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On with the story

Kagome's pov

"Yummy! Stop commenting on my height! You're really pissing me off!" I said as I got all up in his face

"Well, what you going to do about it?" he asked as he bent down towards me

"THIS!" and I threw a punch that sent him flying… ten meters away from Ulquiorra and me

"You bitch!" he screamed as he ran at me.

"That's enough yummy! You're the one who insulted her, she had every right to do that." Ulquiorra said as we walked through the darkness to get to the world of the living.

I stuck my tongue at him when Ulquiorra was done. But once I noticed that Ulquiorra was far gone, I ran to go catch up.

"Thanks" I said when I went next to him


"You don't talk much, huh?" I asked


"Well…ummmm…" I said awkwardly

I sighed. There is no way I can get Mr. Emo to talk to me. Oh well. So we just walked together in a comfortable silence.

Then the gate way opened up and we walked into the sun light. When I took it all in, I felt like crying. I missed my family, friends….and…no! I will not miss him of all people! But my pep talk didn't stop the tears from over flowing.

"Mama? Why are you crying" asked Yuki

"It's nothing Yuki I'm ok." I said as I whipped the tears away "why did you call me mama?" I asked

"You have been the only person that has been nice to me since I have become an arrancar. And I don't remember if I have a mommy." She said

"Oh Yuki." I said looking down at her "you can call me whatever you like."

"Ok!" she said as she hugged me close

I smiled, she was so cute! And I think I love her all ready!

"come." Ulquiorra said as he walked forward

We walked down to the ground, it seemed like we were in some sort of park. But we kept walking until we got to a clearing.

"Why is everyone staring at us?" yummy asked

"They can't see us." I said as I looked at all the people.

"Well they are really pissing me off!" yummy said as he started to suck in all of the souls.

"Hey! We only need to kill one! Don't kill the innocent!" I said as I kicked him in the groin

"Eepp!" he screamed and fell to the ground

"Who are you?"

I turned to see an orange haired girl and a dark skinned man. I was surprised that they could still live from being this close to yummy when he did that.

"We should be asking the same thing" I said as I turned around to face them.

"Orihime Inoue"


"Kagome and it wasn't me who did that just now, it was that dumb ass." I said as I pointed to yummy

"Hey! I'm not a dumb ass you bitch!" yummy said

"Yes you are!" I said "and I am not a bitch!"

"Go rot in hell!" he said getting ready to shoot a Cero.

Ulquiorra saw what was coming, but stood there. Like he didn't care. But I knew better, he cared. He just didn't want to show it. It was heading towards me. But I couldn't move out of the way or the humans would get killed. So I quickly put up a large barrier to protect everyone, besides yummy.

It hit at full force. I could feel it. As if it was suffocating me. But a quick as it came it left. Once the dust cleared I ran up to Ulquiorra and said "hold her please." As I put her in his arms. Then I ran up to the ass and smacked him hard.

"YOU BASTERED! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT! IM GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN!" I said smacking him again, but I put some of my Miko energy in it.

"Ah!" he said over and over again until I stopped

"Good night." I said as I zapped him once more. Knocking him out.

"Ass hole," I muttered under my breath "are you guys ok?" I asked

"Yea…why did you?" asked Orihime

I used Sonído to get in front of her and said "you are not human. But you are pure. Plus you may be value to me in the future."

"What do you want from her!" said Chad protectively

When I looked over at him, my eyes caught movement from behind him. So I used Sonído again to be in front of the figure. I bent down and used my Miko energy to calm her down so I wouldn't hurt her.

"Poor thing." I said as I healed her "stupid yummy" I grumbled afterwards

"Where am I?" asked the girl

"Tatsuki!" said Orihime as she ran over to her

"Your friend is fine now." I said as I helped her up on her feet

Orihime ran to her friend and held her tight. As this was happening I walked over to Ulquiorra.

"Why did you do that?" he asked as he walked over to me as well, still carrying Yuki

"She was pure. She was a good being. Besides we have to get her trust somehow."I said taking yuki from him

"Why do we need her, she is trash." He said

I smiled and said "can't you tell? She is not human. But I don't know what it is. Oh! Here comes the one we want!" I said as I turned around to face him

"Who the hell are you?" asked the bright orange haired guy

"Hi strawberry!" I said "you know me! And that is Ulquiorra!" I said pointing at him

"Wait, you're the soul that they captured!" said Ichigo

"Look! Strawberry has a brain!" I said

"Shut up!" said Ichigo

"Kagome, would you like to fight him?" asked Ulquiorra

"YEA!" I said as I got into a fighting stance

Then he attacked, with no warning I was cut in my shoulder. He was strong, very strong. So I decided to test one of my powers. I used Sonído to get behind him, and then I put my hand on his forehead. What I wasn't expecting was Ichigo's life story. I saw how he became a soul reaper, how his mom died, but what really stood out was that his inner hollow was slowly taking over, and that he needed to get to the Visored to survive. I lifted my hand and put up a barrier to shield us from the others, but they could still see, but not hear.

