"Harry wait!" Hermione shouted as soon as they were in hall. Harry grinned and looked back at her.

"Yes Hermione?" He asked innocently.

"You know very well what! What just happened!? Why did you do that!" Hermione started in on him. Harry smiled as she kept ranting on about what they just did.

"Hermione stop, wasn't it obvious? That class was going to be a waste of time." Harry said slowly. Hermione stopped ranting and looked at him with a reproachful look.

" So agree with me?" Hermione asked surprised at his answer.

"Yes, I mean it doesn't take a seer to see I am in grave danger. Since it seems someone has had it in for me since I started here" He shrugged. Hermione considered this and nodded.

"But didn't you say Professor Dumbledore wanted you to take Divination!? You can't just not go if the Headmaster wants you there Harry!" She lectured.

Harry gave her an exasperated look.

"Can you honestly tell me you rather me take something as silly as Divination rather than another class…say Ancient Runes or Arithmancy?" He asked her with slight amusement.

"Well…I mean no..but the Headmaster said.."

"Hermione he suggested I take it, that doesn't mean I have to. I need to focus on academics that will actually help me in the future. I realized that I have been just goofing off with Ron..I'm sorry Hermione. I..shouldn't have ignored you when you told me to study..but I promise I will from now on. It's with the dursleys..well..yeah" Harry said quietly to Hermione with a serious look on his face.

Hermione looked baffled. She looked at him with hawk eyes trying to analyze if he was just being funny. Then her gaze turned in to an understanding one. He was apologizing to her.

"That..that's okay Harry..I forgive you. I just…why now? This is all so sudden Harry, is something wrong?" She asked worriedly. Looking as if to see a fault in his sudden conffesion.

"Like I said..I just feel like I should be focusing on my future and fighting Death Eaters. For the past two years someone has tried to kill me. I can't let that happen you know.." He said solemnly. "Anyways come on, we have some time to kill before our next class"

Harry pulled Hermione down the halls and towards the hospital wing before she could star protesting again. Upon entering the hospital wing, they saw Neville sitting with some type of potion cream all over his face and hands. He looked like he was immersed in his reading. Harry quietly went to sit next to him.

"Hey Neville, how are you feeling?" Harry said scaring the poor boy. Neville looked up, with a surprised look on his face.

"Harry! Hi!...I'm better…wait, aren't you supposed to be in class, Hermione?" Neville

"Well funny you should ask.." Harry then proceeded to tell him everything that had just happened. Neville at the end just looked at them with wide eyes.

"I can't believe both of you just walked out!" Neville said in disbelief.

"Yes..well..hmph..inner eye and all that" Hermione muttered darkly. Harry grinned at her then turned back to Neville.

"Say Neville, why are you still in the hospital wing, Ron was in class and he looked fine." Harry asked him.

"Eh..well the potion covered me more…Ron he ducked underneath the table rather quickly so it didn't really cover him at all" Neville said with a hurtful voice. Harry and Hermione looked at him with scowls.

"That git…" Harry muttered.

"It wasn't your fault Neville, Ron should have been helping you! If you want..I could help you with potions so you can stop him next time!" Hermione said brightly. Nevilles face lit up and he grinned.

"That be great Hermione, thank you so much! It's just Professor Snape is always just glaring..I can't concentrate" He whimpered slightly.

"Why don't we make it a study group? Let's face it I need the help too" Harry cheekily said to Hermione.

"Oh! That's a great idea Harry! We can meet in the common room and go to the library! And we can always let others know!" Hermione said excitedly. "I'm sure if we start now we can also study other subjects! We will be prepared for our end of the year exams!"

"Oh..right. I suppose I should go talk to Professor McGonagall about my schedule" Harry said thoughtfully to them.

They spent the rest of their class period talking to Neville about different things. He seemed to have cheered up. As soon as the ending bell sounded Hermione again made a quick excuse and left. Leaving Harry just smiling in amusement and Neville confused.

"Well, I have to go to DADA, see you later Neville!" Harry said brightly.

Harry headed towards DADA, he was really looking forward to seeing Remus teaching again. He didn't know what had happened to him in the previous time since he left before the battle at Hogwarts.

' I won't let it happen again. He deserves happiness too' He thought angrily.

Entering the classroom he remembered that their first lesson was a boggart. 'This could be a problem' He thought anxiously. He looked around and saw Hermione and Ron sitting in the front table. Harry made his way over to them and sat between them.

