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Hermione opened the front door to find her sister in law standing there soaked with the rain that was falling in a steady mist like form. Without waiting for an invite Ginny stepped into the room and removed her wet cloak hanging it up on the rack. Stepping straight through the kitchen into the living room Ginny looked at her brother Ron as he sat lazily reading a quidditch magazine.

"What skiving off another household chore, you useless hulk?" she questioned before she stepped up to him and glared. "Out… Now… and don't come back until the chores are done or after supper you waste of space." She chuckled at him as he extremely slowly turned to look at her with a cheeky look on his face.

Ron looked up from his magazine and gave his sister a cheeky look that changed to one as if he had been deeply wounded. "Hello sis, nice to see you too. So what's the problem this time… Harry done something stupid?" he managed before he burst into laughter.

Ginny looked at her youngest brother with a huge grin on her face "No you prat, but really I could do with a talk with Hermione. But not until you tell me what it's like playing for a professional team, what was it like hearing the crowd roar?"

"Ginny dear I play for the Cannons, no body roars for us, blimey we're lucky if we get the odd whistle, and then it's only if one of us falls off our broom." Ron laughed almost choking at the look he got from his wife. "Ok… Ok… It was brill Gin, I felt a real lump in my throat I was that nervous, but then I saw you and Harry sitting with Hermione and a lot of the nervousness vanished. I'm glad you two could make it."

Ginny smiled at him "Glad we helped a little. Now seriously George wanted me to ask you if you would be willing to go and help him open up the shop?"

Ron shot to his feet and dropped the magazine on the coffee table. "At last, I had begun to think he would never get over Fred's death, you know, I mean it's been five years. Anyway where is he, where does he want me to meet him?"

"He's still at the Burrow, Katie and Angelina are with him. I think Angelina is hoping that this might be the chance she has been waiting for, she's hoping once George gets the shop up and running again they might be able to pick up from where they were before, you know. Say hello to mum for me when you get there." Ginny said the jesting having come to a sudden end.

"Right, will do. Hermione love I'll see you later okay." Ron said as he grabbed his coat and made for the door.

Hermione watched as her husband left the house and wondered why neither of them had even bothered to pretend any more. Any feelings she had had for Ron had faded when she discovered his lies before they had even reached the end of their first week as husband and wife. Perhaps Ron was as fed up with all the pretence as she was."

Hermione was brought out of her thoughts when Ginny nudged her elbow, "We need to talk." She said as she walked over and checked if the teapot was hot. "Hermione I… er… he didn't tell you before the wedding did he?" Ginny asked as she poured her self out a cup of the still hot tea.

Hermione sat opposite her sister in law and a look of anger flashed across her face. "You knew about… about Ron's little problem? Why didn't you tell me?"

Ginny bowed her head over her cup of tea and nervously blew at the steam. "Ron promised the family he would not ask you to marry him before he told you. He's been telling us all since then that you knew and you were happy to just be with him. I… I… I… just found out I have the female version, I can't have kids either."

"Gin, it's not the having no children that's the real problem. Ron's er… 'tackle' doesn't work at all Gin. I've been married for three and a half years and I'm still a bloody virgin. Do you have any idea just how frustrating and urrghh… that is Gin?" Hermione seethed at her best female friend.

Ginny stared at Hermione with her mouth open for several seconds before she was able to speak. "Bloody hell. That brother of mine is such a bloody idiot at times. So he doesn't, you haven't… oh hell… but… er hang on. This could solve so many things." Ginny gave Hermione an odd appraising sort of look before she continued. "Tell me the honest truth Hermione. In fact I want you to give me a witch's oath that you will answer my next question and answer it truthfully."

Hermione looked at her best friend of nearly ten years and she could see a depth of pleading in her eyes she had never seen there before. "Okay Gin you have my oath to answer your next question truthfully."

Ginny took a deep breath and steadied herself by grasping tightly to the edge of the table. "Are you still in love with Harry?"

Hermione was shocked that Ginny had known she had been in love with Harry, she was slightly more shocked when the oath kicked in and she answered "Yes Gin, I always will be." As she was expecting Ginny to explode in anger at her answer she was totally shocked when Ginny smiled.

