Naruto of the Anodites,and the Ultimatrix


Demons ,summons,and aliens

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The attack ,awakening of Naruto's Anodite heritage and Grandma's wrath.

Naruto was having the worst day of his five year life,getting kicked out of the orphanage,and a large mob is chasing him. It was also the day after his favorite anbu weasel vanished.

"Keep running kiddo.",said a wise ,kind,and concerned old voice.

'Great I am starting to hearing strange voices.'thought Naruto as he was running

"Get the demon!",Shouted an Chunin with silver hair

"For the Yondaime",shouted a new genin

'Oh no!',thought Naruto as he runs in to a dead end of a alley.

'I got to help the kiddo',thought the Kyuubi as he notice a couple of symbols he reconsigned back in his old days. The symbol of the Omnitrix, and A glowing book.' Well I be dang I am sealed in my descendant.' A part of tails wrapped round the two symbols 'I think will force the Anodite heritage first,and see if Verona is still around to help the kiddo.'

Outside of Naruto's mind

The chunin named Mizuki was about to cut Naruto with a kunai when a purple light surround Naruto. Naruto's skin fell off his body. He had purple skin with a pink facial marks,seal on his stomach is pink as well,and instead of hair he had red energy (demonic chakra mixed with mana).

'Someone help me',thought Naruto not knowing that his thought is going through the cosmic forces to reach the planet Anodyne to a certain female Anodite, Verona. She use to be in love ,and married to a human by the name of Max Tennyson. 'Who are you? Where are you?',Verona thought through the mana.

"He is your Descendant,and mine,Verona dear.",said Kyuubi through the mana

"Max is that you?",said Verona

"Now is not time get yourself to Earth ,the village is the same area as Bellwood, the kiddo's name is Naruto ,and the people speak Japaneses as the mainly spoken now on Earth.",said Max in Kyuubi form.

Verona teleported herself to Earth,to be precise the alley that the young Naruto was about to be attack ,while also freaking out about his new form. She raise her hand and a magenta shield wrapped around Naruto to protect him from the kunai and shurikens that were coming at him.

"You shall not harm my grandson.",Verona shouted.

At that moment Lord Sarutobi,several of the clan heads ,and a squad of anbu descend on the the scene.

"Thank you for protecting Naruto,but who are you,what are you, and what one earth happen to Naruto?",asked Lord Sarutobi

"My name is Verona,I am Naruto's several great grandmother. Both me,and Naruto are part of an alien race known as Anodites. Our people are made of pure energy. ",said Verona. After the explanation lord Sarutobi,the clan heads,and Anbu Inu collapse in to a dead faint.

(A/n Naruto will have Both the Ultimatrix,and Anodite powers. His several great grandfather is sealed in side of him. Next chapter The Tutors, the Time walker, and the Creator.)