight back from Britain. Despite being one of the fastest planes out there (according to Professor Xavier), the X-Jet still took a while to go across an ocean. The flight was initially really cool, as Harry had never flown before, but after about a half hour of staring at the ocean's surface, he had gotten pretty bored with looking out the window. So he turned his attention to the infinitely more interesting Professor and Miss Munroe.

Miss Munroe had been flying the jet so far, while the Professor was sitting near to her, his wheelchair strapped in securely. He had his fingertips together and was resting his head on his thumbs, seemingly deep in thought. He didn't want to interrupt Miss Munroe's flying, or the Professor's thinking, so he unbuckled his seat belt and moved closer to the Professor, waiting until he noticed him so he could ask some questions.

"You know," said an amused voice in his mind, "You can ask anything. Storm, err, Miss Munroe, is perfectly capable of flying while talking, and I don't mind being interrupted by a curious mind." Harry blushed and snuck a look at the Professor, who hadn't moved but whose mouth had twitched upwards slightly.

"Thank you sir," Harry said. He thought for a minute about what question he wanted to ask first. "Sir, how did you know I needed help, all the way from America?" The Professor gave a full smile and set his hands down on his lap. The child had a curious, bright mind, and knew which questions to ask. "Well Harry, I told you I am a telepath correct?" Harry nodded, and added, "You said you were a strong telepath, who could read and control minds. Are you saying you could do that from another country?" The boy's eyes had grown wide at the thought, and Charles chuckled.

"No, I cannot do it for more than about 500 kilometers.. While that is quite a large area, it takes a lot of effort from me. Comfortably, I can communicate and use other aspects of my powers for about half that, and I have to be very specific, such as knowing exactly who I want to do that to. However, this was not enough to reach you. No, I used a special machine that I and a college of mine created. It is called "Cerebro," and it allows me to find mutants, people with powers like us, all over the world."

Harry nodded, but his eyes were half closed in thought. "But if you can find people like us all over the world, why don't you have more people in your school?"

"Well, as you can probably guess, there are not many mutants out there yet. Mankind is evolving and developing powers, that is what we are, an evolved form of man. However, evolution is a slow process, and does not happen all at once. Right now, the mutant to human ratio is still very low. In fact, I believe that you were the only mutant with active powers in all of Britain." Harry's eyes widened again. "Do not mistake my words though, that does not mean you are the only mutant. When a mutant uses their powers, that is what Cerebro detects. If a mutant does not use their powers, then I can't tell if they are there. With Cerebro at least," he added as an afterthought.

Harry nodded, it made sense. Plus he doubted that many people like him, 'mutants' he reminded himself, had the same kind of situation. Some probably had families that cared for them, and while he was glad to be rid of the Dursleys, he doubted the Professor would want to separate children from loving parents. He had one more question though. "Professor, you mentioned other people at the institute, could you tell me about them?"

Charles nodded. "Yes, I suppose it would be better for you to know who you will be living with. Lets see, your current fellow students are Scott Summers and Jean Grey, who are both a year older than you. Scott can fire beams of energy from his eyes that we call "optic blasts", however he cannot control them, similar to how you cannot seem to control the electricity on your hands." He gestured down to Harry's hands to emphasize his point. "He wears special glasses or a visor to control it. Jean on the other hand, is telekinetic and telepathic."

"Like you?" Harry asked excitedly. Xavier chuckled at the child's enthusiasm. "Yes, but she does not have my power. So far, she can only communicate in a limited area. Her telekinesis allows her to move objects of various sizes and weights. She is not that powerful yet, but her potential is great."

Harry nodded, understanding. After all, she was only a year older than him, it wasn't like she was going to become as powerful as the Professor overnight! "What about the staff?" He asked, curious. "Well," Xavier started, a little more hesitant this time. "There is of course myself and Storm, whose powers you have seen already." Harry nodded, but turned to face Miss Munroe-'Storm'- and said, "Miss Munroe, I have a question about your powers, if that's okay?"

