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A Killer Love Story

It wasn't supposed to end up like this, he had planned it out from the very beginning and without a doubt it had been set to go off without a hitch. So why now was he left in this position, struggling between what he wanted to do and what he needed to do. Such things like love and sex were frivolous to Ichigo, sex he could get anywhere and as for love, well that sort of thing only got in the way. Especially with in his line of work, as an assassin he had been taught to steel himself against all warm, tender emotions such as love. If you needed to actually become involved with your target, you had been taught how to separate yourself so you wouldn't get attached. Though somewhere down the line these two bastards had reeled him in, and now he was stuck in a rock and a hard place. Struggling with his inner demons on what he should do. The orange haired assassin was known for his skill, but very few knew anything about him as a person. He was like a ghost in a sense, nobody really knew his physical description except his employer, Gin Ichimaru. It was known that the gang leader had an assassin so brutal and so skilled, that the man could kill you without you even knowing it. This of course was the way Ichigo liked to keep things. He trusted Gin with his life and would carve through to the end of the earths for the silver haired man. He never in all his years of killing mindlessly for the man thought that this would happen.

When he had been given the case from Gin, to murder one incredibly skilled computer hacker, Shirosaki Ogichi, he had never before thought he would end up falling for the man. He definitely didn't think he would end up falling for the idiot's best friend either, another hit on Ichigo's list, yet Grimmjow Jeagerjaques didn't seem to be a priority at the moment. No, it was Ogichi that Gin wanted dead, and had given Ichigo a month to warm his way up to the computer genius, allowing him to gather all information he had on their gang and dispose of it, along with the snowy haired hacker as well. So why was it, instead of snooping through Shirosaki's files, he was sitting with the two men at some small bar a couple blocks down from their apartment building?

It had all started when Ichigo had analyzed the two men for the first time. Their files had given him the specifics of the two men, from basic visuals down to the way they liked their coffee, when they got up in the morning and left for work. They were both incredibly handsome men, Shirosaki being a year younger then Ichigo was, while Grimmjow was three years older. The two were polar opposites in looks, yet the orange head found himself ridiculously attracted to both.

Shirosaki had lily white skin, eyes like molten amber that swam in a sea of black, remarkably eerie and seductive at the same time. His hair was short, white spikes that seemed to style themselves. It was an odd thing his appearance, he held such similar looks to Ichigo it was almost scary. From his lithe, muscled build to the features on his face. Though he did hold a much more sinister grin then Ichigo did, almost psychotic in a sense.

Now Grimmjow, while he was built like a damn Greek statue, a towering height of six feet three inches that had Ichigo smoldering with heat. The man was like a walking ad for sex, they both were. Grimmjow had the most entrancing colour of eyes, a sparkling cyan blue that seemed to pull Ichigo in. He held small teal tattoo's that feathered out below his eyes, giving him a feline like appearance. The man's hair was the most obnoxious shade of sky blue, which Ichigo had the pleasure of finding out was in fact real. The incident still brought a heavy blush to the apples of Ichigo's cheeks when he thought about it. The blunet was a well-known underwear model, though his night job held a little more danger to it than the one during the day. His night job as a collector for an agency called Huceo Mundo INC was basically some flashy loan agency covering up as a gang. Grimmjow was the dangerous collector that went out to do two things, kill and collect. This is what had gotten the man on Ichimaru's hit list, pegging off his bosses clients was a big time no, no. Though it's not like Grimmjow had known, it was almost like his work had set it up that way. However he was at the bottom of the list, but still on the damn thing, meaning Ichigo would in fact be back for him, if not having to take him out along with Shirosaki. Which brought him back to his original predicament at the moment, was he even going to be able to take them out?

Back when Ichigo had first made himself known to the two, Grimmjow had been the one to take the initial interest in him. Picking up a random conversation with him at the bar, and Ichigo even let the thought pass through him, if this was any other situation he would probably really be interested in the bluenet. That should have been the first indication that Ichigo should have pulled out, the second one was the lingering looks he found himself giving the two. This job had gotten way out of hand, if he was smart he would pull out now, but the idea of someone else being put to the job to kill these two, it twisted Ichigo's insides to the point that he was in pain.

Fuck, it all to hell I've become such a tool.

That was all Ichigo could think of as he sat in the L shaped booth in the dingy bar, the three had become accustomed to visiting every other day for a couple of drinks. Glancing down into his drink, the orange head swirled the dark golden liquid, watching it swish around through the glass bottle as he thought drearily. He really had fucked up everything, now he had no idea what he was gonna do.

