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Blame the Snow Day

It is snowing! In Mystic Falls! Snowing, I can't believe this, and it isn't like its a light blanket it is a full on blizzard and has been for two days! This is ridiculous, here I am all by myself Jenna and Alaric can't get home from their vacation until this stupid weather clears. Jeremy is off with his class on some weekend trip to the capital. Well it was a weekend trip until this hit, now they won't be back until the weather clears too. Ahhh I am so bored. I mean yeah I talk to Stefan everyday but I don't get to see him. He doesn't want to be too close to me until he gets over the human blood addiction. What am I going to do? The weather channel says that it is supposed to break for about two hours. Maybe I will go out, visit the parent's grave, I have to get out of this house or else I am going to go insane! Elena sat thinking on the couch as the storm raged outside the wind buffeting the snow up against the windows. They had about a foot at this point and were projected to get at least one more if not two. She makes up her mind to go to the grave yard, it has been far too long since she had visited her parents. Besides she reasoned I can clear away some of the snow from their graves.

She gets up from the couch and heads upstairs to her room to put on warmer clothes. She knows she will have to walk because there is no way her car is getting out of her driveway let alone into the cemetery with this much snow on the ground. She pulls on black leggings, a long sleeved purple tunic sweater, and heavy socks. She then pulls on sweat pants and a sweat shirt. She picks up her bag and shoves a couple of changes of clothes into it along with all her bathroom essentials and her diary, thinking she could just go to Bonnie's when she was done at the cemetery. No sense in both of us being alone. Might as well have some quality girl time. She walks downstairs glancing out the front windows she sees the break in the storm she has been waiting for. She bundles up quickly, grabs her bag and keys, locking the door behind her as she leaves.

The walk to the cemetery is longer than usual, by the time she reaches it she is breathing as if she has just run a marathon. She pauses a moment before she continues. Luckily her parents aren't buried to far from the main entrance. She makes it to the site without too much difficulty and begins to unbury the headstones. Once she is done she kneels in the snow for a while silently speaking to her parents in turn. Not too much later the snow starts to fall slightly faster and she knows the break will be ending soon. If I am going to make it to Bonnie's before this really hits I better get going. She stands dusts off her knees and heads out in the opposite direction that she came. Getting onto the main road and walking along it. She didn't need to worry about cars no sane person would be out right now.

She is walking along the outside fence of the cemetery when she sees a figure in the distance. He is on the opposite side of the fence in the older part of the cemetery. As she walks closer she can see that he is wearing all black, black jeans, black gloves, and a black leather jacket. It left no doubt in her mind who it was. She got closer and could make out his face as he stares down at the headstone in front of him. She's surprised that he hasn't looked up or greeted her. He would have heard her coming from a mile away literally. He must really be deep in thought. Hmmmm I wonder? She bent down and quietly scooped up two handfuls of snow shaping them into perfect snowballs. She took aim and threw the first, the second following quickly after. They both hit their mark, one in the middle of his leather clad back and the other smack in the back of his head. Damon whirled around, a look of pure surprise and rage on his face. Elena burst out laughing.

"Elena?" he says in confusion.

"You should have seen the look on your face!" She laughs. He just continues to stare at her.

"What are you doing out here? You should be home where it is safe."

"I had to get out. I was slowly going insane. I am the only one home, so I decided to brave the cold and snow and now it was totally worth it." She starts laughing again. Damon smirks.

"Really, well throwing snowballs at a vampireā€¦not the smartest move you've made Elena." His voice is filled with a hidden motive. She stops laughing at once eyeing him cautiously.

"You wouldn't dare Damon." She says meeting his ice blue eyes with her chocolate brown ones. Suddenly he vanishes reappearing right in front of her, his body inches from hers.

"Oh yes I would." He says his voice soft and menacing. He reaches out and grabs her spinning around he strides quickly over to a snow drift and dumps her into it. "Like I said, you shouldn't throw snowballs at supernatural being with supernatural powers." He stats as he stares down at her, he starts to laugh. She is covered in snow from head to foot. It clings to her hair and clothes. She glares at him.