"Thank the gods for that…" Ginny said a look of relief flooding her face.

Hermione was having trouble following all that was happening it seemed so surreal. Ginny who had always seemed so possessive when it came to her husband Harry, was happy that another woman, a woman who happened to be her husbands' very best friend was in love with him. She simply could not follow what was happening and she needed some answers to it all. "Er Ginny what's going on… I mean I'm confused as all hell here."

Ginny chuckled a little as she looked at her completely confused friend. "It's all so simple, mind you, you were not brought up in a magical family so I can see why you don't get it. First let me tell you that Harry is still in love with you. I even know why he never let you or anyone else know about it. Harry fell in love with you sometime toward the end of your fifth year, but as you seemed to fancy Ron he decided to keep it all bottled up inside. I found out when he was delirious with that swamp fever thing he caught over in the Amazon. Told me all about it, though he had no idea he was talking to me at the time. Anyway let me get to the point. I am going to apply in Harry's name for an annulment. As the last of an ancient magical family he is allowed to have an annulment if his wife is unable to bear him a child. You are then going to marry him… Oh come Hermione don't look at me like that. We both love him, you enough to stay with Ron in a loveless non-marriage. And me I love him enough to let him go so he can have the two things he has wanted all his life, an heir and a mother for his children. You are the one he always wanted."

Hermione sat her mouth open as she digested all the Ginny said, she could see only one problem with it all though, she was married, all be it a sexless marriage, to Ron. She was Mrs Weasley so she could never be with Harry.

"Ginny have you forgotten I'm already married." It was a simple exclamation that Hermione knew Ginny could not refute.

"I'm gonna have to have a talk to that brother of mine… Hermione you are not married if the marriage was not consummated within the first three months. Why you muggleborn don't know these things is beyond me. Tell you what, come back to the Burrow with me and we will take a look on the family tree to make sure, the tapestry is hanging up in the attic."

Two hours later after moving all kinds of junk around in the Burrow attic the two women were looking at a truly ancient tapestry that held the Weasley family tree. Three quarters of the way down the names of the six boys and the one girl that branched from Arthur's name were all quite visible. Bill's name was linked to Fleur, Charlie to Catrina, Percy to Penelope, and surprisingly George was connected to Angelina who's name was in silver and not gold as were all the others. Fred's name was faded and had a black line through it. Ron's name was the odd one as it was the only name that was not connected to another other than his father.

"There we have it Hermione; you are not a 'Mrs Weasley' and never have been. Oh and do remind me I need to have a word with George, seems he and Angelina are soul mates, it's about time he did something about it. Now all we have to do is tell Harry that he is getting married to you… bloody hell the things I do for that man… still as long as you make him happy and don't hurt him I'll try not to cry to much," Ginny said with a small sniffle and a catch in her voice.

"Ginny… er don't you think Harry might have something to say if we just turn up and tell him he's going to marry me?" Hermione asked still trying to believe Ginny was willing to give up the man she loved.

"Hermione, believe me, all I ever wanted was to make Harry happy, now whether I like it or not the only way for me to do that is to let him go. It's obvious that he can't be happy as things are, he's married to a woman he is not in love with and who can not give him an heir. I know he loves me, but he is not and never has been in love with me. Now if you two had taken your heads out of your nether regions some years back we would not be standing in this dusty old attic having this discussion… So that leaves us with Ron, now I don't want you going and getting all angry, but I think I worked out why he has never told you anything. I think he would have completely ignored you if Harry had not fancied you. I know for a fact he would never have gone to the trouble of using and learning that '12 ways' book if he did not have a darn good reason, my dear brother is just too lazy where books are concerned." Ginny huffed as she finished her little speech. "Brothers?"