"Hey berry, what cha thinkin' about?" Shifting his gaze from his drink that seemed to be doing everything but helping him, Ichigo gazed into curious golden orbs. The swirling gaze did nasty things to the orange heads body, the way they watched him, almost as if the albino could see right into the deepest part of his soul.

"Nothing important." He replied nonchalantly but it was quickly pushed aside by the obnoxious albino, being claimed to be pure bullshit.

"Bullshit, with the way you're staring at your drink I'm surprised you haven't shattered the glass. Now tell me what you're thinkin' about."

"No use in in lying about it Ichi, ya know we'll end up prying it from ya sooner or later." Grimmjow announced with a large grin, flashing those menacing canines that gave the bluenet that much more sex appeal, from Ichigo's view of course.

"Jesus Christ you guys are some nosey bastards aren't you?" Ichigo snorted out, making the two let loose loud cackles of laughter.

"Fuckin' right we are, only with you though berry." Grimmjow flicked his tongue out, running it suggestively over his lips and Ichigo found himself following the enticing muscle. Imagining the things that long tongue could do, what it would in fact taste like. Suddenly his mind was filled with quite detailed images of Shiro and Grimmjow tasting each other, making a dangerous heat erupt in his stomach.

Giving his head a good shake, the orange head let out a low cough as he berated himself for letting himself think stuff like that. It was the one thing he hadn't done in the time of knowing the two, the one thing he had been dying to do since he had met them. The thoughts of touching the two, or even them touching him had plagued him not only when he was awake but when he was asleep as well. It truly was becoming maddening.

"What's the matter Ichi, cat got your tongue?" Oh yes, even though they haven't touched him, doesn't mean they didn't tease him. From words, small actions, or even just simple stares like right now. The way Shirosaki was staring at him had his skin itching with want.

Tipping back the rest of his beer, Ichigo closed his eyes for a moment, allowing the alcohol to simmer through his system. He had drank more than enough at the bar to give himself a cool buzz. Something he knew he would be able to enjoy once he got into bed, alone, able to clear his mind of any sensual thoughts of the two before him.

"I'm ready to head out, probably just gonna jump in bed and go to sleep." Without another word, the orange head made his way out of the booth, completely ignoring the question at hand.

"We'll come with you." Giving the two a small wave of recognition, Ichigo didn't bother to turn around, missing the knowing look the two shared as they followed him out of the dimly lit bar.

Taking a step off the elevator, Ichigo turned left in the direction of his apartment. The low buzz of the lights above him sounded in his ears, making him scrunch his brows in annoyance. He hadn't realized how much he had actually drank until he left the bar, the cool air awakening the liquor in him. Trying to remember back to the bar and how much he had drank was becoming quite the task, so instead he decided to enjoy it. Very seldom did he allow himself to become like this, being on guard was important in his job after all. He decided that the problems with Grimmjow and Shiro would still be there in the morning, so one night of relaxation wouldn't hurt.

"Goin' home so early?" Wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist, Shiro pulled the orange head close against his body.

"It's nearly midnight, it stopped being early a long time ago Shiro." Listening to the low chuckle the albino let out, Ichigo pulled away, only to be pulled over to Grimmjow.

"Why not have a few more drinks Ichi, and then we can call it a night. Besides, were barely even tired yet."

"What am I, your baby sitter? I got work tomorrow and-"

"A couple drinks berry we promise." Rolling his eyes, the orange head let out a long sigh before motioning for Shiro to open the door to his apartment.

Stepping in through the door, Ichigo stripped off his hooded jacket, allowing it to fall to the floor with no regard before he kicked off his black boots. Letting himself sprawl out onto the couch, he began to drift off soundly. That was until someone decided to press a very cold glass to the back of his neck.

"What the fuck?" Springing back, he turned to view a grinning bluenet, cyan orbs sparkling with amusement at his childish actions.

"Wakey, wakey strawberry, no way were letting ya get to sleep that easy."

"I hate you." Grumbling over Grimmjow's obnoxious laughter, Ichigo didn't even glance at the glass before he took a long drink of whatever he had been given.

"Ya say that but you know it's a lie, ya secretly love me." Pain shot through the assassin's nose as he began to cough heavily at Grimmjow's words, making the bluenet cock an amused brow.

"Jesus, don't tease 'em too much Grimm or ya might jus' kill 'em." Shiro announced as he came from the orange heads bedroom, movie in hand.

"Shut up, it just went down the wrong way asshole." Rolling his eyes, Shiro went over to place the dvd into the player on the glass stand.

"Yeah, yeah, well how does a movie and some food sound?"

