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(Bella pov)

I sit here watching this tornado in heels my new friend getting ready to go to a party some kid from my new school was throwing. I've only been here a few days. I meet her walking around trying to get familiar with my new home. I just moved in with my dad, my mom had a new man in her life and they were traveling around the world doing their own thing. I volunteered to move here so I didn't hold my mom back she deserves to be happy. Who am I to try and stop her? I was deep in thought when something hit me in the head I examined the piece of fabric and then glared at it wishing it would disintegrate.

No such luck.

"Alice! I don't want to wear this stupid see through thingy!" I glare my best glare at the small girl.

"And why not?" she stated still buried in her walk in closet. "It will make you look hot."

"Because Alice" I whined, "I don't want to even go to this party and your wanting me to dress all preppy cheerleader. Not going to happen Alice!" I gave her my best stern look. I liked how I dressed and she could deal with it.

"But Bella!" She whined: "you would look so good in it!"



"Look Alice I said no" as I stood up to leave. She rushed out of the closet and gave me those puppy eyes like the ones she gave me to get me here in her Luxurious home.

"I will wear the shoes you want me to wear but that is it Alice I swear I will wear my own damn clothes!" I yelled exasperated, "when are we going anyway?"

She looked up excitedly "we leave in thirty minutes, and you will get to meet my older brother! His name is Edward and he is in his first year of college."

We pulled up to a house; you could see the windows shake to the beat of the music kids all over the yard. Alice parked her car. God I love her car a yellow Porsche! A fucking Porsche!

I was excited when my dad and I pulled up on Saturday to his house, well I guess our house and there in the drive way was this old red truck covered in rust and just absolutely perfect! I couldn't imagine my dad getting me a Porsche in tenth grade, or well ever. Alice was a very lucky, but I am as well in my own way. We just don't have as much money as Alice and her family.

"Bella earth to Bella, come on girl we got to get in there! FTP is about to play!" Alice yelled as she pulled me by my arm into the house cups of beer where instantly shoved into our hands. Now this is something I'm familiar with, I know how to party.

Alice looked at me unsure. I threw her my best fuck lets party smile. "Now this is my element!" I whispered to her. Her face instantly lights up as we walked further into the house. Half the student body was at this party and they were all plastered, it was about time I joined them. I drank my beer in no time flat and was on my second when everyone started screaming and these guys came out into the living room and stepped onto a makeshift stage that had been set up there. "wow" I said under my breath Alice looked at me. "I know, there all hot huh? My brother is the one with the bronze hair."

What the one with the sex hair was her brother. Damn.

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