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Here comes an opening, he's gotta broken wing / If you can feel the sting,

Take care of everything, if he can make a scene / I'll show you what I mean

He packs a loaded gun, set fire to anyone / Knows how to make em run

He's down on sixth street, he's goin sixty / He'll show you how to breathe

Ichigo sped around the corner narrowly missing the car racing beside him. Adrenaline surged through his system as he hit the nitrous. His car flew past his opponent rolling over the cross line. He laughed at the car skidded to a stop. He had just won two grand. He had only been racing for a few months but was a natural.

Flashback six months ago

Ichigo sat in the stark white cell he had called home for the last nine months.

His orange hair fell to his shoulders. His brown eyes still held a fire but it was tiny. He wore a pair of white pants. On his right front shoulder was an A. It had been branded into his skin. Over a dozen scars marred his tan chest. A silver choker encircled his neck. The choker was a reiatsu collar. A delicate looking chain from a loop connected to the wall to silver bracelet that adorned his wrist. The chain was as strong as steel.

His head tilted as he heard the door to his cell opened.

"Hello ryoka boy", Aizen said in a charming voice.

"Hello Aizen-sama ", Ichigo said his voice cold as ice.

"Hmm it seems someone is in a bad mood today", Aizen said before he set the folded top that was in his arms on a white chair.

Aizen smiled at him as lust flickered in his eyes.

Dread flowed through Ichigo as he saw the lust.

Aizen had won, Ichigo followed his every command but that wasn't enough; he wanted to possess Ichigo completely.

He wanted his heart, body, mind, and soul.

Aizen walked toward him and Ichigo flinched.

He pulled out a small bottle of a pink liquid.

He took Ichigo's chin gently.

"Open" He commanded.

Ichigo didn't want to, he didn't want the drug but his mouth opened anyway.

"Good boy", Aizen said as he poured the liquid down Ichigo's throat.

"If you please me shall give you a reward", Aizen whispered in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo shivered and Aizen chuckled.

Already the drug was beginning to take effect.

Ichigo's skin became flushed and his breaths started coming in soft pants.

Aizen smiled before kissing the boy.

Ichigo did indeed please him.

Two hours later Aizen looked down at Ichigo's ravished body with a smirk.

He brushed his hand against Ichigo's hard member and Ichigo let out a strangled moan.

"Oh you poor thing", Aizen said in a sweet voice.

"I must have miscalculated the dosage of the drug", He said with a smile.

Ichigo let a whimper as Aizen licked his member and pulled away.

Aizen put his clothing back on before looking at Ichigo.

"Don't worry I will send Gin in to take care of you", Aizen said in a kind voice as he walked to the door.

"Oh your reward" Aizen said as he turned around. "I have set a top on the chair"

"I will allow you to cover your scars and brand but do not forget who you belong to", Aizen said before walking out of the room.

End of flashback

Ichigo shook his head to rid himself of the painful memory.

He looked back at the wad of cash in his hand.

He would give the award money to Karin and Yuzu for college.

He didn't need it since he wasn't planning on going to college.

He had been recused five months ago.

The war ended shortly after that.

He had lost his powers in the end but thankfully his hollow remained.

His hollow had lost his powers as well.

Ichigo was a normal human with a split personality.

After the war he met Rick who had introduced him to street racing.

The races were always done in the middle of the night.

Ichigo found that the danger of the sport took away some of his pain.

He drove his car to Ricks before picking up his normal car and going home.

He lived in his own apartment.

There were six messages on his answering machine.

Ichigo-kun I made some cookies. You should come over . Oh and it's me Orhime

Maybe he should visit her but there was no way he was eating one of those cookies. Orhime's cooking was still deadly.

How long do you plan on being anti-social and suppressing your emotions? We are your friends let us help you – Uryuu

Uryuu was just too smart for his own good.

He didn't know how to tell them what had happened but their support had helped him through the last few months

It's seriously boring without you. We should hang out. And get drunk, maybe we can find you a boyfriend – Shinji

Ichigo laughed, yup that defiantly sounded like Shinji. Maybe he should take Shinji up on that offer.

If you don't answer this call I going to come over and kick your ass – Tatsuki

He defiantly needed to call her back. He didn't feel like going to the hospital.


Ichigo slapped his hand to his forehead. How on earth could that man of been a captain? He was absolutely insane.

Nii-san you should come over Friday. I am going to make your favorite dinner – Yuzu

Well it looked like he was going to go to his family's for dinner on Friday. He never was good at telling Yuzu no.

He hadn't seen Rukia or Renji since the war.

Shuuhei and Kira had visited him a few times though.

They had become good friends.

It still hurt that Rukia and Renji hadn't visited him at all.

He couldn't see spirits anymore but were always gigai.

He sighed as he walked into his room.

His body hurt alittle bit because a fight earlier but the man who attacked wouldn't be attacking him again for a while.

Even though he was human he still wasn't one to mess with.

He walked over to his bed and flopped on it.