Everybody Loves Tsuna

Worst Morning in the History of Worst Mornings…

It had been a really bad day for Sawada Tsunayoshi, a REALLY bad day.

It seemed as if everything that could have possibly gone wrong, had gone wrong. Where to begin? He hadn't even opened his eyes before he found himself looking down the barrel of Reborn's gun. Apparently, dodging bullets on a Monday morning was part of his training to becoming a great Mafia boss.

The Arcobeleno had even kindly given him a five second head start to prepare himself.

Bad news? He had already counted four.

After tumbling down the stairs while avoiding a hailstorm of bullets, he found himself caught up in the arguments of his houses youngest residents; Lambo and Ipin. After non-stop complaining over who got the last donut, Lambo had started tossing grenades.

One of which landed on his head, and sent him through the nearest wall.

After finally getting a second's peace and got himself dressed for school, he found that in the time he applied plasters and cream to his bruises and burns all of his breakfast had been eaten. His mother had no food left and so ran out in a blind rush to the grocery store.

Bianchi, for once, had kindly offered to make him breakfast herself. He ended up having a whole feast of poison cooking in front of him.

After somehow managing to stomach a single slice of poison toast, and promptly throwing up in the closest toilet bowl, he slipped out of the house before Bianchi forced him to ingest her fifteen layer poison pie.

But not before Futa had kindly shouted out, in the nicest way possible, that today promised to be the first ranked worst day of his life. Ever.

With that knowledge in mind, the future heir of the Vongola Family headed out into the freezing morning, realizing that in his rush he had not brought his jacket with him.

"It's just a rough Monday morning, just a rough morning, there's no way this could be the worst day ever, could it?" Tsuna had tried to reassure himself that Futa had been mistaken before, and besides, after all he had been through - today couldn't be that bad.

Could it?


Meeting Sasagawa Ryohei on the road to school was the first landmark of his day. The boxer had recovered nicely since his fight with the Varia, and was back doing thirty mile laps like the machine he always was, doing things to the extreme. Always to the extreme.

"Sasagawa-san?" Tsuna spoke out, watching as the boxer came rushing down the road, punching the air every few steps.

"Are you sure you should be training so soon? You're arm was in a cast less than a week ago" the Vongola heir asked, concerned as always.

"Like I would let something as minor as a broken arm stop me from training! I gained a lot of weight from sitting in that hospital bed! Now I'm pushing my body back into shape to the extreme!" Sasagawa declared, pumping said arm into the air triumphantly.

"How is a broken arm minor?" Tsuna thought to himself.

"O-Okay then, I should really be getting to sch-"

The next thing he knew he was caught in a headlock. The Sun Guardian had that same look in his eyes as he always did, which usually meant he was going to burst out into some kind of stupid and unreal training routine. "Come on Sawada! You and I are going to lap the entire of Namimori! We'll run past all the losers who don't life to the extreme! We'll show them our passion when we beat them to class after we've ran through the entire town! Then everyone we'll know we live life to the EXTREME!" the boxer yelled, right into Tsuna'a ear.

"The whole town? But school starts in twenty minutes!" Tsuna objected, hoping he would listened to reason.

He then realised how stupid that sounded.

"Let's go Sawada! RUN TO THE EXTREME!" Sasagawa yelled, beginning to run at top speed.

The sheer testosterone filled thrill of living life to the extreme was so great, that the Sun Guardian forgot that he had the heir to the Vongola Family still tied caught in a headlock…

It was one hour since the bell had gone when Sasagawa and Tsuna arrived at school. Sasagawa raised his arms to the sky and howled in triumph at beating his previous record.

"EXTREME!" he declared.

Tsuna fell flat onto his face, feeling like his head was about to split open. He had screamed at Sasagawa for the last hour and a half to let go of his head, but his voice was drowned out by the sheer amount of "extremes" that the Sun Guardian had yelled out.

As the blood gradually flowed back into his body, Tsuna forced himself to stand up. He only got as far as pushing himself onto his knees, and it was there that he noticed a shadow had covered him.

Praying to whatever God was popular nowadays it wasn't who he thought it was, he looked up into the eyes of the Discipline Committees Leader, and it was then he started to believe in Futa's prediction.

Hibari Kyoya had a few bandages over his face, still healing from the final confrontation with the Varia, after all Belphegor had landed some pretty deep blows with those knives of his.

You would have thought that after going through a whole series of battles together, overcoming people like Mukuro and Xanxus, that they would have built some form of friendship with one another.

"You're late, your disturbing the peace, get to class now or I'll bite you to death"

Nope, not even a handshake.

After being forced to repeat to the teacher why he was late for school five times, Tsuna enjoyed the luxury of the laughter of his classmates. Not to mention, seeing his love interests face fall into a look of embarrassment when she learnt that her brother had been detained for being late again.

The rest of the morning went by with a few failed tests here and there, and that's how Tsuna would have liked it. However.