Hermione found her self nodding in agreement as Ginny laid it all out, that is until Ron's name came up. The first reaction being one of mild fear of what he might do quickly turned to one of indifference; she didn't give a hoot what Mr Ronald Weasley said. She had been his housekeeper, cook, maid and bed warmer for all this time as well as being the main income earner, without any of the benefits. Being a reserve keeper on the worst quidditch team for the past how ever many hundreds of years did not pay very well at all meaning she had to work hard and long hours, first at the office all day and then coming home and taking care of the house and Ron. All that and she wasn't even married to him, and he knew it. If Ron had been stood there right then she would have shown her displeasure to him in no uncertain terms.

"Yes well I think you should be the one to tell Harry. Me I have some packing to do… It would seem Mr Ronald Weasley is going to be moving out of my house in the very, very near future." Hermione said chuckling as she pictured the look on Ron's face.

As the two women were about to part Hermione asked question that had been bothering her for the past hour or so. "Gin? If you didn't know that Ron couldn't get it up when you arrived at my house this morning, what was it you came for?"

Ginny gave Hermione a huge grin, "Well I was going to ask you to shag Harry and get pregnant so he would at least have someone to claim the Potter inheritance when the time came. Even if it was a Weasley, and I felt sure you would agree because I could tell you wanted children."

"So why did you change your mind, why is it you want me to marry Harry now?" Hermione asked puzzled by Ginny's answer.

"Oh that's easy Hermione dear, the ministry is still steeped in its pureblood traditions and they would never accept an illegitimate child as an heir and you are not married." Ginny said as she stepped up to the flue and grabbed a handful of powder. "I might need you at the Grange shortly, you know calm the raging beast down when I tell him we are no longer married." Ginny threw the powder into the flames of the fire and when they turned green she stepped into them she called out "Ministry of Magic," and was gone a second later.

Ron arrived home after a hard day cleaning and dusting at the Weasley shop on Diagon Alley, to find he was locked out, prevented from even trying his keys by a repelling ward. He was also unable to get into the house any other way. Confused he turned to leave the garden so he could apparate to the Burrow to use the floo. As he turned he found himself facing two trunks he had not noticed when he had arrived. He recognised them instantly as they were his own, one was his old school trunk and the other his newer one that he kept his junk stored in. on top of the trunks he found a note 'I know. Goodbye Mr Weasley.' It was signed quite simply 'Miss H.J. Granger.'

Ron's shoulders drooped and all he could come up with was "Oh Bugger."

Hermione got the floo call from Ginny at five that afternoon. Ginny's head appeared in the kitchen fire and she called out for her best friend. Hermione walked into the kitchen from the living room with a duster and a tin of spray polish.

"Hi Gin. Everything go ok?" Hermione asked as she placed the polish and duster on a nearby chair.

"I need some help with your future husband," Ginny said a rather odd grin on her face, "come on over."

Hermione wiped her hands on the small apron she was wearing and with a quick tug at the strings it came free and joined the polish and duster on the chair. A few seconds later the kitchen was empty and the green glow from the fire place faded away.

Hermione found herself in Harry's study with Ginny standing in front of her. "I think I broke him when I said he was going to be marrying you at the weekend." Ginny said with a sad chuckle.

Hermione looked at the large leather chair that Ginny was pointing at and gulped, "You told him this weekend?"

"Yeah well we need to get this sorted before the press get their filthy hands on it and make it out to be something it's not. So yeah I told him this weekend." Ginny answered as though it was a normal occurrence for a guy to arrive home to be told by his wife that he was no longer married to her and he was going to be getting married to his best friend in just four days time.

As they spoke Harry looked up at Hermione and smiled "I think Ginny might have banged her head, she has this crazy idea that we are no longer married and I'm going to be getting married to you." He said as he pointed to Ginny with a sad look. "You think we should take her to St Mungo's?"

"Well as Ginny says if we don't get this done quick the press is going to be having a field day." Hermione told him getting an incredulous look from him. She studied him for a few seconds before she asked "Ginny did explain this all to you?"

As Hermione looked from Harry's puzzled expression to Ginny's slightly guilty look she gave a quick yet obviously false laugh, "No wonder he thinks we are mad Ginny, honestly."

