I smiled as the smell of pancakes had wavered into my room. I slowly opened my eyes to only see my white ceiling. Today was September 16th. First day of school. My new school I should say, Degrassi. Even though I had been living in Toronto my whole life, this was my first time attending Degrassi. I'm sure it will be a thrill.

"Clare? Honey. Hurry up! School starts in thirty minutes!" Helen yelled from downstairs.

Quickly, I sat up and hurried around the room like speed racer. Hurrying to find a top, skirt and shoes. Thankfully Helen had placed fresh clean clothes in my closet, so it wasn't a struggle to find clothes.

After getting dressed, doing my hair and applying my makeup, I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and walked downstairs. The smell of pancakes were stronger and I entered the kitchen to see Helen was at the stove, flipping pancakes and Darcy was sitting at the table, multitasking by eating her pancakes and texting.

"I'm ready." I said enthusiastically as I stood in the archway of the kitchen. Helen looked over at me and smiled softly.

"Oh Clare. You look beautiful, darling." Helen complimented nicely. I nodded.

"Thanks Helen. That's very nice of you to say." I replied. Helen's smile wavered a bit.

"You can call me mom, Clare. You're allowed to do that." Helen reminded me for the thousandth time since I've arrived at the Edwards home.

"I know, I know. When I'm ready." I explained shortly to Helen. Helen smiled a bit before returning to flipping pancakes. I was ready to sit down at the table, when Darcy stood up, threw her plate into the sink noisily and brushed past me to the front door. "Darcy?" Helen said. "You have to wait for Clare." Darcy scoffed and looked at us from over her shoulder.

"Why should I? She isn't even my sister, mom." Darcy spat. I cringed a bit at her words. I mean, I should be used to it by now, this was normal, Darcy behavior. Since I've arrived here, she's been nothing but rude and anytime Helen tells her to act nice, Darcy doesn't. I'll have to grow use to it.

"Darcy Sofia Edwards! Apologize to your sister now!" Helen demanded. Darcy rolled her eyes.

"Fine. I'm sorry Clare. Happy, mom?" Darcy said annoyed. Helen nodded.

"Ugh. Hurry up, Clare. I'm not gonna wait around for you." Darcy scoffed before heading off to the front door. I looked back at Helen and she sighed.

"Have a nice day at school, Clare." Helen murmured. I nodded.

"I sure hope so." I agreed. Then I walked towards the front door, ready for school.

Darcy slammed the car door and walked quickly down the sidewalk, I followed her, trying to keep up.

"Darcy? Darcy, can you help me find my classes?" I asked in a small voice. Darcy spun around on her heel and faced me.

"Listen here, Clare." Darcy spat. "You don't talk to me at lunch if I come over to the high school to see some people. You don't wave at me or come up to me and my friends either. We don't know each other here. Got it?" Darcy explained harshly. I gulped and nodded.

"Crystal clear, Darcy." I replied. Darcy stood up straighter and sighed, spinning around on her heel to walk away when some brunette stood in front of her.

"Hey Darce." the preppy brunette looked around Darcy's shoulder to see me. "Uhm.. Shoo?" the brunette said harshly. I stood there with my jaw slacked, not sure how to move at the moment.

"Shoo means to get the fuck out, doll face." A deeper voice said. I looked up under my lashes to see a boy with deep brunette hair and dark green eyes. I quickly curved around them and walked quickly towards the school. I could still hear their conversation behind me.

"Thanks Eli for getting rid of her." Darcy thanked.

"No problem, Darce. Anything to help out a friend." Eli replied with, his voice sounded smug, he probably was.

"Alright then, lets go or we'll miss our morning class, Darce." the other girl said. I notice their voices drift away as they walked towards the college which was nearby the high school. Although, I felt the guy, Eli, brush past me, making me stop in my tracks. Eli looked back at me and scoffed. "Freak." He muttered, but it was loud enough for me to hear. This was sure to be interesting. Very interesting.

It was easy to get lost at Degrassi. That was for sure. The halls were crowded with people. My first time at a actual school. God, this was surely embarrassing. I had my small nose stuck in my schedule all morning searching for my classes. I managed to attend first period with Mr. Perino in History late and I almost got written up for it. Which was idiotic if you ask me, but of course, I wouldn't tell Mr. Perino that. He seems to have a short temper. Anyway, here I was. Wandering around the halls like a lost puppy. I was trying to find advanced English with Ms. Dawes. It was a supposed advanced class for Juniors and rarely do Sophomores attend, but hey, here I was.

"Shh. Keep quiet." A high voice said.

I had stopped in my tracks and looked around confused. Who even was that?