"AIEE!" he yelled out when he felt something sharp hit the back of his head. He swerved to see one of the jocks at the back of the classroom, a collection of tennis balls laid out in front of him.

Namimori's tennis champion, Techio Kyusa, hadn't taken well to Tsuna over the last few months, especially considering Tsuna's fight with Xanxus had led to the destruction of the gym where the tennis championships were taking place next week.

The Varia's own personal damage control teams had managed to clean up most of the damage done to the school, the gym wasn't one of them.

With the possibility of a championship out of the window, Techio had decided to take his frustration out on Tsuna, by seeing how many balls he could throw into the back of his head before the teacher sent him out.

"T-Techio-san" Tsuna asked in a meek voice.


"Could you possibly stop throwing tennis balls at my head?" he asked, trying to make the statement sound as nicely forceful as possible.

He received another two tennis balls to the face.

This time Tsuna's cries to pain didn't go unheard. Mrs Yusaki, his math teacher, turned around and bellowed at the tennis champion in a stressed voice.

"Techio Kyusa! Put those things away right now! You do not throw anything in my class!" she yelled out as best she could.

Tsuna received another four tennis balls to the head.

"That's it! Step outside! Now!" she bellowed.

Shiona Yusaki was the youngest teacher in the school, a fair lady with long blue strands of hair and pearl eyes. She was a nice woman, and thought very highly of Tsuna, even tolerated the moments when he seemed to bring a blizzard straight form Hell into her classroom, which in recent days had ranged from fights, swords and even a teenager in a cow suit.

Techio was planning to see how long it took before she resorted to bringing the principal into the predicament, he could get a few more hits in before then.

Unfortunately for him, another student had risen out of his chair, and on his face a look of death, by fire.

"How dare you harm the Tenth…" Gokudera Hayato whispered with silent ferocity.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, you, the Italian weirdo who seems to have a fetish for Sawada" Techio grinned, causing a small murmur of laughter to arise from the class.

"G-Gokudera-kun! It's okay, I'm fine! There's no need for you to-" Tsuna realized how futile his words were when Gokudera revealed a stick of dynamite between each finger, already lit.

"Do not waste your breath Tenth! This low-life has no place insulting you! As your right hand man, I will not allow him to raise a hand to you!" the Storm Guardian declared.

"Is that…dynamite?" Techio asked, going slightly pale.

"Gokudera Hayato! Please return to your seat! There is no violence in my class!" Mrs Yusaki frantically yelled, desperately trying to regain order to her class.

"Gokudera-kun! Please don't-" Tsuna yelled out.

An entire side of the school building went up in flames.

"A thousand apologies Tenth! I didn't mean for you to be caught up in the explosion! I just meant to kill that jock! I am not worthy of your forgiveness!" Gokudera frantically cried out, bowing his head at Tsuna's feet for the one hundredth time.

The medics had covered up Tsuna's face with bandages , and were applying ice-cold lotions to soothe the burns he had got on his arms and shoulders. Still, compared to Techio, who was now in a full-body cast, he had gotten off quite lightly.

Mrs Yusaki was in hysterics, stating that it wasn't in her contract to deal with explosives, and the school was going to have to take out a new loan to repair the classroom, which was now nothing more than ash and debris.

Hibari had sent Tsuna a look that would haunt him until he died, and probably after that as well. He was now currently bullying the school committee into providing funds for immediate repair.

"I am not worthy to be your right hand! Not even your left!" Gokudera wailed, sobbing on the concrete below.

"It's okay Gokudera…it could have happened to anyone" Tsuna remarked, wincing as more lotion was applied to an especially bad wound on his neck.

"Because of my recklessness, you may be hideously scarred for the rest of your life, AND I WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE GUILT!" He wailed, pounding the floor with his fist.

"You'll have to live with it? What about me?" Tsuna thought to himself.

"I can't go one with that kind of burden…farewell Tenth!" Gokudera proclaimed, taking out a hidden bit of dynamite, lighting it, and putting it in his mouth.

Tsuna leapt to his feet.

"NO WAIT! YOU'RE PARDONED GOKUDERA! YOU'RE STILL MY RIGHT-HAND MAN!" Tsuna howled, trying to stop his guardian from committing hara-kiri.

"R-Really?" the grey-haired teen asked, the stick of dynamite falling out on his mouth and onto the pavement below.

"Thank you Tenth! I am not worthy of your kindness!" Gokudera wailed, slamming his palms onto Tsuna's burnt shoulders, causing the Vongola heir to let out a high-pitch shriek.

So loud in fact that another window smashed, and he received yet another death-glare from Hibari. This time, he knew he was going to be bitten to death by needles and a blowtorch.

"I shall never let anything harm you from this moment onwards!" Gokudera proclaimed.

"Gokudera, you don't have to spend everyday protecting - do you hear a hissing sound?" Tsuna asked.

