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3. A Preamble to Tension

It was an unassuming summer day like any other. (How terribly cliché, right? But, sadly, it was the truth.) It wasn't exactly hot, but it wasn't exactly cold. There was no sun in the sky, but there was also no rain. It wasn't windy, nor was it humid or scorching. It just…was.

It was also the day that Puddlemere United would be playing against the Appleby Arrows at the Appleby Quidditch pitch. It was to be the game of the season, what with Puddlemere and Appleby being tied for the title of 'Best Quidditch Team In England'. This match would decide who rightfully earned the title.

All of the Puddlemere and Appleby fans, or at least the ones that could get tickets, were in attendance. They were decked out in their team's respective colors (pale blue and silver for Appleby; blue and gold for Puddlemere), and the noise was overwhelming. The fans were so excited, and absorbed in discussing the coming game, that no one noticed a thin girl with unassuming brown hair.

The girl was pushing through the crowd, hoping to make it to her seat before the match began. She was going to be seated in a private box, as she always was when she attended matches. She was rather fond of privacy, and only wore a blue and gold scarf in support of her team so as to keep attention off of herself. Though she couldn't stop her fame, she could keep it from hindering her, as long as she kept a low profile.

As she climbed the stairs to the box she'd be in, the crowd thinned out. She sighed with relief. Over the years, she had become a little bit claustrophobic – not severe enough to cause problems regularly, but she still didn't enjoy large crowds, such as those that occurred at Quidditch games. Just another reason why she preferred to watch from a private box.

Sitting down in her box, she smiled as she unwound the scarf around her neck. This was the perfect way to forget about all of her stress. Her exams were in a month, and she had been studying almost non-stop for them since the beginning of this month. But here, she could feel all of the tension in her body slowly start to leave. Other girls got massages or took long bubble-baths; she attended Quidditch matches.

She sat towards the front of her seat, placing her Omnioculars to her eyes, as a voice boomed across the pitch. "Welcome, everyone, to the match of the season, between Puddlemere United and the Appleby Arrows! The winner of today's match will be crowned 'Best Team in England'! So, without further ado, let me introduce the home team!

"Keeper, Jonathan Thompson! Chaser, Sebastian Hobbs! Chaser, Tristan Lambert! Chaser, Ethan O'Brien! Beater, Derek Logan! Beater, Liam Carroll! And…Captain and Seeker, Richard Spencer!"

The Arrows fans went wild as the team flew out, looking almost innocent in pale blue robes adorned with a silver arrow on the chest. There was nothing innocent about them, however. The Arrows would be fierce competition for Puddlemere. This would be a match to be remembered.

"For Puddlemere United, we have…Keeper, Oliver Wood! Chaser, Nathaniel Grisham! Chaser, Erica Cameron! Chaser, Sophia Ellis! Beater and Captain, Vincent Bremer! Beater, Benjamin Morris! And Seeker, Madeleine Labelle!"

Cheers erupted from the Puddlemere fans as their favorite team flew out. The unassuming brown-haired girl smiled as she saw the Keeper when he passed by her box. It had been a long time since she'd seen him – well, it felt like a long time, at least.

Both teams met at the center of the pitch, and the Captains shook hands. Brooms were mounted, and the referee blew the whistle, throwing the Quaffle in the air. The game had begun.

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