"Bloody hell Harry! Where have you been, I was looking all over for you! What the bloody hell happened." Ron said loudly looking angry at him and Hermione.

"Nothing happened Ron, I just decided that class was hogswash when she started predicting my death" Harry said flatly. Ron glared at him.

"Nothing? You and Hermione just got up and left! And where did you go huh? Why didn't you wait for me, I would have gone with you!"

"Ronald! Lower your voice! Honestly!" Hermione scolded Ron. " That class is complete rubbish, Harry is more than right to leave, also if you must know so badly, we went to visit Neville in the Hospital wing!"

Before Ron could retort, Professor Lupin appeared in front of the class.

"Welcome, welcome all" He said politely. " This is Defense against the Dark Arts. Year 3…no no put away your books you won't need them today. This is Defense you will be learning by practice"

The students looked at him with a confused look as they put their books away. When he said practical, however, they sat more attentively.

"Now if you will gather your belongings and follow me please, we shall relocate to a much different venue start our lesson" Professor Lupin said smiling.

They gathered their things and followed him through the halls until arriving at the teachers lounge. Passing through the warded door they piled in to the room, looking around they saw no one was there but Professor Snape who was sprawled out in a chair. Professor Snape snapped up and glared at Lupin.

"Lupin" He said coldly before walking out, his robes billowing behind him.

"Right then, gather round, gather round, today we will be facing a Boggart, can anyone tell me what it is?" Prof. Lupin asked.

Hermione's hands shot up, and to her wide surprise as well as everyone else, so did Harry's.

"Mr. Potter" Prof. Lupin said.

"A boggart is a shape shifter that usually lurks in dark spaces. It doesn't have a shape because it takes the shape of what people fear the most." Harry said confidently then turned to grin cheekily at Hermione who just looked flabbergasted.

"Correct! 5 points to Gryffindor" Professor Lupin said happily. "Now, the way to get rid of these is to think of something that makes you laugh while saying the spell Riddikulus!"

"This class is ridiculous" Harry heard Malfoy mutter in the background (A/N: I just had to, it made me laugh so much when I heard it ! :D). He had forgotten the Slytherins where here. Rolling his eyes he practiced the incantation with the others.

"Good..good, now each of you will be facing the boggart one at a time..any volunteers?" He asked amusingly. Everyone took a step back suddenly not wanting to be the first to reveal their darkest fears. Professor Lupin chuckled lightly " no? Okay then, let's see, Ms. Patil why don't you try it first."

Parvati Patil shook her head and stepped back but was pushed up front. She stood in front of the locked cabinet. With a flick, the professor unlocked it and suddenly out came a giant snake ready to attack.

Parvati stood paralizes " ri..ridi.." she started to stammer out.

"Just the funniest memory Parvati" Professor Lupin said encouragingly.

"Ri..RIDDIKULUS" she shouted aiming at the snake. The snake suddenly turned into a clown. Laughter sounded off the walls as each person took their turn. Finally, it was Harry's turn. He walked up and stood in front of the boggart. The boggart started to shift but did not take a shape.

Harry panicked ' I can't let them see anything..think dementor think dementor'

Suddenly the familiar black hooded figure appeared. He felt the familiar feeling of darkness slowly draining away his energy. The familiar scream starting to ring in his head.

"RIDDIKULUS" He heard someone shout. No longer feeling the dementor he looked up and around. Professor Lupin had cast the spell.

" Are you alright" He asked him with concern. Harry nodded but said nothing.

"Harry, are you okay!?" Hemione said as she rushed to him. Slightly holding on to his arm her eyes full of concern. Harry looked at her and smiled gently, "I'm fine Hermione"

Not fully believing him, she nodded and dropped the subject. They made their way out of the class heading towards the great hall for dinner.

Sitting down in the great hall, he ate in peace as Ron and Hermione had forgotten the days events for now. He suddenly felt odd, looking around his eyes set on another pair of eyes looking straight at him. Luna Lovegood's. She smiled and as if nothing had happened turned and continued eating. Harry shook his head.

' That is odd..I remember meeting her in the carriage..but..why is she staring' He thought, trying to understand the little witch. Deciding that tomorrow he would talk to her, he turned his head towards Hermione suddenly he remembered something and smiled.

She hadn't let go of his arm until the got to the great hall.