"Hmm well I never got that far," Ginny said grinning then turning to Harry she began to tell him all that had happened and all they had talked about that morning. Hermione scowled a little when Ginny seemed to enjoy it far too much when she told him that his best friend was still a virgin because her brother was unable to get it up."

Harry started to laugh and he was roaring at something he found incredibly funny while the two women stood and wondered why he found it all so funny. It took him quite some time to get him self under control and was able to explain to them that Ron had spent the first three or four months of his marriage bragging to Harry about how he had Hermione to enjoy and Harry would never get his dreams fulfilled.

"All that time and he couldn't even…" Harry managed before he noticed the two women did not seem to find it at all funny. "Okay, why that's what I want to know?" he finally said.

"Why what Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Why now, why did Hermione marry him, why was I not told about this before?" he asked quietly.

"Why did I marry Ron, well because he was the only one that seemed to want me and being married to him meant I would always be close enough to you to remain your best friend and get to be with you some times at least. Why were you not told about all this, well that's easy. Neither Ginny nor I knew about it until Ginny went to the healers and then came to talk to me. Are you asking because you stopped loving me, or are you just curious?" Hermione told him slight anger in her voice.

"This is bloody awkward, what with my wife…" Harry was cut off when Ginny said

"Ex wife Harry dear I was at the ministry this afternoon and got our marriage annulled, and awkward or not Harry I know you are still in love with Hermione, and she is in love with you so what is the problem… look Harry I have not stopped loving you, but one sided love… that is just not enough is it. Eventually you will start to resent me and then you will begin to hate being married to me because everyone we know will have the thing you have always wanted… children. Harry I don't want you to ever resent me or hate me. Besides you deserve to be with the one you love after all you have suffered. Just know that I will be happy knowing that you are happy. Please Harry." Ginny said as her inner strength wilted a little and tears began to drop from beneath her eyelids.

Harry and Hermione both moved forward to draw Ginny into a hug that turned out to be a three way hug. "Are you okay with this Hermione?" Harry asked nodding slightly toward Ginny.

As always Hermione knew exactly what Harry was asking, "Yes Harry I am, most women don't have a clue about the women their husband was with before they met. Me I know there as only ever been my best female friend."

Ginny swiped at her eyes "And before you ask me that question, this was all my idea." She said cutting him off before he could form the words to ask her the same question. "You want a family Harry and I am happy knowing that Hermione can give you that. Though what your so called best mate is going to be thinking or saying I have no idea. Though I don't suppose he would want it to be common knowledge about his little problem, which might keep him quiet."

"But where will you go? What will you do?" Harry asked quietly hoping not to upset Ginny again. He had a good idea of just what it was costing her to do all this.

"I hadn't really thought that much about that side of things yet," Ginny admitted rather reluctantly. "Though if you don't mind Harry, I wouldn't mind living at the cottage now it's all finished."

"Course you can Gin, I don't think I could ever live in Godrics Hollow. Too many bad memories really. I'll also set you up with a monthly income so you don't have to worry about money." Harry said as soon as she had finished speaking.

"You never know, maybe Neville will still be interested. Maybe we could you know get together…" Ginny started but then trailed off before taking a deep breath and starting again. "You know Harry love like you said this 'is' bloody awkward."

Hermione stood feeling torn she was feeling happy because she was finally going to be with Harry and guilty because it was at a huge cost to her best mate. She looked nervously at the two of them and knew that she should give them some time alone. "I'll talk to you later eh?" she asked as she moved back to the floo.

Harry gave her a quick smile, which was quickly copied by Ginny. "Ok Hermione, I'll floo you when things are sorted."

Harry helped Ginny as she packed her belongings and he just could not feel right about it all. "Ginny we don't have to do this you know."

"Sorry Harry but we do, we are no longer married and you can't change that now, just be happy with Hermione the way you should have been and perhaps you could name me as godmother to your first girl, yeah? Besides I will still have all my memories and you will have your children. It's for the best Harry, I told you I don't want you ending up hating me, and well we had some fun didn't we?" Ginny said bravely. Later that night Ginny cried herself to sleep, she missed Harry already and the Potter cottage seemed so lonely, that and she was not feeling as strong as she had made herself out to be earlier.