Storm gave a small chuckle before saying, "That's quite alright child, but please, call me Storm. Miss Munroe makes me feel old." Harry gave a very childish giggle, before asking, "What exactly kind of weather can you create? I mean, I saw the clouds and wind before at the park, but can you make something like," his eyes lit up, "like a lightning storm?"

Storm gave another small chuckle. "Yes, I can. However, I will refrain from it for now, as I would prefer to fly without turbulence. Not to mention I don't often get requests for storms, usually the people want sunny skies here. However, I can create and manipulate weather patterns in every way, such as creating a blizzard in July." Harry stared, open mouthed. "Wow," was all he could say.

Charles watched their interaction with amusement, and when she was finished and Harry was staring, cleared his throat softly to get Harry's attention again. Harry started, and turned to face him again, a slight blush creeping up his face again. "Now, Harry the rest of the currently employed staff is actually just the co-founder Eric Lehnsherr. He has the ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces, mostly to control metal objects. He was the one who helped me to build Cerebro."

"However, that is only the active staff. Seeing as we only had two students, and those were due to exceptional circumstances, similar, but not the same as yours, we didn't need the other staff present. However, there are only two that are not currently employed. One is Logan, a mutant who processes an immense healing factor and an unbreakable metal skeleton. Because of his previous... training, he has great skills in combat and is highly intelligent. However, he can be very aggressive, and is a loner. Last I heard he was taking a trip to the Canadian Wilderness."

"The other non-working staff member is Mr. Hank McCoy. He is actually away because he is working on his medical doctorate. He is a genius, but his mutation gives him amazing strength and agility. He has already gotten his Ph. D. in biophysics and genetics. Currently, he is on his summer break and had taken a few weeks off to come visit the institute. I don't think he will mind making sure you are in good shape, he will probably consider it good practice. Like homework." Xavier gave a chuckle at the thought, but noticed Harry's anxious expression. "Not to worry Harry, it is just like going for a checkup at the doctors."

Harry looked down at his shoes. "I wouldn't know, I've never been." Charles, to his credit, did look slightly embarrassed. "Not to worry Harry, it actually might work in your favor that way." When Harry looked up at him, an incredulous look on his face. "Yes, you see, the Dursleys might have all your other records, but without a doctor's examination they would either have to explain why they never took you to a doctor or be arrested for neglect. Besides, Mr. McCoy will be happy to help you, and he is a very nice fellow, so there is no need to be worried. He will probably stay at the institute for his break, just to make sure you are okay."

Harry looked much happier at that. "Professor, what kind of classes will I be taking at the institute?" Charles looked thoughtful again for a moment, and tilted his head slightly in Storm's direction, before giving a small nod. "Well Harry, you will of course be learning the basic subjects you would learn in a regular school. During this summer, we will make sure you are where you should be in your age group for public school. We will also work on controlling your powers. Come September, if your powers and knowledge is sufficient, you will go to the nearby elementary school, similar to primary school you attended in Britain. We will still educate you on some things at the institute, but it will not be as formal as normal schooling, as that will be taken care of. However, you will continue to train and learn how to use your powers." Harry nodded and began looking out the window again, imagining all the stuff he could do when he got to the Institute.

Unfortunately, his imagining was nowhere close to reality. When they arrived, the jet had started to land in the backyard of what looked like a mansion 'They call THAT a school?' and suddenly, they, and the jet, were underground. They walked down tunnels that seemed to be walled in metal or plastic until they reached an area that was all white and smelled like cleaning supplies. In the room was a bulky, tall man in a lab coat, polo shirt and khakis, who was typing rapidly on a computer, surrounded by machines. As they entered, the man finished typing, stood up, and walked over to them.

"Charles! Glad to see I got down here before you did. Now where is the little kid," Hank started to pretend to look around the room and group, intentionally ignoring Harry, while Harry tried to look indignant for a moment, before bursting into giggles at the older man's antics. The man looked at him and feigned surprise. "Oh there you are! I almost didn't see you! Well, since you are here, why don't you say we get started huh?" Harry nodded, and followed the man to a white table set against the wall of the room.

