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Glancing up at the clock Ichigo let out a low sigh as he viewed the time for what must have been the twentieth time since his lunch break had ended. It had been such a long day, his mind reeling from the three meetings he had jam packed on top of him this morning, everyone seeming to have something important to say and not enough time to say it all. Loosening his silver tie a bit and undoing the top button of his navy dress shirt he let out a long groan as he reclined back in his office chair, stretching his arms out and letting out a deep yawn as muscles stretched and bones popped into place. It wasn't easy sitting on your ass for hours on end, for one your butt started to fall asleep and your legs started to cramp and become restless and then there was always the fact that your fingers become tired from typing or writing and pretty soon they start cramping. In all honesty office work really wasn't Ichigo's dream job but he did it for the money, that and there was a higher chance of hell freezing over then his boss ever letting him leave.

"God I hate my job." The orange head mumbled to himself as he closed his eyes, taking a small rest in his chair.

"You to huh?" Honey orbs shot open in surprise at the deep voice startling him out of his small rest and he came to view deep russet eyes gleaming with mirth, a large grin to match and Ichigo had to shake his head at his friend's appearance.

"What do you want Renji?" He asked as he sat straight up in his chair, watching the tall man walk around his desk before plopping himself on the polished wood for a seat.

"Oi I can't just pop over and say hi to my best bud in this place?" The red head gave a firm pout at as Ichigo let out a deep snort.

"No you're not allowed to bother me anymore then you already do, now get lost." Glancing up at the tattooed man Ichigo cocked a brow in question at Renji's worried eyes and his question died on his lips when his tie was yanked lower along with the collar of his shirt, his friend suddenly too close for comfort.

"R-R-Renji what the fuck are ya doing?" The orange head couldn't help but gulp loudly when he was met with an angry gaze.

"Ichigo what the fuck are these?"

"W-What are what?" Rolling his eyes Renji tugged Ichigo's s collar lower before running his fingers over the faded bruise that ran across tan skin.

"This bruise, fuck man it looks-" The red heads words seemed to drift off his lips when his fingers ran higher, smudging what seemed to be make up off of his friends skin, exposing another bruise that looked to run around the neck as well and he couldn't help but think.

"Is this from a collar?" Heat practically engulfed Ichigo's face at the man's words, quickly shoving Renji off of him he did up his shirt and tightened his tie.

"What the fuck are you talking about a collar? Are you insane?" Even though he tired so very hard to quell the heat that began to build in his body from embarrassment Ichigo couldn't seem to keep it at bay. If anyone were to ever find out about his, activities, he didn't think he could ever live that down, especially if it was his best friend of all people.

"Then where the fuck did those bruises come from, you're not in an abusive-"

"Get out, I don't even want you to finish that statement because I swear to god if you do I'm stapling your mouth shut." Ichigo hissed out and watched Renji let out a huff of frustration.

"Well fuck I'm sorry it's just those look like they hurt dude, just be careful okay?" Giving a sharp nod Ichigo watched his friend walk back to his office and he quickly buried his face into his hands.

He couldn't believe that just happened, he could never tell Renji what they were really from because that was just too damn embarrassing, not to mention privet! No one needed to know what he did in his spare time or what he had him do. There weren't too many people out there that could understand what exactly he liked and why he liked it.

"Kurosaki." Snapping his head up, Ichigo turned to view the little intercom in which the smooth voice had sounded from.

"Y-Yes sir?"

"I need you, now." A small shiver ran down his spine at the words that left his bosses mouth and he brought his hands up to his neck, running his fingers along where he knew the bruises lay.

"Yes sir." He answered politely before getting up and moving out of his office, walking over to the large office doors that sat across the room from his own.

Passing the bubbly secretary who gave him a wide smile he reached his hand up and gave the door a soft knock before entering. Honey orbs instantly landed on the figure sitting behind the large mahogany desk, long suit clad legs perched lazily upon the wood as he leaned back in his chair. Deep pools of cyan coloured eyes raked over Ichigo's form hungrily and he couldn't supress the visible shiver that racked his body, making his boss smirk with delight.