Ron was back at the Burrow and sleeping in his old room, he had refused to tell either of his parents why he had moved back home, even when his mother had threatened to go and sort his wife out for him. Arthur was confused when Molly tried the floo to talk to Hermione only to find it blocked to all calls from the Burrow. Arthur decided he would ask Hermione when she came into the ministry in the morning, in fact he thought as its Tuesday I can catch her early, she always has that small conference Tuesday morning.

Tuesday lunch time Ginny was sitting in the Burrow trying to explain everything to her mother. Molly Weasley who had a soft spot for both Harry and Hermione listened as her teary eyed daughter told her what she had done and why. Putting two and two together and getting the right answer for a change Molly exploded. Threats of what she was going to do to Ronald Bilius Weasley when he came back from helping George made Ginny cringe at the thought of the pain her brother could end up suffering simply because he was jealous of his supposed best friend.

Ginny was still sitting at the table in the Burrow kitchen when Ron arrived home and she moved further away from her mother when her mother took in a really deep breath.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO THAT POOR GIRL?" Molly began with, making the windows rattle with the volume of her voice.

Ron sat down at the table with a confused look on his face "What did I do? She locked me out for no reason," he declared as though he had been wronged.

Ginny knew without looking at her mother that it was definitely the wrong thing for her brother to have said. She cringed when her mother took in another deep breath.

"RONALD, NEVER IN ALL MY DAYS HAVE I MET SOMEONE SO SELFISH. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER THE MARRIAGE WAS VOID WHEN YOU COULD NOT PERFORM YOUR DUTY." Molly ranted her face scarlet in colour "the shame of it, it will kill your poor father knowing that there is one of his son's 'a Weasley' who can't get it up."

Ron's face went crimson and his mouth moved for several seconds before he spluttered out "She told? She bloody told you, when the hell did she tell you?"

"Ron, my dear thick brother remember I called on you yesterday to speak to Hermione. Well I was going to ask her to have a baby because you did not have any. I was going to ask her to have Harry's baby so there would be a heir to the Potter estate. That's when I found out that she is still a virgin after being married to a Weasley for three and a half years. I was the one who told Hermione that you were not married, we even checked on the family tapestry. So instead of asking her to just have a baby for Harry that I discovered I could never have I asked her to marry him this weekend. They both deserve a family and far more out of life than the deal they were getting, they love each other and now they can be together and have a dozen kids." Ginny told him calmly.

Ron was far from happy but as he continued to rant about Harry bloody Potter stealing his wife, Ginny quietly asked what people might say if they happened to read in the prophet that Ronald Weasley had illegally mislead The great Hermione Granger, heroine of the Wizarding world into working as his house keeper because he did not want it known that his wedding tackle was non functional.

Ron paled to a very pasty white "You wouldn't? you wouldn't dare."

"Oh don't try me Ron, I gave up an awful lot for my two best friends and you and your bloody mouth are not going to ruin it for them." Ginny replied.

"And if Ginny wouldn't you can be sure I would, do you know what you were risking with what you did? More than half the members of this family owe a life debt to those two. You know if it was not for the colour of your hair I would question if you are really one of my children." Molly said rather forcefully.

Tuesday lunch time Harry floo called Hermione at home because she was not in her office. He found Hermione sitting at her kitchen table having a drink of tea. As Hermione noticed Harry's head appear in her fire she smiled at him. "Hi Harry."

"Is it ok if I come through," Harry asked a slight worried sound in his voice.

"Yes come through, I'll get another cup." She said as she stood and walked to one of the cupboards.

Harry stepped out of the fireplace just as she had finished pouring him a cup of tea and placing it at the place he usually sat at. He smiled at her and lifted the cup he asked, "So how are you doing, you know after all that happened yesterday?"

Hermione placed her cup down and with her elbows on the table she placed her hands under her chin so she could rest on them. "Well oddly enough I am doing quite well; I had just about the best sleep I've had in the past four years. And then this morning I realised I hadn't given Ron a single thought, you would think that after all this time I would have missed him or something."

