The story of Cleopatra VII and Marc Antony Riordan style! This is the famous tale of the Egyptian magician and a Roman demigod falling in love which resulted in the destruction of a civilization.

You don't really need to read The Kane Chronicles to understand, and it's mostly focusing on Rome so I'm posting this to PJO.

Zeus, or Jupiter as he was also known in his new host country Rome, didn't know what drew him to visit her again. He was risking lot visiting her in the middle of the night. Well, mostly risking his newborn child and lover having to face Juno's (aka Hera) wrath.

"Jupiter, you've come," his lover, Julia, smiled at him from her bed. Her blonde hair fell over her face and her dark blue eyes shined upon seeing him.

Julia had been his secret lover during the past year. They had met after Jupiter walked the streets of Rome disguised as a mortal. She had been able to see through his disguise though, that's what drew him to her. After a few months spent in bliss, he knew they would have to split up after she became pregnant. The last time he had seen her was when he told her he had to leave, she'd been in tears the whole time. That's why he was glad that she seemed happy to see him again.

"I wanted to see you and make sure you delivered safely," he walked over to the side of the bed and noticed the baby sleeping next to her.

It was a boy, only a month old. His features were still forming so Jupiter couldn't be sure whom the child would take after, but he hoped for the child's safety he would take after his mother.

"He's beautiful isn't he?" She asked him as she noticed him staring.

Jupiter nodded, "I can't stay for long. Since I'm here there are some important things I need to talk to you about."

Julia frowned but nodded.

"He has to go to the Roman camp in the future, he'll be with others like him there. I can't guarantee his safety, but I will try to look after him as much as I can."

"When does he have to go? I've only just had him," Jupiter could see tears forming in her eyes.

Jupiter sighed, it was never easy to tell the mothers they would have to lose the children they just had. "Before his third birthday," Jupiter then told her the directions to follow when she was to drop off his son off.

"I have to go now, I don't want Juno to find out where I am," Jupiter kissed her sweet lips for what he knew would be the last time. Then he walked away from the bed and was about to teleport away when he remembered a question he had, "What's the child's name?"

Julia smiled, "Marcus Jove Antony."

Jupiter smiled at the name, Jove was another name the Romans had come up with for himself.

"Goodbye my love," He said before teleporting back to Olympus.

13 Years Later

A 13-year old Marc Antony lay on the ground as blood rushed out of his wound. He cursed in Latin at Pompey, the son of Mars, and head of the first legion.

Marc tried not to focus on the pain as he got up to his feet, he clutched his stomach tightly to stop the blood flow.

"Pompey you dirty brat come out here you cheat!" Marc screamed into the darkness.

He knew he was alone. The others had probably already gone back to their cabins after the game of Gladiator ended, a game where they fought with each other to see who would be the last one fighting. And him and Pompey had made a pact at the beginning, a pact that ended after Pompey had smiled at him before stabbing him in his side.

Marc sighed harshly from the pain and no one answered, he slowly made his way to Lupa. She would be able to heal him. But it was still embarrassing, as a son of Jupiter he was expected to be some great leader. But he wasn't good with reading people, so everyone took advantage of him. And he wasn't as intelligent as his half-brother Julius Caesar. He was just the mediocre son of the king of the gods.

"Lupa, can you heal my wound?" Marc asked the shewolf who was alone in the main cabin.

Lupa looked at his wound and gave him a disappointed look, making Marc ashamed.

"Again?" she asked him as she motioned for him to come closer, "What have I told you about making pacts Marcus?"

"To always watch my back, and if I suspect deceit I shall betray them first," Marc winced as she licked the wound which immediately started to close up.

"You'll only hurt yourself if you continue to be foolish Marc. One day I will not heal your wounds and you will die knowing your lesson."

Marc nodded, he was used to the seemingly cruel treatment Lupa bestowed. But he knew she actually cared for him, she cared for all of them. She just had a tough-love method. "I'm sorry Lupa, I won't disappoint you or the gods again," Marc said bowing before her, "Thank you for healing my wound and for letting a foolish boy like me live."

He had said the same line probably a thousand times. Other kids probably would've been left to die, but Lupa always healed him.

Lupa sighed, "Go back to your cabin now."

