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"Keeping Secrets"

It seemed the time passed too quickly in the Fairy's world. Already it was autumn again, over a year after so many things had happened. Queen Clarion and The Minister of Spring had officially admitted their feelings for each other, Tinker Bell and Terence had established themselves as a couple, and even Fairy Mary and Fairy Gary were jumping into the love-scene (though it was quite strange to many of the other fairies).

The fairies didn't particularly mind change; in fact, they accepted and embraced it. This makes a bit of sense, considering each of their days revolve around preparing for things to change. And yet, each day seemed to fall back into a daily routine. Every day the work would still being something they were used to doing and the people they would see wouldn't vary either. It was becoming rather dull as the fairies became increasingly anxious with the increasing heat of the season.

Tinker Bell, in particular, was feeling the effects of the monotonous days wearing her down. She wanted something exciting to happen; something new! Something great! She didn't exactly know what that meant, but she knew that she was itching for some surprises. Little did she know, the tiny tinker was about to face many, many surprises. And, as it turns out, some of them she would have rather liked to never have seen.

"But how do fairies age?" Tinker Bell asked. "I've been the same way for years now, and so has everyone else. Does it just happen very slowly?"

"Ah, my dear," the Minister of Fall said as he leaned against the desk and smiled thoughtfully. "You are correct. Most fairies take many, many years to grow older. As you know, not every baby's laugh in London makes it all the way to the Hollow. Some lose their way or are otherwise prevented from making it. That's what makes a new fairy so special. Here in Never-Land, there is no aging. So fairies only age when they travel away from the Hollow."

"That must make you incredibly old then," Silvermist pointed out. The class giggled quietly. The minister sighed.

"Yes," he grumbled. "But still quite young, I'll have you know." He smiled once more, winking at Rosetta and causing her cheeks to blush red.

"How old are you then? How old am I?" Tinker Bell pressed. The question had been bothering her for quite some time. Well, really it had only started a season ago when she had met the human Lizzie. The young girl had mentioned drawing something when she was three, and then that she was nine. When she had asked Tink her age, Tink brushed the question off. But now it was truly bugging her; was she really only four years old?

"Well, by Clumsy standards, you're all teenagers. Some older than others. You, Tinker Bell, are years younger than, say, Rosetta. The water fairy and dust fairy are in between both of you. The animal talent is only slightly older than you, Tinker Bell."

"I've got a question," Irridessa spoke up. "How come you know Tink and Rose's names but you don't know any of ours?"

The Minister of Summer walked in at that moment.

"Thank you for watching my class, Minister. I know you're terribly busy with your season starting, but I'm still swamped with leaf-work from Fairy Camp." She turned to the class. "How many of you came home with itching from Sting Moss?"

Half the hands in the class rose quickly, causing Summer to sigh.

"Poor darlings. So curious."

"Yes, well, have fun learning!" The Minister of Fall waved over his shoulder and left the curious class.

"Aren't you so excited for the Autumn Festival? It's going to be great!" Tinker Bell flew gleefully alongside her friends.

"You're just saying that because you have a real date." Irridessa pointed out.

"Well…maybe. But you all have dates too, right?"

"Yeah," Rosetta said, "with Irridessa."

"Oh…but going with friends is fun too! Who needs a sparrow man to keep them company?"

"You do." The others sang in unison.

"But it doesn't matter, Tink," Fawn said. "We could find dates easily, right girls?"



Sure enough, as time went on, each of the girls found dates for the dance. All of them except Fawn, who had originally tried to encourage the girls. It seemed to the animal talent that the other girls were able to so nonchalantly get a guy to ask her, but she had trouble even getting a guy to mention it!

She found herself thinking about it one day, and decided to ask her best friend, as any girl might do.

"Tink, how do you get a guy to ask you out?"

"Just be yourself. You must have your eye on some guy, right? Just go up to him and ask him."

In fact, Fawn had her heart set on one very specific sparrow man. They had spoken many times, laughed together, and even shared space beneath a tiny leaf when it was raining one afternoon. And when she next saw him, she decided to talk to him.

She approached him with only the slightest apprehension, smiling and trying her best to be as friendly as she could, which wasn't hard.

"So, are you going to the Autumn Festival?" She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

He only shrugged in response.

"Would you…like to go with me?"

Another shrug.

"Is that a no?"


"Well, what is it?"

The sparrow man turned to her and sighed.