Both boys looked down to see the last stick of dynamite, still burning until it eventually consumed the entire wick. It then started to shake like any piece of dynamite would right before it exploded.

"Oh no…" Tsuna thought aloud.

It wasn't the furthest that Tsuna had travelled, one of Xanxus's punches had sent him further, still the dynamite sent the tenth generation Vongola boss flying from the ambulance onto the painful ground with a mighty thud.

"Oh my head…how does he even manage to carry that much dynamite?" Tsuna muttered to himself.

Not wanted to waste time lying on the ground, he pulled himself up despite the soreness in his arm, when his face was met with something soft.

Now this wasn't a normal sight for Tsuna, in fact he had never seen it before. It was one of those things that his dark side craved by his regular side was just to scared to discuss. But now here he was, in the middle of the school grounds, with various students looking at him.

Sasagawa Kyoko had chosen today of all days to wear a short skirt, and Tsuna had chosen today of all days to be sent rocketing in such a way that he was now peering up them.

Every part of Tsuna was begging Reborn to come along and shoot him in the head.

"EEEEEHHH!" both of them yelled, the red-haired girl rapidly backing up.

"K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kyoko-chan?" Tsuna wailed, falling to his knees and bowing his head as if he were meeting a feudal lord.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm so so so sorry!" Tsuna yelled, so panicked that he didn't even here some of the cries that were surrounding him.

"T-Tsuna-kun?" Kyoko spoke out.

"This was so wrong! I can't say how sorry I am!"

"Tsuna-kun, I think you should-"

"I'm so sorry that I accidentally and completely unintentionally looked up your skirt!"

"Tsuna, you really need to-"

"I promise I'll go see a psychotherapist and have the memory wiped from my mind so I won't even have the faintest recollection of seeing you underwear!"

"TSUNA!" Kyoko cried out.

"Huh?" Tsuna asked, looking up at her.

Her face was full of fear, and not of disgust.

"You're on fire!" she wailed.

It was only then that he noticed the small spark that had caught the rim of his school uniform from the aftermath of the explosion had grown into a full-fledged fire that was creeping up his back.

That's when the panicking started again.

"GAAAHHHHH!" Tsuna cried, running in circles, falling to the floor, doing cartwheels, whatever took his fancy as he desperately tried to stomp out the flames that were getting bigger by the minute.

"HELP! I'M ON FIRE!" he yelled, as if it wasn't obvious enough.

"I'm coming Tenth!" Gokudera's voice could be heard as he barged his way past other students.

He eventually knocked out a nearby fireman, stole the hose from a nearby fire engine and turned on the high pressure water. Instantly a jet of ice-cold water shot out form the hose, drenching the mafia boss. Tsuna's cries were drowned out by the sheer power of the hose, until after twenty minutes when Gokudera decided that the fire should be out by.

Unfortunately, the high pressure of the water had always ripped away most of Tsuna's clothes, leaving him, once again, in his underwear.

No one really said a word after that, Gokudera couldn't find enough apologies in his vocabulary to even begin to say that he was sorry, and everyone else just stared.

It wasn't funny, it was just sad.

Tsuna stood on the spot, wondering which were the droplets of water and which were his tears of embarrassment. He hated his life, he hated his social standing, he hated the fact that after enduring weeks of torturous training, worrying if he was going to live to see another day after fighting a team of assassins, this is what he remained as.

No-Good Tsuna.

He turned to a nearby fireman.

"Could you please take me home…"

Reborn was practising tossing bladed cards into the nearby wall when Tsuna walked through the door, drenched to the bone and looking as miserable as miserable could be.

"How was school?" Reborn asked.

Tsuna said nothing, and instead fell flat onto his bed. From his pillow, the hitman could make out sniffles and whimpers. Jumping onto the boys head, the infant hitman waited for the boy to calm down from his high school ordeals.

"You know, you'll never make a good mafia boss if you moan and groan over every little thing that goes wrong in your life" Reborn stated.

"Go away…" Tsuna moaned.

"You've overcome the Varia, put Mukuro in prison, you've accomplished more than most will ever do in their lifetimes" he consulted.

"Doesn't make me feel any better…I'm always going to be the one that's looked down upon" Tsuna groaned, burying his face deeper into the pillow.

"So you would prefer it if everyone loved you? No one is loved by everyone" Reborn remarked.

"The mafia world, and the regular world, they don't mix - no matter what I do in one world, it will never change who I am in the other world" Tsuna retorted.

Reborn was quiet for a moment, before finally jumping off of his head.

"So you would prefer life if No-Good Tsuna became Everybody Loves Tsuna?" Reborn asked.

"It…would be nice not to be at the bottom of everything" Tsuna answered.

Reborn smiled, and left the room without another word.

When he was a safe distance form Tsuna's room, Reborn took out his old time partner, Leon the Chameleon, and stroked his head.

"Time to get to work"