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At thirty weeks Jenny found herself at Abby's place once again, but only this time was for a baby shower. Abby, Ziva, and Cynthia were there as well as Cassie who Jenny called a couple days after the team found Sheryl Dawes. Cassie had been so excited for her best friend.

Ziva was doing a lot better and her shoulder was almost completely healed. She had another week of physical therapy and then she could return to the field. She couldn't wait.

Jenny sat down on Abby's black couch and placed a hand over her stomach. The twins were kicking a lot and becoming more active by the day. They had had a scare a few days ago where Jenny had contractions, but it was just Braxton Hicks. She was relieved about that. The women made small talk and asked Jenny if she and Gibbs had picked any names out for the girls.

"We have, but everyone has to wait until they are here to know them," Jenny said with a grin. There was a collective groan and the loudest came from Abby.

"Why?" Abby said.

Jenny looked at the young one and said, "We felt it best to wait. Just in case something happened." Abby nodded her head, understanding what Jenny was saying.

After eating their lunch and the cake shaped like a rattle it was time for gifts. Jenny was handed a light pink bag and she opened it to find it filled with pacifiers, booties, onesies, and teething rings. The bag was from Cynthia who smiled at Jenny.

"Thank you! These will come in handy," Jenny said chuckling. Just then she felt a sharp pain in her back. She knew it couldn't be a contraction so she brushed it off.

The next gift was a rather large box with another small box attached to it. Jenny opened the small box first and pulled out a charm bracelet with ballet slippers and small dresses on it. There was an opening for two more charms. Cassie walked over to her and handed her the charms that were to be put on later.

"When they are born, you can engrave their initials on these and put them on there," Cassie said. Jenny smiled her thanks, too afraid to talk.

She grasped the big present and ripped the paper off. It was a two-seated stroller. Jenny gasped as it was the one she and Gibbs had looked at in the store. She looked to her best friend.

"Gibbs," was all Cassie said. Jenny grinned.

Next was Abby's gift. She opened a box to find eight different outfits that had little skulls and crossbones on them. Jenny chuckled and pulled out tiny black boots. She grinned at Abby and opened her arms for a hug which she was gladly granted. Finally was Ziva's gift. Ziva sat down next to Jenny and handed her a rectangular box. Jenny opened it to find two small necklaces with the Star of David on them. Jenny gasped at the gift and looked to Ziva.

"They're wonderful. Thank you Ziva," Jenny said as tears sprang to her eyes, "You guys are so great!"

The other women smiled and Jenny grinned back. They finished up having a good time and then Cassie and Cynthia had to leave. Jenny gave them hugs and thanked them again for the gifts. She turned away from the door as it shut behind them and winced as she felt another pain. At that time, Abby walked by her and saw Jenny wince.

"Are you okay?" Abby asked, thoroughly concerned. Jenny looked to Abby and nodded.

"I'm fine," Jenny said softly, "Just them kicking."

Abby eyed her suspiciously and went to help Ziva finish cleaning up. Her eyes would find Jenny every five minutes to make sure that Jenny was fine. When Jenny kept wincing Abby decided to point it out to Ziva who was focused on cleaning the mess.

"Ziva, I think Jenny's in labor," Abby whispered. Ziva looked over to Abby, then to Jenny. She watched Jenny for a minute before Jenny winced again and grimaced in pain.

"I think you are right, but it is early, yes?" Ziva asked.

"It's early, but the baby's may not have enough room and that is making her go in labor. With twins, there is always a possibility of premature labor. I think we should take her to the hospital," Abby said softly.

"Jenny will not like that idea. She'll brush it off believing that she will not deliver today, but in ten more weeks," Ziva said.

"I don't care, Ziva. If she's in labor we need to take her now," Abby said. Ziva nodded knowing that she was right. They walked to Jenny who winced again.

"Jenny, are you okay?" Ziva asked. Jenny looked at Ziva.

"Fine. They're just active," Jenny said.

"How long?" Abby asked. Jenny raised a brow at her.

"Well, how long?" Abby asked again, "And don't give me the same excuse."

Jenny sighed knowing where this was going to lead. She didn't want to believe she was in labor. She hoped that if she was that the babies would be okay.

"An hour and a half, almost every ten to fifteen minutes," Jenny answered, "They are getting more frequent."

"We gotta go! Now!" Abby squealed. Ziva had to cover her ears.

They each helped Jenny up and Abby grabbed the bag she had prepared just in case this had happened. Jenny looked at her.

"Always be prepared," Abby said with a grin.