Harry smiled at the woman opposite him, "Odd as it might sound you just described my last twenty four hours to a tee. It wasn't till I thought of calling you that I realised I had not missed Ginny last night, I thought maybe it was because I was a bad husband or something, obviously not if you did the same thing."

For the rest of the week Harry and Hermione got together to discuss what had happened and the swift changes that had taken place in their lives over so short a time. Neither of them mentioned about them getting married as Ginny had insisted they do. It seemed enough just to be together talking about their past without worrying about their future yet.

On the Saturday morning Hermione had just arrived in Harry's kitchen and was about to call out his name to see where he was when the floo flared again and George stepped out, followed by a radiant looking Angelina. "So where is the lucky man then?" George asked a huge smile filling his face.

"No idea yet, I only just arrived a second before you," Hermione answered before turning toward the living room and calling "Harry, you here."

When Harry appeared through the French windows that led out into the garden, George stepped forward and grabbed his elbow, "Come on mum is waiting," he said pulling Harry toward the fireplace.

While George sent a protesting Harry off to the Burrow Angelina led Hermione to the floo with the same words. Hermione arrived at the Burrow to find the kitchen filled with people she knew. Even her parents were there, though they looked rather confused with what was going on. Hermione looked around in surprise when she heard Molly declare "The minister will be here in three quarters of an hour, so I suggest every one get moving."

Half an hour later she found her self up in Ginny's old room, dressed in the same gown that she had used for the only dance she had attended while at school. The periwinkle ball gown looked like new and fitted her older figure like a glove thanks to work done by Katie Bell. Harry had been dragged into Percy's old room and the twins had given him his dress robes with orders to put them on and hurry up about it.

Dressed in her ball gown and her hair done up in a bun of sorts Hermione was led out into the Burrow garden by the girls there. Most of them were her friends from school, though Fleur and Catrina were both there too. She was ushered along until she was standing next to an equally confused Harry. They were just sharing one of their rather famous looks trying to work out what was going on when the minister appeared.

Five minutes later Hermione found herself repeating the wedding vows while several of the women gathered were wiping tears away with small frilly handkerchiefs. Harry like Hermione found himself repeating the wedding vows to an arousing cheer from all his mates. Before they had fully realised what was happening Kingsley Shacklebolt the minister was saying you may now kiss the bride.

"When Harry looked around George poked him in the ribs "You, you bloody fool, get on with it, we have beer and fireworks next."

Harry looked at Hermione and smiled "Not a bad story for the kids eh, captured, kidnapped and married all in under an hour." He then chuckled a little.

"Well I suppose they think we wasted enough time, I wonder where Ginny is?" Hermione said as Harry leaned forward a little and kissed her for the very first time. It was a kiss that neither would ever forget even though it was not a passionate kiss it was still special.

Fireworks were set off by George and Angelina while Katie and Fleur served everyone a beer. Neville Longbottom tapped his wand gently on the side of his beer glass and called for some silence.

"Okay you folks know we are here to celebrate an event that should have happened five or maybe even six years ago, alas these two," he pointed at Harry and Hermione "never bothered to take their heads out of their butts long enough to see what all the rest of us saw. We also know that were it not for Voldemort and our esteemed head master Dumbledore the pair of them would have seen this day much, much earlier. Still better late than never, and folks we have Ginny to thank for it. Without her need to see Harry Happy we would not be here to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Hermione. Pity Ron couldn't see it but I'm told he is unavailable at this time. To Harry and Hermione cheers to you both." He finished up by making the toast and drinking half his beer in one gulp.

Harry and his new wife watched as the last party guest wandered off in the same direction that everyone else had. Luna Lovegood with a wave of her hand went off toward Ottery St Catchpole in search of Neville, who it happened was the first to leave the party saying he was off to buy more beer. Strange how everyone had expected him to return after a short period of time with a fresh barrel or something and as he did not return the guests had one by one gone looking for him.

"Just over an hour and a half, I recon that has to be one of the shortest wedding parties in history." Harry declared as he sat with Hermione outside the Burrow back door. "do you think they will miss us if we go now?"

