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Last time…

I wonder where this café is… I have some time to locate it. Having arrived on campus a few minutes ago I glance around I noticed a familiar head walking towards the building labelled student center. It looks like I'm in luck.

Ahh, always with the leopard print… doesn't he get that makes him look damn tacky? It's none of my business. Hmm… Nao is already there waiting for him. She was presentable with her white and pink flower dress. She wore a pastel pink sweater over giving her an innocent and modest look. Hold on. Why is she smiling so much? Isn't she over doing it with that hug? Eto looks happy with that nice grin on his face. I quickly go to the vending machine so that she doesn't see that I'm here. I surreptitiously take a seat at table close by where I'm conveniently hidden behind this potted tree that is inside and head everything they're saying. I never understood why people put trees inside places… What's the point?

"…so this guy at work quit work today, made this big scene and as he turned around he stepped on a screwdriver and fell on his ass! It was so funny!"

"I hope he's alright." She sounded so concern for a complete stranger.

"Anyway, Nao-san, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, Eto-san."

"W-well, Nao-san, I'-Fukunagainthesecondroundwould-wouldyougooutwithme? Andbemygirlfriend?" Leopard-skin said that all so fast. I didn't know it was possible to sound so incompetent and look like an imbecile all at the same time. It screams "look at me I'm multi-talented. I can talk and look like an idiot at the same time." Looking at that seriously immature sight, I scoffed. After his run-on sentence I noticed he accumulated a few onlookers.

She sat stunned for a moment. I bet she doesn't know that eto had such a side, figures. I knew he liked her. I know she'll politely refuse…Oh? She's recovered. And she's blushing? Don't tell me…

"I'm flattered, Eto-san, that you like me. To be honest, you've been very kind to me. When you talked to me during the restructuring round, I was so happy. Especially, when everyone had decided to restructure me. If Akiyama-san didn't show… I would have been gone for sure. As for you asking me to be your girlfriend… well, we haven't been on a date yet." She smiled so innocently. She is always so kind. "How about we go out on a date? Maybe after a few I can tell you if I think we can work…"

How dare she say yes to going out with that loser? When I'm living with her! Well not really… but I'm staying in her guest room! Why that inconsiderate… I have the mind to go up and talk her out of this nonsense… WAIT! Why would I want to stop her? We're NOT together. And I certainly have no stupid feelings for her! Even if she is SO naïve that she can get herself into trouble… I wonder, how many people have taken advantage of her sweet nature when I haven't been around? This is so damn frustrating! I need to get myself out of here for some fresh air…

Without paying mind to his supposedly secret position in the café, Akiyama made a huge scraping noise with his chair as he left and briskly headed towards the exit.


Huh? I swear I just saw Akiyama leave. Why is he here? I should go check to see if that was him. Maybe he had something important to tell me. Why else would he be here?

"…How does Saturday night sound? Um, Nao-san?"

"Sure. That would be great. What time should I be ready?"

"Does 7 sound good? I can pick you up? Or…"

"Sounds good… Sorry, I need to go. It was good to see you today, Eto-san" I need to go see if that was Akiyama. Quickly gathering my things, I head out the door.

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