"Sure, food sounds good right about now." With that, Ichigo made his way up and away from the two. Trying to ignore the gazes that burned into his back, he needed to sober up and fast. The best way to do that was too move and eat, maybe some coffee would do him some good as well.

He didn't like the amount of heat that filled him when he was around those two on a regular basis, let alone now with alcohol pumping through him. Maybe being drunk wasn't such a good idea, at least not around them. He had to start thinking about what he was going to do, how exactly did he plan on getting himself out of this. Letting out a soft sigh, he opened the fridge, skimming through the left overs he had. Pulling out a box of left over pizza, figuring anything would do about now.

The sudden sound of the front door opening and closing instantly caught Ichigo's attention, making him pause with what he was doing and listen. Anything he had that could be found by anyone wasn't held in this apartment. The only weapons he had here could easily be dubbed as simple protection, but now with things the way they were, he found himself on edge at a completely new level. This had his stomach swirling with nerves, making him growl in annoyance. He really had lost his touch around these guys.

"Shiro just went to grab some beer from our place, said he'd be right back." Grimmjow announced from behind Ichigo, causing him to jump in surprise. He swore he had been listening closely, when the hell did Grimmjow get so close?

"T-That's nice, um, is cold pizza okay?" Strong hands gripped the orange heads shoulders, spinning him around until he was facing swirling cyan orbs. This had his stomach clenching at the harsh glare that the bluenet sent him, something he had never been on the receiving end of.


"Tell me Ichi, just who the hell are you?" Those simple words seemed to pierce through Ichigo like a knife. Making his eyes go wide in shock, before he quickly gathered himself, trying his best to wear the fakest mask he could, something he used to be good at.

"What the hell are you talking about G-"

"Don't fuck with me Kurosaki! We both know your hiding something and it's time that you tell us what."

"Are you insane? I know you've been drinking but this is fucking ridiculous!" Ichigo let out a pained grunt as he was shoved roughly into the counter top behind him, causing him to drop any items he was holding onto the floor.

"Don't lie to me." Bringing his hands up, Grimmjow threaded his fingers into tangerine locks, giving them a hard tug backwards while he gazed into confused toffee coloured orbs.

He hadn't told Shiro he was going to confront Ichigo, he had actually sent him to the store to buy some beer, so he knew he at least had a few minutes before the albino came back. All he wanted was to know, he needed to know exactly what it was that Ichigo was hiding. He knew his own feelings for the orange head had grown immensely, but Shiro was the worst, he had fallen for the orange head hook, line and sinker. The last thing he was gonna allow was his best friend to get hurt, no one would do that to him.

"I told you, I don't know what you're talking about." Ichigo grit out between his teeth, bringing his hands up to try and push the bluenet back a bit, but he wasn't having it.

"I know you're lying Ichigo, fuck just tell me!" Letting out a heavy breath, Ichigo watched Grimmjow loosen his grip on his hair. Warm hands curved to the sides of his face, pulling him forward till he was pressed against the bluenet's forehead.

"Please just tell me." The words were barely a whisper as they left the hitman's lips, and Ichigo found himself following the movement carefully. He was barely able to remember why exactly Grimmjow was this close. The feeling of having their bodies pressed together seemed to jumble his thoughts completely.

"I-I can't, I'm sorry." Giving his head a good shake, Ichigo gave the firm chest in front of him a good shove, trying to make his getaway as fast as possible, but it seemed Grimmjow had other plans.

Once again Ichigo found himself pressed up against his counter top, but this time he had the added pleasure of plump lips pressing against his. The feeling seemed to have the air leaving his lungs in a soft whoosh, his knees buckling while his eyes grew to the size of saucers. The sensation that flew through him was practically intoxicating, making his head swirl with lust. A small whimper made its way past his throat, as he found purchase on the front of Grimmjow's shirt, gripping on for dear life. A rough nip was given to his bottom lip, telling him to open up and the orangenet found it rather impossible to fight. Instead he allowed the moist tongue to slip past his lips, delving into his mouth and snaking a low moan out of him.

The taste, smell, feeling, all of it was just too much for the hitman, making him struggle to keep his emotions from spilling open. He wanted all too much to ravage the damned bluenet with everything he had, to tell him everything and just let it all come out.

His entire life Ichigo had been walking up on a tightrope, his skill and mind alone keeping him balanced at steady as he mastered everything he did with perfection. Nobody knew exactly what he was capable of, yet it seemed like now it was all worthless because around these two, he was a complete mess.

"I'll make you cave Ichigo, I'll make you want to tell me." Heat swarmed through cerulean orbs, making Ichigo's heart strain against his ribs. The way his body reacted to the man's touch, he was completely hopeless.

These two would surely be the death of him.