Marc bowed again before trudging to his cabin. Before he reached the doors he saw the traitor, Pompey. Pompey saw him and smirked. Marc glared at him but entered his cabin, Pompey was ruthless and probably would be glad to kill him again the same day if he had the chance.

"I told you not to trust him," said his much older half-brother Julius Caesar from his bed in the cabin. Currently Julius was his only cabin mate.

"I know," Marc said as he collapsed on his bed and buried his face into his pillow. Julius was Marc's best friend at camp. Everyone else annoyed him or was too cruel to become friends with. Julius had demonstrated from the beginning that he wouldn't betray Marc like others, who all would use others and dispose them just to get to the top. Marc would never tell Julius this out loud, but he was the only reason he had never ran away from camp to find his mother.

"I can get him back for you, if you want me to."

"Nah, you're leaving soon anyways right? If you attack him he'll only attack me after you leave."

"He's leaving too," Marc sat up in surprise at this sudden news.

"Really?" He smiled at the realization that his number one enemy would be leaving. Although he didn't really care about fame or being a leader he understood that this would be a good opening to let him take the rank of the first legion.

Julius, Pompey and a few others were released a month later from the Roman camp because they were past their 18th birthdays and were off to fight in the army. Both Julius and Pompey were made generals.

Marc was sad to see his brother go, but Julius promised him a seat in the Roman Republic after he became the leader. He thought his brother had crazy aspirations but respected them, Julius was a genius after all.

Days and then months passed and Marc quickly became higher in the intricate ranking system of the camp. Eventually he became the leader of the first legion. It was a huge honor for him, and he hoped his father knew. He didn't really have a huge list of accomplishments like some past campers, but he hoped his father was at least proud of him.

"Congrats Marc!" said Gaius, a son of Apollo. Gaius was the same age as himself and they had recently become friends. Gaius was chubby with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He looked like he should be entertaining people rather than fighting, especially since he had an amazing voice.

"Thanks," Marc said smiling at him.

"Let's celebrate, how about we escape this place and go into the city?"

Marc grinned, they weren't allowed to leave the camp unless given special permission by the oracle or Lupa. Marc had only snuck out of camp once before with Julius' help. It had been really cool to see other people who would bow down to him or give him money just for mentioning he was the son of Jupiter. All the campers were celebrities amongst the mortals. Though they did have problems with monsters and drunkards who thought they would challenge the children of the gods to prove their strength.

So, it was basically dangerous as hell for a camper to leave but Marc wasn't afraid of a little challenge.

"Let's go mate!"

They waited until it was dark before setting off. They had to sneak past a few guards, son's of Bellona, who watched over the camp. After they were out they set off down the dark road leading to the city of Rome. They encountered a few monsters along the way but after years of intense training they were not much of a challenge.

Marc gasped at the lights that adorned the city. The buildings were tall and made from the finest marble. The streets were packed with people of all sorts. There were bums, prostitutes, and vendors everywhere.

"This is so cool," Marc said to his friend who was also starring in awe at the city.

"Let's go get something to drink," Gaius said leading them into a bar.

They were clearly underage but that's when telling others about your status as a demigod comes in handy. The bartender gladly served them the finest wine and food. It didn't take long for the two 13-year olds to get dizzingly drunk.

"Less get outta here," Gaius slurred as he dragged Marc away from the bar. They were both drunk, but Marc was slightly better at holding his alcohol.

They didn't' know where they were going, they were just going with the flow of the people on the roads. They followed a group of men in upper-class robes into a large building.

"Where are we?" Gaius asked him as they looked around.

It seemed to be a party going on for someone. There were grapes and fruits all over and people had lyres and other instruments out and were playing them. Everyone was dressed in their finest togas and had their hair and makeup done course being drunk, the two of them decided it would be a good idea to crash the party.

Marc walked around, eating any food he saw and drinking more glasses of wine. Due to him not paying attention to his surroundings and being as dizzy as the children of Bacchus, he didn't notice the girl in front of him and accidentally spilled wine all over her.

"What in the name of Anubis?" She screamed at him.

Marc froze as he looked at her. She was stunningly beautiful. She had curly brown hair, tan skin, and rich warm amber eyes. She looked like a goddess come down from Olympus.