"Come here Ichigo." Behind closed doors they referred to each other however they liked. The two of them had been dating secretly for over a year now and had surprisingly kept it under wraps quite easily. They hid it for a couple reasons but the main one being because of their work status. It would not be looked well upon if someone found out that the boss of a billion dollar company was dating one of his underlings, a man for that matter.

Walking over to his lover, Ichigo let out a sharp squeak in shock when he was pulled onto the man's lap, forcing the blush Ichigo had done so well to settle rise back onto the apples of his cheeks once again. Now straddling his bosses lap the orange head fought not to wiggle too much as his mind began to wonder just what the bluenette was doing.

"G-Grimm, what are you doing?" Smooth lips parted into a feral grin as the bluenette reached forward, tugging away at his workers tie, loosening it considerably before he did the same to the man's collar, making brown orbs widen in question.

"Tell me love-" Grimmjow began as he leaned into his boyfriend, placing a soft kiss against the tender flesh on the orange heads neck.

"What was Renji doing touching you?" The question had Ichigo's back stiffing in shock, his hands coming up to wrest against the man's broad chest, his own breathing becoming breathy as his neck was assaulted with soft nips and kisses.

"What do you mean?" A harsh bite was delivered to Ichigo's neck, causing him to yelp in surprise before it quickly turned into a small moan.

"You know what I mean now answer the question." The bluenette rumbled against sweet skin, sucking tenderly at the reddening flesh making the orange head whimper in pleasure.

"H-He was asking me a-about the bruises." Ichigo breathed out, his body becoming sensitive as Grimmjow's hands made their way down his chest, finding hardening nipples and giving them a hard twist causing Ichigo to arch his back at the abuse.

"Hmmm and what did you say?"

"Nothing, I told him they were nothing."

"Good boy." Brown eyes fluttered closed at the bluenettes husky whisper, the feeling of his button up fluttering open though had him peaking them open.

Grimmjow's damp tongue traced its way across Ichigo's heated chest, gliding over hardened nipples before sucking on the more sensitive left nipple eagerly while giving a rather harsh pinch to the right. Lacing his fingers into soft blue strands, Ichigo let out a weak protest that only made the cruel business man in front of him chuckle darkly.

"Yer mouth says that but yer cock says differently." A deep moan echoed throughout the large office from the orange head, a large hand now wresting on his half hard cock, giving a soft squeeze to it before massaging it gently.

"N-No Grimm please, not here I-I-"

"Are you seriously speaking against me right now?" Ichigo swallowed thickly when he was met with a heated blue gaze.

"Do you want to be punished?" Shaking his head quickly, Ichigo let out a low whimper when his head was yanked back roughly.

"What was that?"

"No master I don't want to be punished, not here." Letting out a deep snort at the words that were spoken, Grimmjow let go of the orange strands and giving his berry a soft kiss on the lips that earned him a soft hum of approval.

"Aww babe, ya know what I think?" Pulling away to view the sinister smirk that lay on the man's face Ichgio felt his stomach drop at the next words that left the man's mouth.

"Too fuckin' bad."


Shimmering cyan eyes seemed to glow as they watched the orange haired male writhe in his seat, low whimpers spilling from plump lips as they drove over multiple speed bumps on the road. This only made Grimmjow chuckle at his berries state, though he had to admit it was beginning to get distracting. The navy blue shirt that was once buttoned fully now sat ruffled and unbuttoned, silver tie loosened considerably revealing dark love bights as well as bruises littering the man's neck and chest. A bright pink blush stained tan cheeks, honey eyes were dark and glossy with heavy lids and pink lips were parted as he panted and moaned, trying his best to hold himself back. Though the most enticing thing of all was the large tent he spotted in his dress pants and Grimmjow could only imagine the amount of pre cum that lined his poor boyfriend's boxers.