"Well this isn't fair I only hit you with snowballs." He just continuous to laugh, Elena quietly enjoying the sound of it. "Well you could at least help me up this drift is really deep." He reaches down to pull her up, not really thinking about it. She grabs onto his hand and yanks with all her strength catching him by surprise. He topples forward falling into the drift face first his legs across Elena's. He sits up shaking the snow out of his hair and looks at her. She is laughing again her whole face lighting up and her eyes sparkling. She looks at him. "What?" She says innocently. "It's not my fault you "tripped"".

"This is war." He states. She squeals as he tackles her burying her in snow. She manages to get away. She takes off running down the deserted street. He follows but at human speed. He is having too much fun to use his supernatural abilities. Elena vanishes into the woods on the side of the road, quickly hiding and making a pile of snowballs, she sits and waits. Damon enters the wood ignoring his super hearing, he starts walking quietly through the trees looking for Elena. A snowball hits him in the back of the head again. It is quickly followed by three more which hit his back, chest, and legs. He takes off in her direction as she squeals and starts to run again laughing. He catches up to her in no time and just as she is passing under a big pine tree he pulls on one of the branches dumping all of the snow on top of her. They go on like this for half an hour barley noticing that the snow and wind have picked up and the sun was slowly going down.

Damon tackles Elena to the ground, as he does he notes that she is shivering slightly. He sits up and so does she. They sit for a few moments catching their breath as they grin at each other. Then Elena notices how hard it is snowing. "Looks like the break in the storm is over."

"Yep, and you are soaked and freezing, you are going to get sick if you stay out her much longer."

"I know." She frowns at the thickly falling snow. "It is going to take me forever to get to Bonnie's in this."

"You can't walk to Bonnie's in this." She glares at him.

"Elena your soaked you'd get hypothermia before you got a quarter of the way there." She conceded to his point as the cold really did start sinking into her body.

"Well then I guess I will just go home." She checks her bag which amazingly is still slung across her body. Thank god she had thought to zip it shut instead of just closing the flap.

"Didn't you say there was no one home?"

"Yes, but your right I can't make it to Bonnie's in this."

"The boarding house is closer." He says quietly. She looks over at him slightly surprised that he would even mention it.

"Yes but Stefan said that he-"

"Stefan will get over it. I am inviting you as my friend." She smiled.

"Alright then, the boarding house it is." She stands and he stands with her. "Lead the way, cause I have no clue where we are." She laughs and he smirks. He quickly picks her up. She squeaks in surprise.

"If you walk it will take too long and you will get sick. Just hold on tight." She nods her acceptance now that she could really feel just how cold she really was. She tightens her arms as he prepares to super speed them to the boarding house.

"You do realize you could have brought me home or to Bonnie's just like this." He smirks down at her.

"I know, but we haven't hung out in a while, besides it's fun to make Stefan angry." Elena just rolls her eyes and turns her head so her face is buried in his jacket away from the cold air. Damon just smiles and takes off. Seconds later they are at the boarding house. He sets Elena down gently keeping a hand on her arm to make sure she was steady on her feet. She only swayed slightly as she regains her balance.

"Whoa, now that I will never get used to." She says chuckling. He just smirks and opens the door stepping into the warm house. Elena following behind him. He leaves her in the foyer to take off her boots and coat.

Elena slides out of her coat, boots, and gloves hanging them up on the hooks by the door. She then slides off her sweatpants and sweatshirt, leaving her in her original outfit. She follows him into the parlor expecting to see Stefan either in the room already or coming down the stairs. She enters finding only Damon standing in front of the roaring fire, snow is falling thickly outside the windows again cutting off all the light. She walks over and stands next to him raising her hands to the fire to warm them. "Here" he says as he hands her a new dry sweatshirt. She takes it, as she pulls it on Damon's sent envelops her and she knows that it is his sweatshirt not Stefan's. She doesn't say anything just continues to pull it on.

"Thank you. Where is Stefan?" She says quietly glancing up at him.

"He isn't here. He left a note saying that he need to get away clear his head. Says that he will be back in a few days." He says as he hands her the piece of paper. She reads it silently her heart breaking a little at the fact that he didn't bother to call or txt her to tell her that he was leaving. She pushes it away, and turns to Damon.

"So it's just you and me then."

"Yep, just you and me snowed in together." He states still watching the fire.

Well this is going to be interesting. Elena thinks.

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