"Are you Venus?" he asked her dumbly.

The girl was still scowling at him, "What?"

"Venus, are you Venus? You're so beautiful. Only a god could have your kinda beauty," he said grinning at her. He reached his hand up and stroked her warm cheek. He guessed it was the alcohol, but he leaned forward and tried to kiss her.

She pushed him off of her, "Are all Roman boys this disgusting when drunk?" she asked him, she was clearly disgusted.

He frowned, "I hope not, or I don't know how anyone could keep it in their togas."

The girl stared at him like he was stupid before laughing, "Well, it's just you then. I guess I'll have to clean you up myself. You remind me of my little brother. He always gets into the wine and he's a terrible drunk." She led him away from the others at the party into an empty bathroom.

Marc frowned, he didn't think being like her little brother was a good thing for their sudden relationship. Then he began to wonder when whatever this was had become a relationship.

"So, we going to start dating now?" He asked her with a small grin on his face and his words slurring.

The girl raised an eyebrow at him, "Not at all." She laughed again and Marc felt himself wanting to lean forward and try and kiss her again. He wondered if her lips were as sweet as her laugh. However he wasn't totally out of control and held back.

The girl ran some water into a bucket before placing it over a fire to heat it.

"What are you doing?" Marc asked as he watched her working.

"You kind of stink like vomit. My brother have some fresh togas around your size, you can change into those."

Marc nodded and they sat in silence as he wondered what to say next. He wasn't exactly familiar with girls in the romantical sense. But his father was Jupiter, the ladies man of all the gods. Some of that had to be hereditary right? But being drunk didn't help, the furthest thought process he could manage was how he could successfully take off her robe without getting stabbed.

Luckily the girl broke the silence, "So who are you exactly? I was never introduced to you by my teacher."

"Party crasher, me and my friend Gaius we were just visiting the city for the night and stumbled in here. Funny cause we actually fell as we entered," he grinned at her stupidly, and seriously wishing he wasn't drunk.

"Hilarious," she said looking at him like he was stupid again.

"Guess it isn't passed through bloodlines."

"What?" she asked confused.

"Well my dad is just an amazing lady's man, and here I am making an ass out of myself to the prettiest girl I've ever met," He smiled sadly at her. He guessed he would never be like his father - here he was along with the hottest girl that wasn't kind of related to him, and he couldn't think of anything to say.

"I don't know what is so great about being a lady's man," she said softly, "I'd rather fall in love with a man who I know only had eyes for me, and wouldn't wonder off with another woman."

He guessed that was a rational response. He loved his father and respected him like a son should, but knowing he was just one out of thousands of kids from thousands of women did hurt him a little.

"Am I really the prettiest girl you've ever met?" She asked suddenly.

Marc smiled at her, "Of course. Well I mean there's this girl at my camp and she's kinda pretty but not as hot as you." He didn't mention the fact that she was technically his cousin - that thought alone kept him from sleeping with any girl from camp.

"Oh," She said before they sunk into an awkward silence again.

"The water is boiling," Marc noticed. The girl jumped up and grabbed the bucket and dumped it into the bath bowl. Then she looked at him expectantly. Marc shrugged and began to pull off his toga.

"What are you doing?" she screamed at him.

"Taking a bath…"

She covered his eyes after he was fully nude in front of her and screamed, "That's indecent! You can't do that in front of me, we aren't even dating. Besides you were supposed to wear your toga as you bathed."

"Who wears their clothes to a bath?"

She was still covering her eyes as Marc entered the bath and grabbed the soap and a towel to scrub with.

"That's what we do in Egypt when we are bathing with others."

Marc looked at her in surprise as he bathed, "You're from Egypt?"

She nodded and smiled sadly, "Yes. You really don't have any clue of who I am, do you?"

Marc tried to think of people from Egypt but couldn't think of anyone except some random magician who somehow ended up lost at their camp, "Nope. Are you going to tell me?"

"No, if I tell you you'll just treat me differently," she didn't look happy at all.

"I won't, I promise. Besides, you might treat me differently if you knew who I was."

She smiled, "So I guess we're both afraid of revealing our identities."

"I'm not, I mean I tell people all the time. I've given you clues too."