What happened next was an intense physical examination, several pricks and pokes with needles to give him immunizations, and small giggles from Harry whenever Hank made a joke. All the adults had been shocked to see some of the results of the Dursley abuse, such as the scars or how underweight Harry was, but kept their tempers in check so Harry didn't get worried.

However, things began to get strange when Hank brought in a machine that was supposed to measure his heartbeat. As he had been careful to avoid Harry's still sparking hands, Hank had no problem earlier with any of the electrical devices he used to examine Harry. However, when he hooked the electrocardiogram to his chest, the reading went haywire. Confused, Hank tried the machine on the professor, just to make sure Harry's electricity didn't interfere with it, and got perfect results. Just in case, Hank brought in a new machine, an extra that had been recently purchased, and got just as odd results. The machines were designed to continue running if doctors needed to restart the heart with a defibrillator, so the electricity in Harry couldn't be the problem. The adults went out of the room to discuss what was going on.

"I don't know whats causing the machine to malfunction," Hank said, running a hand through his hair frustratingly. "It doesn't seem to be his electricity, aside from his hands he has it mostly under control. No, whatever is causing this doesn't have to do with that aspect of his mutant abilities."

"Could he be generating an electromagnetic field?" Charles asked curiously. "I know that Eric sometimes could affect the properties of electrical objects if his powers were generating a field such as that."

Hank shook his head. "No, if that were the case then my earlier electrical devices would have failed, along with most of the equipment in the room."

Charles nodded and focused in the distance. Storm and Hank watched as the professor communicated silently with someone. Coming to, he looked at their curious expressions before saying, "Eric has an idea. His daughter, Wanda, was experiencing something similar a few years back after she broke a leg and had to be taken to the hospital. He contacted a woman known as Agatha Harkness, and is going to try to reach her for help with this. In the meantime, Harry should be fine." The adults nodded, and reentered the room.

Harry looked at them as they reentered, this time without a replacement machine. Charles started talking before he could ask questions. "Well Harry, aside from the abuse you suffered and the neglect, you seem to be in good health overall." Hank snorted.

"What he is neglecting to tell you is that the abuse and neglect have a serious impact on your health. However," he said, noticing Harry's look of worry, "There is nothing that can't be fixed, aside from some of your scars. Those may eventually fade, but some may stay. Especially that one on your forehead." Harry nodded, it was better than he expected. "Now, in order to fix what those monsters did to you, I am giving you a doctor's orders to eat!" At Harry's small laugh, he chuckled, but said, "While it may sound funny, you are very underweight for your age. We don't expect you to get fat,actually we encourage you to eat healthy, but you need to eat more than you are used to and get used to larger portions. You will have to take it slow at first, as your body cannot handle large amounts of food yet, but we want you to get to a normal weight an appetite as soon as possible, okay?"

Harry smiled and gave the adults a mock salute, before looking at the Professor. "Sir, would it be possible to rest? I'm really" *yawn* "tired." Charles smiled and nodded. "Of course Harry, I'll have Storm take you to your new room. Storm, put him in the room across from Scott's." Storm nodded and took Harry's hand, leading him to the elevator that led to the upper floors. Once they were out of sight, Hank cursed loudly.

"Jesus Charles, I thought you might've been overreacting when you asked me to make sure I was prepared for anything, but the kid looks like he's been through hell!" Xavier nodded thoughtfully and sorrowfully. "I know Hank, I got a glimpse of his life and that is the most accurate description I could give. It's times like these I understand some of the points Eric makes." With that the two made their way down the hall to a different elevator, one that led to the grounds. "Hey Hank, how would you like to see Scott and Jean? They've been wondering when you were arriving." Hank smiled, and followed Charles onto the elevator to say hi to the two kids.

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