"Glad to see you've adopted the Boy Scout motto, Abs," Jenny chuckled. She gasped in pain.

"Time to go," Ziva said and they left for the hospital.

Gibbs was hanging out with the guys enjoying his time with them. He knew that men weren't allowed at the baby showers so the guys had set up something at Tony's place. They had pizza and beer and were playing poker. Gibbs was winning due to his infallible poker face. They had decided to give up on poker and went with a movie marathon with Tony being threatened about quoting movie trivia. They were in the middle of The Bone Collector when Gibbs phone rang. It was Abby calling.

"Yeah, Abs," Gibbs said as he answered.

"Gibbs, it's time! Jenny's in labor! We're on our way to the-Ziva, other side!-the hospital! Ziva, watch out! Take it easy! Meet us there in five!" Abby squealed into the phone. Gibbs closed it and looked to the others who were watching him.

"Jenny's in labor," he said in shock. Tony was on his feet along with McGee, Ducky, and Fornell.

"What are you waiting for? An invitation? Let's go!" Tony said to his boss who was still in shock. Tony grabbed one arm and McGee the other and they hauled him to his feet.

"Come on Boss, Jenny needs you!" Tony said. Gibbs looked to him and nodded and that got him moving. They were all out of the door and in two cars headed for the hospital.

Jenny kept practicing her Lamaze breathing, but it didn't seem to work. The pain was unbearable. As they pulled in Abby grabbed a wheelchair and Ziva helped Jenny out of the car and into it. They entered the ER and told the nurse that she was in early labor. She was put into a room and they told her that the doctor would be there shortly. Jenny laid back and kept focusing on her breathing while Abby coached and Ziva waited for the guys to get there.

"What is taking so long?" Jenny groaned when another contraction hit. Abby shook her head.

"I don't know," she replied, "Just keep breathing and you will be okay. Gibbs and the others should be here soon."

Jenny groaned and winced again at another contraction. Just then the door opened and her husband came flying in.

"It's about time!" Jenny snapped at him. Gibbs took the chair next to Jenny and put her hand in his.

"DiNozzo drives like my grandmother," Gibbs grumbled.

"Hey, if you had driven we would've made it in pieces!" Tony said from behind him. Gibbs chuckled as did the women.

"Fine, I was a little in shock," Gibbs admitted.

"A little?" Tony griped and a smack resounded, "Ow! I told you about doing that!"

They heard Ziva chuckle.

"Take it like a man Tony. If I did not do it, Gibbs would have. I just saved him a few steps," Ziva said with a grin. Tony glared at the Israeli and rubbed the back of his head.

"Thank you Ziva," Gibbs said and Ziva nodded. She pulled Tony away from the room and tugged Abby and McGee along as well with the promise that they will be called back as soon as the girls were delivered.

The doctor came in as soon as the 'kids' had left. He examined Jenny's chart and then looked to the couple before him.

"I'm Dr. Linton Heathcliff, and it seems that your twins will grace us with their presences shortly. I understand that you're thirty weeks?" he asked. Jenny nodded and he continued, "Well, I want to get an ultrasound to see what's going on and the babies' heartbeats are worrying me a bit. It seems that they are in a little distress. Don't worry just yet, but I will make sure that they are both delivered and healthy."

Jenny nodded with tears in her eyes and gripped Gibbs' hand for dear life. Another contraction hit and she hissed and moaned in pain. Gibbs rubbed her arm wishing that he could take the pain away from her.

Not too much longer, an ultrasound tech and the doctor came back in wheeling the machine with them. The tech set everything up and began to take an ultrasound of Jenny's womb.

"Well, it looks like we will be performing a Caesarian due to one of the twins being breech," the doctor said, "Is that okay? Do you need time to talk it over?"

Jenny looked at her husband and their conversation with their eyes said it all.

"Let's do this," Jenny said determinedly. The doctor nodded and went to make the preparations.

An hour later, Jenny was in the operating room and she and Gibbs were about to meet their daughters.

"Jenny, you're going to feel a bit of pressure okay and some tugging and pulling, but that is it," Dr. Heathcliff said.

Jenny affirmed that she heard him and looked over to Gibbs who was watching them intently. He then felt her gaze and looked back to his wife.

"They're going to be fine," Gibbs said. Jenny nodded and sighed.

"Okay, get ready to meet baby number one!" the doctor announced.

A little more tugging and pressure and then the sound of a baby rang throughout the operating room. Jenny felt tears fall and Gibbs kissed her.

"How is she Jethro?" Jenny asked. Gibbs looked over to his little one getting clean, weighed and printed.