"You poor thing, you must go to the Visored to survive. Or else that inner hollow will consume you." I said in a sing song voice.

"How did you know about my inner hollow?" he asked

"All in due time, trust me." I said

"Tell me!" he said swinging again

"Nope!" I said playfully as I dodged another blow

But he swung his sward again and struck me in the back. I pulled my poison whip out and thrashed out at him. I got three direct hits, one on his right shoulder, one on his torso and then one on his thigh. Then he got into another fighting position and said "Bankai!"

Then with a swirl of spiritual pressure, he was transformed. This time he had a black small sward with a little chain at the end of the hilt, and his clothes changed into a black robe.

"So this is your Bankai huh?" I asked "well let's see what you got!" I said as I charged at him.

But he was faster than me at that moment. And he cut me down in the back. Making me fall to the ground. The pain was so great that there were tears in my eyes. When I looked up I saw Orihime pounding on the barrier, and Chad trying to get in as well. And yuki was yelling and screaming for me to get up. But what struck me most was that Ulquiorra, the guy who had no emotion, was looking at me with, a sad face. And he put a hand on the barrier. They want me to get up. I thought. I need to get up! To prove that I am worthy to be 0!

Then a flash of light surrounded me, it was so bright that you couldn't see a thing! But when it subsided. There was a short pole in my hand.

"What the hell am I going to do with this?" I said as I looked at it. There were weird markings on it and words. It said 'squeeze'. And when I did it became a scythe. (Like the grim reaper's weapon, and the same type of style as the weapon that Shizuku uses in 'fade to black' the movie) then something whispered in my head. And the word that it said was a word that I will never forget. "Shikon." I whispered "This is my Zanpakuto!" I yelled at him as I fought him head on. He was a very good fighter. But I could tell that he was taking it easy on me. Then when I got tired of the fight, I went up behind him and sealed his hollow inside him, but it won't stay like this forever. No he will eventually come out and play again. but, that's only if I let him. "I have purified your inner hollow for now; you must go to the Visored's! Or else, you will not live." I told him as I knocked him out. After he was out cold I healed his injuries and removed the barrier. "Ichigo!" said Orihime as she ran towards me. I set Ichigo down and walked to where Ulquiorra and yuki were waiting for me. "How'd I do?" I asked "Your wounds, they are not healed. Yet his are. Why is that?" he asked as he set yuki down. "He is trash. Not even worth killing…for now. He will get stronger, and when he does, he will be a good practice dummy." I said "But her." I said as I pointed to Orihime "she is completely pure. I must keep her alive at all costs. And if I have to keep I'm alive to help her live, then that is what I'm going to do." I said as I took a step forward "now if you don't mind, I'm going to…take…a…nap."I said as I fell into Ulquiorra's arms Ulquiorra's pov I caught Kagome as soon as she fell. It looks like her Zanpakuto was finally going to train her. So I carried her in my arms, bridle style and looked a yummy. He still looked unconscious but I knew better. "yummy." I said as I kicked him awake. "Get up" "Grrrrr" he said as he got up "You there girl, Kagome has taken an interest in you." I said as I looked at Orihime The girl just looked scared, like I was going to kill her or something. Oh well. "What do you guys…want with…Orihime?" asked the soul reaper as he got up "Ulquiorra, what happened to Shorty?" asked yummy "Stop calling her that yummy." I said "her Zanpakuto came to her." "Hmmm, you mean she didn't have one before." Asked yummy "Yummy you are so stupid" I said sighing "Am not!" he yelled. "Shut up!" yelled the soul reaper "You are trash." Said Ulquiorra as he looked at yummy "do what you want, but don't kill them. I'm taking her back with me; she needs to be looked at. Come yuki." "Coming!" And with that Ulquiorra opened up the portal. This chapter is…..DONE! :D Next chapter will have: Kagome and Ulquiorra time ;) sorry I couldn't get any in this chappy, but there will be some in the next! :D Kagome training: should I make it so she can get two or three release forms? Oh! Oh! Oh! VERY IMPORTANT! THE PERSON WHO DOESN'T END UP WITH KAGOME, ENDS UP WITH…YOU DECIDE! :D Love ya ;) Gigglieo222