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Summary: Kagome gets betrayed…again! And she is finally fed up with the fuck. So she decides that she is no longer going to stay with inufuck, and Sango and Shippo has had it too, so they decide to go to the well, but before they got there a demon attacks and kills them…but the fun isn't over yet!






Kagome/ Ulquiorra




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Kagome's pov

He did it again! I knew he would! I have had enough of him lying to me just to get a chance at getting into my pants! Thank god I haven't done anything with the guy! I thought as I kicked a stone into a tree while walking into the clearing where we camped for the night.

"Kagome…?" asked a crying Sango

"Sango? Songo!" I said running to her "what happened?"

"He did is again! We were taking a walk, and he was being so nice! But then we came upon a whore house and he just started looking at it with lust in his eyes! Then he just started walking to the door! I called to him, but he ignored me and kept walking until a girl noticed him and walked him in while giving me an evil look!" cried Sango

"Oh Sango!" I said hugging her while rubbing her back in soothing circles.

"Kagome I want to leave this hell hole! No I NEED to leave! I can't take him anymore! Please can we leave and never come back!" she cried

"Not without me! You wouldn't leave me would you?" asked Shippo with a worried face

Normal pov :P

"No Shippo, we could never leave you!" said Kagome

"Why don't you come with us?" asked Sango

"Yes please I'm tired of Inuyasha always hitting me!" said Shippo

"Hey! I know why dong we go to my time! We could use the jewel shards that we have right now!" suggested Kagome

"I would like that" said Sango still sniffling

"Then come on let's go!" said Kagome as she stood up and helped Sango up.

They jumped on to Kirara and rode for a long time; they weren't that close to the well at all. But they eventually got to the sacrid tree. They stopped to rest there. Everything seemed so peace full. Until, they heard a noise coming from the other side of the clearing.

"Who's there?" asked Sango as she got into a fighting stance


"Show yourself!" yelled Kagome getting her bow ready


What they saw next, was a surprise. They saw kikyo walk towards them. She stopped just a few feet away and notched an arrow.

"Kikyo! What are you doing!" said Kagome

"I'm not kikyo little Miko" said a dark voice

And everything went black.

Where…am…..I…. Kagome thought

She stood up from where she was laying. At first she couldn't see anything, it was too blurry. Then everything came into focus. And what she saw wasn't a good thing.

She saw Sango, Kirara, and Shippo. And they were lying down too. But there was something off about them. They had chains hanging off them, it looked like they were chained to something, but it broke. She went over to them and shook them awake.

"Sango! Songo! Wake up!" she said desperately

"Kagome? Is that you?" asked Sango

"Yes! Thank god we are ok" she said as she saw Shippo and Kirara get up.

"Yea. It looks like we are still at the tree…" Sango said as she looked around


There were their bodies, bloody and cold on the ground.

"Kagome….are we dead?" asked Shippo?

"I think so Shippo." Said Kagome

"I didn't want to die yet!" cried Shippo

"Shhhhhhhhh, we still have each other!" Said Kagome

"Your right! I wonder what Inuyasha and Miroku would do if they saw that!" said Sango with a worried look on her face.


"Inuyasha!" said Kagome

That was when Inuyasha came into the clearing with kikyo and Miroku not too far behind. Once they saw the tree, they all had a disgusted face on.

"Ewwwwwwww, so this is what happened." Miroku

"They are not carrying the jewel shards. We should leave, we need to defeat Naraku as soon as possible." said kikyo in a cold voice

"What! They got the jewel shards stolen already! Fuck! What if it was Naraku who took them?" yelled Inuyasha

"That's what you get for letting Kagome and Sango protect them" said kikyo

"Sango…" was all Miroku could say

"Oh get over it monk! She was nothing special!" said Inuyasha

"Come on, we should get going." Said kikyo

Kagome, Sango, and Shippo were drying the whole way through. They were so uncaring!

"Let's go" said Kagome

"Where!"Said Sango

"To my time" said Kagome

And with that they went through the well

Mean while in the twelfth division

"Captain! Come look at this!" said lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi

"What Nemu!" said Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi

"The radar is indicating three things different than just human, soul, shinigami or an arrancar!" said Nemu urgently

"Let me see." Said the captain, as he bent over the screen to take a closer look.

"Get the other captains and lieutenants, now!" yelled the captain of the 12th division.

At Hueco Mundo

"Gin, the Hōgyoku has picked up something odd…get Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Harribel and Nnoitra and tell them this. The place is on the near a shrine. Find and bring back whatever you find alive!" ordered Aizen

"Yes captain" said gin

With Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Kirara

They were just walking around the shrine. They had nothing else to do. But then Shippo saw a car and he started asking questions. So Kagome decided to explain to them and show them around the city.

"Ok, so that's a car" said Sango pointing at it "that's a light" said Sango pointing at it "and that is a window." Stated Sango pointing at a window

"yup." Said Kagome as they walked around the shine grounds

"Hey Kagome, Sango…is it just me or is my chain getting smaller?" asked Shippo

"No it's not only you Shippo! It's me too!" said Kagome

"I wonder what happens when the chain runs out?" said Sango

"You turn into something called a hollow."

"Who are you?" asked Sango getting into a defensive possession (she still has her weapons)

"My name is…."

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