Elena woke up the next morning with a smile on her face. Her body completely relaxed and her mind with perfect clarity. She slid from Damon's embrace and got ready for the day. She packed up all her stuff and set the suitcase by the door. When she walked back into the bedroom Damon was sitting up in bed. "Get up, get dressed, we are leaving." He looks at her surprise and hurt written on his face. They were supposed to talk about what happened last night. Elena understood immediately. "We will talk, just not here." Damon nods and gets ready for the day. When he comes out she is just getting off her phone. "Well looks like I don't have to be back in Mystic Falls anytime soon. The storm did all kinds of damage, they say school is closed for at least the next 4 days." Damon nods and picks up her bag. They check out and Damon returns his rental. Elena slides behind the wheel of her SUV and starts driving to a scenic look out point she knows is somewhere along the highway.

Damon is watching her the entire drive. When she parks the car and gets out he follows her and leans on the rail next to her. He is silent, waiting for her to make the first move. He was tired of putting himself out there, tired of thinking he had finally gotten through only to have his heart broken again. He realized this morning that just because of what she said last night did not make it true in the light of day, she would change her mind, she always did. Then he heard her voice.

"I realized something on this trip I realized what I need, who I need. I realized it when I slapped Stefan in the face, that the only reason I had the strength to do it was because he was standing in the room with me, not because I was worried about my safety, but because I was worried about my sanity. I realized it when he protected me from those creeps in Times Square, when he didn't care that he had to sit through a ballet because it made me happy. Something just clicked, and now I know, my brain has finally unscrambled the message my heart has been screaming at it for a year. I was never meant to have happiness with Stefan, he wasn't it, never would be no matter how hard I tried to make it work for fear of hurting him. The one for me was there, every day, saving me from every danger, but most importantly from myself. He wasn't afraid to make the tough choices even if it meant hurting me for the moment but saving me in the long run. My head finally understands want my heart wants, and that Damon, is you." She says softly placing a hand on his face. His eyes are wide, and bright with the tears he refuses to let fall. She smiles a small smile and speaks again. "I just hope that my head isn't too late." Damon just shakes his head and reaches up to grasp the hand holding his face.

"Never, it's never too late." Elena smiles her eyes bright with unshed tears. She leans closer and he pulls her to him kissing her. She laughs as the kiss breaks and he smiles. Not a smirk but an actual smile and she has never seen his blue eyes that bright. He spins her around now laughing with her. As he sets her back on her feet they walk back to her SUV and climb in. "So, where to?" he says. She reaches over and twines her fingers with his.

"Anywhere" she says looking into his eyes and smiling. He hits the gas and they are off.

Author's Note: So there it is, the final chapter. I apologize that it took me so long to write it. I just didn't really know how to end the story, what their talk was going to be about. I think this suits them. That this is them. So as always please review!