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Kagome was sitting down watching tv with Maru in her lap when the doorbell rang. "Mommy'll be right back sweetie." She told him as she set him on the couch.

As she was walking to the door she felt something in the pit of her stomach, 'hope?' She furrowed her brow, 'But, what am I hopeful for?'

When she got to the door and opened it her heart skipped a beat, there in all his glory, stood Sesshomaru.

Noticing her staring he smirked, "Hello Kagome."

Seeing his smirk infuriated her and she reached out before he could stop her and slapped him. She smiled as she saw the look of shock plastered on his face.

Then her mouth dropped open as she saw the bouquet he had in his hands. She quickly closed it and put on a mask of indifference.

"What do you want Sesshomaru?" She asked annoyed.

Taking a breath Sesshomaru replied, "This Sesshomaru would like to ask you and ou- Maru would like to join this Sesshomaru at the carnival this afternoon." Seeing the look on her face he called their son Maru instead.

Kagome was about to say no and slam the door in his arrogant face, when Maru came running out of the house. He stopped in front of Kagome right between her and Sesshomaru.

He looked Sesshomaru up and down and sniffed at him once before exclaiming, "You're the silver haired dude from earlier!"

Sesshomaru raised his brow when Maru said "silver haired dude." Leaning down he said, "I am Sesshomaru, your-

Kagome cut him off, "Mom's old friend." She said quickly, glaring at Sesshomaru she repeated, "This is Sesshomaru, my old friend."

"Oh." Maru turned back to Sesshomaru, "-Sessh-

Giving up he said, "Mr. Sesshy are you really going to take me and my mommy to the carnival today?"

"I don't know," he looked up at Kagome with his eyebrow raised, "am I?" he asked.

"Please mommy!" Maru pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

Seeing the look on his face she knew she couldn't refuse. "Fine."

Maru jumped up doing a fist pump, "Yes!"

Smiling at his childish display she told him, "Okay kiddo go put your shoes on and grab a sweater."

"Okay mommy!" Maru ran inside.

Glaring at Sesshomaru she told him, "You better no try anything."

Sesshomaru's brow once again raised as Kagome walked inside to grab her keys.

"I'm ready!" Maru shouted as he ran back outside and to Kagome's car.

Walking back outside Kagome whispered, "I mean it." To Sesshomaru as she walked passed him to get to her car.

Frowning at the fact that she was taking her own car Sesshomaru walked to his own. "Follow me." He told her.

Kagome rolled her eyes, but followed him as he pulled out of the driveway. He was blocking her in after all.

Fifteen minutes later they pulled up to a carnival called "Happy Days Daycare Carnival"

Maru's face was pressed up against the window in awe. "Lookie mommy!" He exclaimed in joy when he saw the Ferris Wheel.

Kagome smiled, "yeah, how bout we go on that first, yeah?" She asked.

He nodded his head up and down excitedly.

Kagome paid the five dollar parking fee, and quickly parked the car by the entrance for quick exit if necessary.

She got Maru out of the car and grabbed his hand, together they walked over to where Sesshomaru was parked a few cars away. Kagome had made sure to grab a space where there was no room for him to park.

"Mr. Sesshy!" Maru called, "Mommy said we could go on the Ferry Wheel first."

"It is pronounced 'Ferris Wheel' Maru." Sesshomaru told him.

Maru shrugged, "Okay, anyway mommy said I can go on it, so let's go!"

He grabbed one of Sesshomaru's hands and one of Kagome's and began leading them toward the Ferris Wheel.

Sesshomaru stared at Kagome as Maru pulled them along, and feeling his eyes boring into the side of her head she turned and met his gaze.

Blue and Amber clashed and the world seemed to stop. There was nobody else, at least, not to them.

"Darn it!"

An outburst from their five year old son brought the two back to reality, and in reality, they were in love, and broken up.

If Sesshomaru had a say in it, reality would soon be wrong.

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