"I am keeping quiet, but you're being the loud one here, Jenna." A deep familiar voice said. It was Eli. I remember now. The boy I saw earlier today talking to Darcy, the one all dressed in black. The rude and disrespectful one.

Allowing my curiosity to get the better of me, I decided to hear further about the conversation.

"We're gonna get in trouble, Eli!" The high pitched female voice which was Jenna's exclaimed loudly.

"Shh! God, Jenna. I told you to keep quiet." Eli said in a hush voice. There was a bout of silence before I heard sucking sounds down the hall, A disgusted look came across my face and I decided not to listen any further. This was already gross. Skipping class for make outs? What was the fun in that.

After more walks around the dead halls, I found Ms. Dawes's English room. I turned the doorknob and all eyes were on me. I looked at what was I assumed the teacher, a middle aged woman with a bad hair cut and a old cardigan looked over at me.

"Well. Hello. How may I help you?" Ms. Dawes asked, pushing her glasses higher up on her face. I gulped before answering her.

"I'm Clare. Clare Edwards. I'm suppose to be in your class." I said in a soft voice. Ms. Dawes nodded slowly. "Well.. You're twenty minutes late, Clare." Ms. Dawes said.

Some chuckles erupted from the class, I could feel my ears get red hot from embarrassment.

"Quiet down. Quiet down." Ms. Dawes said looking at her class, she turned back to me. "Go take a seat, Clare." she added. I nodded and quickly took a desk in the middle of the classroom behind a empty desk with some belongings in the chair.

Halfway through Ms. Dawes spiel about her class and her classroom expectations. Eli burst through the room with a huge smile on his face. Ms. Dawes turned her attention to Eli who stood by the door with a huge smile still plastered on his face.

"Mr. Goldsworthy. You've been out of class for thirty minutes. The class is almost over. Now I know that using the bathroom doesn't take that long." Ms. Dawes said, more chuckles erupted from the class. Eli shrugged and started walking to his desk.

"I got caught up in some stuff." Eli lied. I knew he was somewhat lying. He was making out with Jenna which is getting caught up in some stuff, but he missed class because of it, which was pretty stupid in my book. Ms. Dawes rolled her eyes.

"Oh whatever, Mr. Goldsworthy. Just sit down and try to stay in class for the remainder of two minutes alright?" Ms. Dawes said in a bit of a sarcastic tone. More of the class giggled and Eli's smile faltered, he walked towards me and I realized that he sat in front of me. The thrashed black backpack belonged to him along with the torn binder as well which was laying on his desk. He shoved it in his bag quickly and looked over his shoulder at me.

"I didn't know that they allowed freaks into advanced English classes." Eli sneered lowly enough for me and a couple others to hear too. I tightened my fist and scowled.

"I didn't know that they allowed ditchers into advanced English classes either." I remarked sharply, but louder. Some people nearby had heard the remark and laughed. As if on cue, Ms. Dawes looked over at me and Eli.

"Mr. Goldsworthy? Ms. Edwards? Any problems?" Ms. Dawes questioned. I shook my head quickly, trying not to blush.

"None at all, Ms. Dawes." I said quickly, more like lied quickly. Ms. Dawes nodded slowly and turned back to the board.

Soon the bell shrilled and I walked out of the classroom, my schedule out, looking for my next class, but soon I felt a hand on my arm and pull my roughly. I looked up to see Eli had me by the arm.

"What the fuck did you see?" Eli sneered. I furrowed my brows.

"I don't understand..?" I asked slowly, Eli's grip on my arm became tighter.

"What did you see in the halls? I know you saw something. What the hell did you see?" Eli scowled. I gulped and answered softly. "I saw you making out with some girl named Jenna. Or I heard you two making out."

Eli let go of my arm and I quickly placed a hand over the place where he grabbed me.

"You don't say a damn word. Alright?" Eli said lowly, getting close to my face. I could smell his cologne that he was wearing, it smelled good. Smelled good on him. I nodded quickly and Eli sighed, getting away from me, he took one last look at me before disappearing into the crowd of students going to class. I stayed against the rusty lockers, still somewhat confused as of to what had just happened. Deciding that it was nothing, I just walked away looking for my PE class with Ms. Quincy, hoping that him or Jenna weren't in my class.

Although as I entered the gym, I saw a peppy blond with the same voice as Jenna. There was Jenna. I sighed heavily and pushed through the gym, promising myself to keep my mouth shut for Eli. Even if I didn't like him all that much, I said I wouldn't say a word. And I always keep my word.

Just a new story. I'm getting pretty bored with Not The Purest and figured I needed something new and I liked this idea. (: Its VERY VERY AU. So Eli being an asshole and Darcy being a bitch, is the AU version of this story. Hopefully you like this.