Hermione chuckled a little "No I don't think they will. So Mr Potter any idea at all how that just happened?" she asked smiling.

Holding hands tightly Harry apparated them to the Grange, which was the larger of the Potter homes. Sitting in the kitchen with a cup of hot chocolate each Harry and Hermione both looked nervous. "So Hermione love, are you okay with all this, I mean a week ago I was with Ginny and you thought you were married to Ron and now here we are after being ambushed into a marriage." Harry asked nervously.

Hermione looked worried not sure how to answer him, she loved him more than she had ever thought was possible and her dream from when she was just thirteen years old had come true that day. Then she looked into his eyes and saw the fear of rejection in his eyes and she found her answer. "I feel I shall now be happy for all time Harry, we both will, you and me together to the end as it should have been."

Harry wanting to be considerate with his best friend and new wife spent the next half hour kissing and cuddling before leading Hermione up stairs to bed. "We'll use the master suite, Ginny never slept in there always said she did not feel right, like she didn't belong there or some such thing. Will that be ok?"

An hour later Hermione had her very first orgasm brought about by someone other than herself. She admitted to Harry that she had never been touched in any sexual way by Ron, because after he had told her about his little problem right after their wedding reception she was so angry with him for misleading her into marriage when he knew she wanted children at some point. She had with held everything from him, including hugs. Although when it was needed she had let him give her small kisses when in public to uphold the façade they put on their lives.

Fifteen minutes later she asked Harry to be gentle and slow it being her first time making love. Harry was as gentle as he could be and having broken her maidenhead he had paused for a while and then with a great amount of will power he removed himself from her and promised they would start again in a day or so in order that she could enjoy their first time lovemaking properly and pain free when the broken hymen was healed, but doesn't mean we have to leave the bed.

It was over an hour before they fell asleep having enjoyed each other in several ways that did not include penetration. Hermione fell asleep sexually satisfied and looking forward to the following night when she was sure she would truly enjoy full on sex for the first time in her life. Harry slept beside her with a sort of satisfaction he had never felt with Ginny, his smile did not leave his face through out the night.

Three days after their first wedding anniversary Hermione was in St Mungo's where she gave birth to two identical twin girls, Lily Jane who weighed in at seven pounds and five ounces and Helen Rose who weighed just three ounces less. Both girls had a fine set of lungs that was only matched by the size of their magical core which would day match that of their father.

Harry and Hermione were truly happy together, between them, both had everything they had ever wanted out of life. Their best friend Ginny became Lily's godmother and their friend Neville became her godfather. Angelina and George became Helen's godparents. When the two girls were six month old they got them selves a brother when Andromeda Tonks died from a short illness and as Harry and Hermione were Teddy Tonks godparents it fell to them to take in the young boy.

Hermione sat looking at her two little girls who had both fallen asleep after being fed their lunch and having a short time breast feeding as well. She thought about how much her entire life had changed to become so full of happiness all because her former sister in law discovered she could never have a child. As she usually did she said a silent thank you to Ginny and to which ever deity that gave Ginny Weasley the idea that led to these two beautiful baby girls. She then promised the girls that in a couple of years they could become big sisters.

Ron ended up disowned by Arthur his father, because of his treatment of Hermione. Every time he had a date with anyone it seemed one of his former family slipped up and revealed his little secret, as it had to it eventually reached the news papers and everyone in the magical world knew Ron had a broken wand.

Ginny ended up getting married to Dean Thomas who's wife died giving birth to a baby girl, Ginny was a great mother to Deans boy and girl. Dean told anyone who would listen when ever there was a party with the Weasley family, that he had the best wife any man could ask for. Ginny was truly happy having finally found the real love of her life.

Ginny had been good to her word and told George to get his finger out, then after showing him the family tapistry she sent him off to ask Angelina out on a date. It was just three months later that George and Angelina got married and George laughing loudly declared to his new wife that his wedding tackle was most definitely in fist class working condition, which was the real turning point in George getting over the death of his twin, and becoming once again a joker and clown.

... ...The end of this tale but not the end of their lives. ... ...