"Mmm Grimm please hurry." Ichigo whined out his fists clenching the thin material of his slacks, hips bucking helplessly for some form of release.

"Almost home love." The bluenette hummed as he pulled up to the lavish home, punching in the code for the gates before driving on up and into the driveway of his house.

Turning the car off and undoing his seat belt he watched Ichigo quickly do the same before opening his door and pausing mid step. Cocking a thin blue brow, Grimmjow stepped out of the car and closed his door with a soft click. Waiting patiently for Ichigo to do the same but for some odd reason the orange head seemed to be having quite the difficulty as he stood and it was then that the bluenette took notice of the male's shaky legs.

"Need some help there berry?" Grimmjow questioned as he came around to the passenger side, getting a hard glare in response.

"It's all your fault I'm like this, I can barely stand let alone walk." Ichigo grumbled before letting out a loud moan as he was hoisted up into Grimmjow's arms.

"That's what happens when you have a vibrator shoved up your ass for a good two hours, you become sensitive." Leaning in, Grimmjow flicked out his tongue allowing it to run along the outer shell of his uke's ear, relishing in the deep shiver that ran through the orange heads body.

"P-Please Grimm." Without another word, Grimmjow made his way inside his house completely ignoring his butlers greeting and just continued on walking, until he made it to his bedroom.

Pushing the door open with his foot, Grimmjow walked in and placed Ichigo on the plush bed, smirking at the man's weak form before sliding off his suit jacket and loosening his tie.

"What would you like from me Ichi?"

"Please master take it out I can't take it anymore." Ichigo panted and let out a hoarse moan when Grimmjow's hand made contact with his straining member.

"As you wish love, now get onto your knees and slide off your pants." Doing just as he was told, Ichigo undid his pants shakily before sliding them off along with his boxers and then getting onto his hands and knees.

"Come on don't be shy, show me where ya want me berry." Grimmjow purred as he licked his lips, watching intently as Ichigo lifted his ass into the air before him, spreading his ass cheeks with his hands to reveal a dark blue vibrator that sat snuggly in what looked to be a nice damp asshole.

Bringing his hand around Ichigo, the bluenette give him two firm strokes to his pulsing member before the strawberry was arching back, his load spilling out harshly onto the bed as he cried out in release. Honey coloured eyes became dazed at the sudden release in pleasure, a soft whimper escaped him when Grimmjow finally removed the vibrator. It wasn't a long relief though because just as the plastic rod was removed, the bluenette decided to play a little bit with the man before him, sticking two long digits into the berries ass, making him moan out at the feeling.

"God your so fucking wet in here, not to mention how the fuck can ya still be this tight after having that damn vibrator shoved up your ass for so long huh? Ya really are a fucking slut ya know that?" Grimmjow watched in amusement as tan hips bucked at his words, silently asking for more.

"Answer me."

"Yes I'm a slut." Ichigo responded huskily making Grimmjow chuckle in response, slamming his fingers roughly into the tight heat, making brown eyes roll back in pleasure.

"That's it love, let me see you shake those hips. I wanna see you fuck yourself off of these fingers like a good little slut ya got that?"

"Y-Yes master."

Spreading his legs a bit wider, Ichigo let his body fall into a steady rhythm upon Grimmjow's fingers well a warm blush worked its way onto his face. Even though he had done some rather indecent things with Grimmjow he could never seem to quell the embarrassment that it always gave him and Grimmjow knew it. A high pitched yelp was torn from Ichigo's lips when Grimmjow delivered a hard smack to the orange heads ass.

"How are ya liking my fingers so far Ichi, do ya want more?" Grimmjow's tone practically spewed enjoyment and he watched as Ichigo hung his head in shame, shame at the fact that he did in fact like fucking himself off of his boyfriends fingers and at the fact that he wanted so much more.

"No? Well if that's the case then I guess we can just stop." Yanking his fingers from Ichigo's ass Grimmjow got up off the bed, taking note of the heavy pants that came from his newly aroused boyfriend and of course didn't get far before a strong yet shaky hand pulled him back.

