The den was filled in soon enough with the full group. Pink sat at the sofa, as well as Yellow and Rainbow. Ms. Plum sat on the other armchair. Blue sat next to Red on the adjacent sofa and Espio on the armchair he was at earlier. Espio started the conversation. "Now you have never met, correct?" They all nodded. "Well, you have something in common, believe it or not. I rather choose or not, but right now I have to explain something very important." Mrs. Rainbow then raised a finger.

"You're not going to break in song, are you? Because-" Espio started shaking his head and one of his hands.

"That's a terrible idea; I would never put you through that torture." He chuckled at his last statement. He was the only one. He cleared his throat, embarrassed. "You're all being blackmailed." Everyone in the room gasped besides Espio and Mr. Dark. Miss Pink rose and sat on one of the arms of the Espio's chair.

"So, what did everyone do? You told us we all are being blackmailed, what for?" She said casually. She patted her dress down and crossed her legs. "Let's start with the doctor." She looked over at the fox.

"Well, let's just say he gave a lady patient more than a check-up…" Everyone gasped, and Yellow turned his head shyly. Mrs. Rainbow moved away quickly. "Oh, not so fast, Mrs. Rainbow," Espio continued. "Why don't you tell everyone what you do?"

Mrs. Rainbow sat on a desk and simply said, "I should be thanked for what I do; providing men women that they'll never have a chance with. Instead, it's illegal." She scoffed. After she finished speaking, Red quickly rose.

"Alright, I rather not have Espio tell my secret, so I might as well do it myself. I am a treasure hunter and I'm a homosexual." He looked around the room cautiously. Blue moved and sat with Rainbow. "I feel no guilt or shame."

Plum raised her finger and quietly spoke. "I suppose it's my turn. I sold certain merchandise to get money. Black market if you must know." She folded her arms and pouted.

Pink decided it was her turn to talk. "Well, I never really did do anything. It was my husband." Espio interrupted her.

"Second husband, correct. Your first husband disappeared."

"Well, he was a magician. That was his job."

"He never appeared again."

"Did I say he was good? My second husband holds a company-held a company that knew of nuclear physics. Knowing of a fusion bomb is important stuff that shouldn't get out." She shrugged her shoulders. Now there was the usual last two; Blue and Dark. They all turned to Blue.

"To become leader of the pack, you have to give a few bucks to the voters." He shot a smirk.

"You bribed people to vote for you," Rainbow asked shocked. "I like it!" They both smiled at each other.

"Hey, there is still one more person," Professor Yellow exclaimed. They all looked at Mr. Dark, who had not said one word or gasp the whole time.

"Oh, him," Espio started. "He's the blackmailer. Hadn't you guessed?" Havoc then started in the room.

"Why I outta-" Sir Red was about to put a hit in, before Mr. Dark held up his hand.

"Relax, Gay boy. Just be happy I never told them about your trip to Fresno…" Red sat down ashamed and Dark continued. "Now, he called the police," He pointed to Espio.

"Well, that's good. You won't be able to blackmail us behind bars," miss pink said approvingly.

"No, it's not good. He is also tape recording this message, which would be evidence. What had you just said moments ago?"

"Our secrets. If they find out, we would all be ruined." Mr. Blue exclaimed.

"Exactly. But before we get turned in, I planned to give you all some presents." He took out his briefcase and pulled out 5 black gift boxes. Rainbow gladly took hers.

"I love getting gifts from strange men," she said flirtatiously. She opened the box, revealing a brass candlestick. She looked up confused. "A candlestick? Really? Not exactly the gift you give to a woman." She folded her arms.

Sir Red was next. He opened the packaging to reveal 6-bullet revolver. Six bullets; what is he suggesting? He thought to himself. He never said a word out loud though.

Mr. Blue opened his present next. It revealed a lead pipe. "What am I supposed to do with this?" he asked himself.

"My turn," replied Plum. She opened her present, revealing a dagger. She dragged her finger along the blade, admiring herself.

Pink was holding the rope that she just received. She looked over at the professor, which had received a wrench. "A monkey wrench? Ha," She said mockingly to him. Mr. Dark looked around the room pleased.

"All six have opened your gifts. They are not just for décor. They are weapons. We can keep our secrets safe. If we kill him," he pointed to Espio, whose eyes widened at the thought. "I will give you a chance to do so, " he set down his drink and walked over to the light switch. "Right…Now" And the light went off, leaving the 8 in complete darkness. There was then a loud gunshot. Along with a shrill scream.

To make it more accurate, I had to add Ms. Plum (Blaze). Again, If you haven't seen the movie-which I do not own- You should. It is HILARIOUS, but is still a horror. Well that is all for now.