"I don't know, Fawn. I mean, you're nice and all but…you're kind of loud, and clumsy, and chubby. You're not exactly the kind of girl I want to be seen with."

"W-what do you mean?" Fawn said, her spirit breaking slightly and suddenly. She had approached him with a wide grin on her face and steadfast determination. But now she slowly backed away, feeling foolish.

The boy shrugged again.

"You're tomboyish. I like girly girls. It's nothing against you or anything it's just…I don't know. You're not a…a Vidia, you know?"

"Oh," she said. An awkward silence passed and Fawn smiled again. "Well, thanks anyway...sorry for bothering you." She started away slowly, glancing back at the sparrow man as he continued without ever saying a word. She shook her head and smiled.

"So what? I can find someone else. It's his loss!" She continued to grin and flew off just as gleefully.

"One teakettle for the Queen, painted in a fine gold," Bobble sang.

"And another just for me, seventeen years old!" Clank joined in with a deep chuckle.

Tink laughed as her friends tried their hands at painting some of the things they were making. They felt they deserved a break after their hard work, even if they were nowhere near finished.

"How do you like it?" Bobble asked, turning his tea pot so his friends could see. "I tried to make a butterfly, and ended up just making a mess."

Tink smiled.

"It isn't that bad…but I think we should stick to drawing schematics for inventions."


"I don't think mine's all that bad." Clank said, frowning slightly at his crude depiction of the three tinkers holding hammers and pots. Bobble smiled and hugged him.

"I like it, Clanky."

"Ah, Tinker Bell, there you are!" Bobble and Clank jumped apart as Fairy Mary came over. She raised an eyebrow as Bobble scurried away and Clank pushed the painted pots off the worktable, but quickly refocused on the girl.

"I'm right where I always am," Tinker Bell said, a confused look on her face.

"Oh. Oh, yes, right." Fairy Mary giggled and smiled at her.

"What's going on…?"

"Everything is simply wonderful my dear! Have you gotten those eighty new sun baskets done?"

"Sun baskets?" Tink looked for help from Bobble and Clank. They in turn looked at each other and then back at the tinker girl, shaking their heads quickly.

"Er, you see, about the sun baskets…"

"Haven't finished? No worries! Just make sure you keep on it, love. Or, don't! That's fine!" Fairy Mary began to slowly drift away, smiling and twirling. "Everything is hunkey-dorey!"

Tinker Bell quickly flew after her boss, touching Mary's arm gently.

"Are you alright? Have you been feeling sick?"

"No, of course not!" Mary bit her lip to contain a fit of happy giggles and then flew off.

"That…was probably the most peculiar thing I've ever seen," Bobble commented as Tink rejoined her friends at the workbench.

"Aye. She's gone a little loopy, eh?" Clank drawled, picking up his and Bobble's painted creations and proudly displaying them on the shelf. "Suppose she won't mind this sitting here then!"

Tink added hers to the lineup and all three tinkers admired their work.

"Are you sure yours is a bunny, Tinker Bell? It looks more like a pile of snow."

They laughed, smiles breaking across their faces.

"This is why we make the pots and pans, fellas," Tink said, picking up her hammer and knocking a small nail into an acorn with a grin.

In the very centre of the Hollow, the queen herself sat on her bed. She smiled at the Minister of Spring as he worked diligently on some work, checking things off a list and not looking up. She couldn't help but to admire the way he pursed his lips and squinted in concentration.

"My love…" She whispered, a smile on her lips "is there ever a time you just stop working and relax? Your season is months from now."

"Yes, yes, I know, Clarion. Let me just finish this one little…"

But before he could finish, the queen had plucked the work from his hands and hid it behind her back. He looked up at her.

"Very funny, now give me back-,"

"You'll have to come and get it," she responded quickly and playfully, backing towards the bed and holding it out of his reach. He leaned over her and tried to grab it but she simply tossed it aside and wrapped her arms around him.

"Now I have you and you cannot break free. Her majesty declares it."

He sighed, feigning annoyance.

"Alright. You have my attention. What do you want, my darling?"

She thought a moment and kissed him tenderly.

"Only you, Hartwell."

Everyone seemed as happy as they could be in the fairies' Hollow. However, as with any tale, there is always a conflict. And even though they all wore smiles on the outside, each of the fairies was hiding their very own dark secrets on the inside. Very, very dark secrets.

To be Continued...

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