We peek into the lives of the yaoi fan trio as I write a snippet of their lives in this second chapter. Hints of AmericaxEngland. Please enjoy!~ Sorry for not updating for a while, I'll continue to update my other stories when I have the time. Hetalia doesn't belong to me.

It was lunchtime in the Hetalia Gakuen Academy. At this moment, quiet and reframed Japan was contently eating his boxed lunch while reading some intense yaoi manga. Of course he was smart enough to cover up the highly graphic cover with a fake cover depicting a boy riding his bicycle around a worn picket fence.

Japan ate another spoonful of rice and turned the page of his book. SS was about to get it down hard with **! He couldn't wait to witness that delicious segment of the thriller yaoi manga.

"I see you got a new yaoi book recently, how is it?" someone was peering over his shoulder.

Japan jolted in his seat and looked up. Then he gave a sigh of relief. "Ah, it's only you, Taiwan-san."

"So?~ How is it, Japan?" Taiwan asked excitedly. She was literally jumping up and down next to his desk.

"Delicious, it certainly is a wonderful treasure to behold," Japan replied, nodding his head agreeably.

Taiwan inched closer to Japan tentatively. Japan looked up at her expectantly.

"Japan~ Do you think I could borrow it after you're done with, please?" Taiwan asked.

"Of course, tell Hungary-san if she would be interested in this one if you see her next time, ok?" Japan replied.

"Yes, yes! I'll keep my eyes peeled in the hallways for Hungary-san, Japan," Taiwan exclaimed, nodding her head vigorously.

"Have you eaten, Taiwan-san?" Japan asked, picking up an omelet between his chopsticks.

"Yeah, I finished quickly so I could get out of my room and talk to you, Japan," Taiwan said, looking away shyly.

"Thanks, it's always great when you visit, I'm sorry I can't visit you often," Japan said, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly.

Taiwan shook her head quickly. "No, it's alright, Japan, I love visiting you, but please visit me when you have time, 'kay?"

Japan simply nodded. Japan had finished his lunch and packed it away into his backpack which was studded with many buttons he'd collected from various conventions he'd visited. He lingered his lithe fingers over the button promoting a lovely picture of America and England in a loving embrace.

Japan slung his backpack over his back and looked over at Taiwan before pushing his chair in his desk.

"Would you like to come with me and explore the hallways for any yaoi moments, Taiwan?" Japan asked, taking out his pristine, black Canon camera.

Taiwan squealed with delight. "Would I? Of course, yes!"

She whipped out her small silver digital camera and linked arms with Japan as they marched out of the classroom.

Japan and Taiwan went around the many hallways in the very large and spacious academy. There were some times that they witnessed a 'yaoi' moment, or more accurate, a 'shounen-ai' moment. In anyway, they snapped up some pretty nice pics which made them pretty content, but not yet satisfied.

While they browsed around, pretending to be casual, non-noticing passerby, while they actually were hungry yaoi fans scouting every moment between two males in the hallways.

They had seen England running his finger up and down America's uniform, disregarding it's 'too casual look for a prestigious school'. Both Japan and Taiwan snapped a few shots before dashing off before America and England knew what was coming.

D-d-did I just see a flash somewhere…?" England asked.

"Beats me," America answered. "We better get back to class, huh?"

"Oh…yeah, I guess you're right, and don't follow me, you git." England said, glancing over his shoulder.

America scowled and pulled his arms behind his head. "We're both in the same class next period, moron."

Then the both of them walked side by side to head to their world history class.

"Where exactly are we, Taiwan? I don't remember heading to this hallway…" Japan said, looking around nervously at the different-styled walls in the hallways they were currently walking through.

"Oh, we're in the music hall, Japan," Taiwan answered casually. "Oh, hey, look, here are auditions for the newest play this year, this year's play is 'Sleeping Beauty'."

"Sleeping Beauty? Who is the perfect yaoi pairing we can pair up to be the prince and the sleeping princess? We've been raving a lot lately for AmericaxEngland, let's pick another couple to strengthen their bonds," Japan said, clenching his hands tightly and waving them fanatically.

"You're right! Who do you think would be the perfect couple, Japan?" Taiwan said, poking her finger near her chin.

Before any of them could make a decision, Hungary came bounding by, excitement filling her pretty face.

"Oh! You guys found out about the play already, I see!" Hungary cried.

Taiwan and Japan both nodded.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin', right?~" Hungary cooed.

Now, Taiwan and Japan were nodding their heads off like crazy bobble-head figurines.

"I know the perfect couple we can focus on this week: Spamano!~"

"Perfection, Hungary-san! PERFECTION!" Japan cried. His Otaku side was taking over his quiet, refined self.

"Wonderful choice, Hungary-san! Oblivious, friendly idiot x Violent, adorable secretly caring Tsunaho, pure genius!~" Taiwan raved, clapping her hands excitedly.

Hungary puffed her well-endowed chest. "My pleasure, my yaoi fan friends."

Hungary walked closely to the audition sheet. "Hey~ There's also a sheet on who to vote on if we prefer someone to do a specific role."

Sparks flew between the trio and they couldn't wait for the audition results to come out next week.

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