"I don't know Romans that well, today is my first day here surprisingly. My teacher is throwing me and my brothers a party to celebrate us staying in Rome," she sounded pretty angry and was frowning.

Marc was finished with his bath by this point, "I'm finished." He stepped out of the bath water full nude, "You an open your eyes now."

She uncovered her eyes and looked at him before quickly covering them again, "Where are your clothes?"

Marc grinned, she was probably the only girl in Rome who was a prude, "You said you'd get them for me remember?"

Her cheeks were pink as she nodded hastily and quickly left the room, returning a minute later with a dark blue toga. She tossed it to him, nearly getting it wet before leaving the room again. Marc laughed at her shyness and wondered if all girls from Egypt were that afraid of nudity. It wasn't as if he'd actually tried to do something with her.

Marc quickly changed and left the bathroom to find her but she was gone. He didn't feel as dizzy as earlier but he did have a headache. He was about to go look for the girl when he saw his friend Gaius running to him.

"Run!" Gaius screamed as a big muscular man chased after him.

Marc didn't feel like running and yawned, he was also pretty tired and his head was hurting. The muscular guy glared at him and grabbed the front of his toga roughly. "Let go of me man. I'm the son of Jupiter and he's the son of Apollo. Meaning we are the kids of the gods, so if you know what's good for you, you'll lay off of us, kay?" Marc knew he sounded like some spoiled brat but he was too tired to care. And thankfully it worked because the man quickly let go of him.

"You're the son of Jupiter?" It was the girl from earlier but in different robes

He smiled at her hoping she was impressed. But she only frowned at him.

"Queen Cleopatra, you don't have to deal with these ruffians. I can kick them out for you," the muscle man said to her.

Marc froze when he realized who she was. He had heard of the Egyptian dynasty. He knew that they were descendants from the Greek Ptolemy and a few days ago he had learned that king of Egypt had died leaving his daughter and son as the rulers. He had spilled his wine, tried to kiss, and appeared naked before the queen of Egypt. Now that was something he had to tell Julius when they met again.

"We're not ruffiansss," Gaius slurred at the guard.

"It's okay Aepep, I can take care of them," Cleopatra said forcefully and the guard walked away glaring at him and Gaius.

"Wow! You're a queen. I'll admit I wasn't expecting that," Marc said smiling.

She frowned, "Yeah, most people don't expect it. I'm only 14 you know. But father got sick and here I am, queen. And you're the son of Jupiter. He's like the god of lightning right?"

Marc gave her a quizzical look. She was the first to not know or even look like she cared that he was a demigod, "That and he's the king of the gods."

"The king of the Roman and Greek gods," she corrected.

Marc glared at her. He loved his father and would defend him to the death if anyone tried to disrespect him. Even the beautiful queen of Egypt. "He's the king of the gods, he can kick any Egyptian god's ass."

Cleopatra scoffed at him, "I'd like to see him try. Isis could probably take him in a second."

"Isis? I could take her," Marc and Cleopatra were sizing each up and glaring at one another, "I thought you were pretty cute earlier. But I can't stand dumb girls and for you to say an Isis can beat my father means you're incredibly stupid."

Cleopatra hit him on his shoulder, which surprisingly hurt a lot, "I'd like to see you try. You'd get beaten in a second."

The two of them stood glaring at each other for minutes before Gaius nudged his way in-between them.

"Sorry to have to break this little lovemaking up, but we have to get back to camp Marc before Lupa finds out we left. It's almost time for Apollo to come out and everyone is up around then," Gaius said as he grabbed Marc's arm.

"Sure, let's go. Later your royal dumbness," Marc said glaring at her as he turned around and began to walk out the door.

"Back at you asswipe," she yelled as he left.

Marc smiled and looked back at her still fuming face, "Next time I see you, you better have a better comeback than that."

She smiled at him, "I'm looking forward to it."


And I said this later on in the story but this story is not historically accurate at all. I'm not stupid, I know that. I took my author liberties and changed a whole lot. Why? Because I can, and it's a story. And there are no such things as magicians and demigods, so it doesn't matter. And Rick changes a whole lot about Greek mythology, so why can't I? But if you chose not to read for those reasons, so be it. Just don't leave stupid reviews about it. -_- *le sigh*