"N-No don't stop. I like it, I want more." Ichigo breathed out and Grimmjow tilted his head, small smirk working its way onto his lips as the tan hand that was holding his wrist let go only to make its way down to the button on his trousers. Making quick work of the button and zipper Ichigo brought Grimmjow's hardened member from its confines.

"Mmm master please."

"Ya want it that bad huh?" Watching the orange head nod with vigour, he ran a strong, rough hand into soft tangerine locks.

"Maybe if you're a good boy and suck my cock real good, then I'll let you get what ya want, yeah?" Without hesitation pink lips parted, excepting the large, warm member into the moist heat.

Relishing in the feeling of Ichigo's skilled tongue working its way along the crown of his penis, Grimmjow watched his cock disappear into that delicious mouth just like magic. Bucking his hips forward roughly, his grip on the orange heads hair tightening considerably and he watched his lover gag around his thick member, small tears appearing at the corners of brown eyes making Grimmjow grin widely at the sexy sight. Honey orbs opened to view the man before him, a low moan working its way up Ichigo's throat as the bluenette pulled his hair roughly.

"Yeah ya like that don't cha Ichi, gettin' your mouth fucked like some two dollar skank. Do you enjoy having your mouth worked like a pussy?" Grimmjow grunted out as he slid the man along his now dripping cock. The pleasant way Ichigo's mouth sucked him in making his hips buck more, loving the sensation of being able to fuck the berries throat and the noises that were made. Fuck they shot straight to his dick, only making him want to shoot his load even more.

Finally pulling the abused male off of his dripping wet member, Grimmjow watched as spit ran down Ichigo's chin and onto his chest, making the man groan at the heavy lidded look he received.

"You know what to do Ichi." Without needing to be told Ichigo got onto his back and spread his legs wide, his dick practically pulsating in excitement at the sight before him.

"Please Grimm, don't tease me."

"Oh don't worry love I don't plan on it, yet." With that Grimmjow shoved into the orange heads tight hole in one thrust, causing the berry to arch his back in shock at the sudden intrusion.

"Shit, always so fuckin' tight Ichi." Brown eyes rolled back as the thick member began to work a steady beat into him, sending his muscles tensing and body heating to new heights.

Cyan eyes roamed the lithe frame before him, sweaty button up clung to the muscled chest, silver tie hanging loosely to the side as he pounded into his boyfriend ass. A warm pink lay sprinkled over the males body, showcasing the heated frame wonderfully while long tan legs wrapped around Grimmjow's waist to help Ichigo hold on.

"M-More Grimm, more!" Ichigo cried out as he felt his prostate begin to get struck, watching cyan eyes light up like the fourth of july at this information. Heavy pants began to erupt throughout the room, a heavy scent of sex and sweat tickling his nose Grimmjow began to ram into Ichigo, relishing in the deep cries of pleasure that sounded around him.

"G-God, y-e-yes! I-I." Sweat dripped down the bluenette's brow, making its way over his nose and onto his chin and he could feel Ichigo tightening up around him, getting ready to let go and he was well on his way as well.

"Ya ready babe?"

"Yes, yes- I'm g-g-onna cum, Grimm!" Sending him off with a few strokes Grimmjow watched Ichigo's body arch towards him, muscles tensing as one of the sexiest sounds tore from those sweet pink lips and Grimmjow bent down suddenly feeling extremely inclined to swallow each and every one of those delicious notes. Thick white liquid spraying up and out decorating Ichigo's tan chest, Grimmjow was soon following his orange haired lover with a low moan of pleasure that ran into the others mouth through there heated kiss.

"Mmm fuck ya." Grimmjow mumbled as he flopped next to a now sleeping form. Glancing at his passed out lover, Grimmjow brought the berry into a soft embrace knowing the night was far from over he figured a little cat nap before the real fun began wouldn't hurt.

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