"She looks good Jen. She's gorgeous!" he said to her.

"Alright, folks, here comes baby number two!" the doctor announced and no sooner than that another cry filled the room. Jenny felt elated.

"The girls are kind of small, but otherwise they are healthy. Their lungs are fully developed even though they are about ten weeks early. It's a miracle," the doctor said, "We're gonna stitch you up and get you back to your room so that you can see them."

Jenny couldn't say anything due to being so chocked up with emotion. Gibbs got up and kissed her.

"I'm going to take pictures and go tell the kids that their sisters are here," Gibbs said. Jenny nodded and he walked over to his girls.

They were tiny, but healthy and so strong in his eyes. He touched their hands and their tummies.

"Welcome to the world," he said. He snapped a couple photos on his camera and his phone and left the operating room so that the doctors could finish with Jenny.

He walked to the waiting room and was met with four very excited 'kids' and one excited grandpa.

He showed them the camera and the phone. Abby squealed and hugged him tightly. Tony patted him on the back and McGee shook his hand. Ziva touched his arm gently and he nodded. Ducky shook his hand as well.

"So, what are their names?" Abby asked. Gibbs looked to her and to the rest. He contemplated on whether or not telling them or waiting for Jenny to tell them.

"You'll have to wait for Jenny. She'll tell you," Gibbs said. That being said the doctor came out and said that Jenny and the twins were in the room and that they could go see them. Abby bounced happily from one foot to the other as they followed Gibbs back.

They entered the room to see Jenny sitting up and holding both girls in her arms. Gibbs walked over and slipped one into his arms.

"The kids have come to visit their siblings and so has their grandfather," Gibbs said quietly to his wife. Jenny nodded and looked over to the door where they were all standing. She waved them in with the hand that was full.

Abby was the first to step forward followed by McGee then Tony, Ducky, and Ziva. Abby stood next to Jenny and looked over at the twins.

"They're beautiful, Mommy," Abby said using her term of endearment. Jenny smiled.

"Well, what are their names?" Tony asked. Jenny grinned at them.

She pointed to the one Gibbs was holding and said, "That is Rachel Caitlin Gibbs," then she looked down to the one in her arms and said, "This is Nicole Kelly Gibbs."

The team was still and silent for a minute.

"We named them after Kate and after Kelly," Gibbs said, "We agreed to pick a middle name for one and a first for the other. Kelly was Jenny's idea and Caitlin was mine. She picked Rachel and I picked Nicole because of Jen's middle name."

"I picked Rachel because that was my mom's name and I have always loved it," Jenny said.

"I think they are beautiful names, my dear, they fit the girls perfectly," Ducky said. Jenny smiled.

"Can I hold one?" Abby asked softly. Jenny held out Nicole for Abby to take. Abby lifted the tiny being into her arms and looked down proudly. She walked over to Rachel and Gibbs and said to both little ones, "Hi, I'm Abby. I'm your big sister and I can't wait to teach you everything I know about forensics!"

Gibbs and Jenny smiled at the Goth.

"I can't wait to teach them about the different movies," Tony said.

"I can't wait to teach them all the computer stuff I know," McGee piped in.

"I can't wait to regale the tales of my past and tell them wonderful stories," Ducky said.

Ziva looked down. She wasn't sure what she could teach Rachel and Nicole. Everything she does is dangerous and not suitable for them.

"I bet Ziva can't wait to teach them how to defend themselves," Jenny said as she watched the women contemplate what to say. Ziva looked up to Jenny.

"Are you sure it will be alright if I do when they are older?" Ziva asked. Jenny nodded.

"Another thing is that Jethro and I wanted to ask is that we wanted all of you to be their godparents. We know it's a bit unorthodox to have five godparents, but we couldn't decide," Jenny said.

The team all nodded affirmatively as well as Ducky. A cry let them know that it was time to go.

"We'll see you guys later," Abby said and she gave Nicole back to Jenny and kissed the woman on the cheek and gave her a hug. She hugged Gibbs while watching out for Rachel. Tony grinned at them and they all said their goodbyes and left.

"Whew, what a day!" Gibbs said. Jenny looked to him

"And it's not over. It's just beginning," Jenny said as she looked at Nicole's baby blue eyes. Gibbs looked to Rachel who looked up with her viridian green eyes.

"We did good Jen," Gibbs said. Jenny nodded. He kissed her softly and settled in to watch his girls. He was so happy that he had that second chance with Jenny and so happy that everything had worked out in the end. They're life was full and was complete, and they were happy.


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