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It was with a determined look in his eye that Harry James Potter walked along the path leading to the door of the ramshackle house that was the Weasley home. His best friend Hermione Jane Weasley, who was formerly a Granger, was staying along with her husband, at the elder Weasleys home for a quiet week end while her children were at Hogwarts School.

Opening the kitchen door and being welcomed by the Weasley matriarch Molly, Harry pulled his wand and a fraction of a second later Molly was silenced and firmly bound from head to toe. Stepping into the living room Harry saw what he was expecting to see. Hermione his best friend was sitting reading a book, while behind her sat Arthur Weasley and Hermione's husband Ron playing chess.

They only realised Harry was there when there was a flash of light, but only Hermione was able to look up in surprise while held in a body bind. Arthur and Ron were both in the same condition as Molly. Harry walked forward and knelt in front of Hermione. "Sorry Hermione love but I will free you if you will swear to do nothing until you have heard me out."

Hermione who was under a petrification spell from her shoulders down, had been about to rant at Harry but on seeing the serious look in his eye she chose to listen to what he had to say. "Okay Harry, but this had better be good," she announced whilst giving him her usual glare.

Harry nodded and stood up releasing the charm that held her. He then pulled a book from his pocket and handed it to her. "Read this Hermione, you might find it interesting; I got my hands on it over in Trinidad a few days ago. Believe it or not it's also very famous in the muggle shops here in Britain, been on the best seller list for a long time now. The reason you have never seen it before, is that each batch sold in our wonderfully free country has an extraordinarily strong repulsion charm cast on it by the Unspeakables so that magicals won't go near it. A magical person, even a squib would never be able to get close enough to even think to buy one.

Hermione looked at the paper back book that looked like a children's book, she was not really interested in those kind of books until she saw the title. 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone'. Intrigued Hermione began to read. Being who she was it did not take too long for Hermione to read the entire book. Looking up at Harry she spoke quietly, "Harry this is an extraordinarily detailed book about our first year, it's written exactly as I remember that year. You say they are selling these in muggle bookstores?"

"Yes Hermione and you are right, perfectly detailed. There are several more although I was only able to get my hands on two of them in English, and this is the only other one that was available and for sale at the time. He then pulled another book out of his pocket, "read the first chapter of this one," he said handing her another paper back with the picture of a blue ford Anglia on the front.

Hermione was quite shocked as she read the first chapter of the second book. "Amazingly accurate," she muttered as she looked up at Harry once again.

"Yes again you are right, now I didn't think much about it at first, other than being annoyed at our story being available in shops. Then I started to try to figure out who could have remembered everything in such detail, well obviously the only one I could think of was your self… but then when trying to remember when you might have been able to get something like that done without some one noticing I was struck by something I have never thought about before. Tell me Hermione, do you remember Christmas our first year?"

"Yes Harry, just like it says in the book, why?" she answered.

"In a minute, do you remember the summer holidays of that year?" he said still looking serious. Well I do, everything I remember happened just as the books said, the thing I noticed though is that I could remember absolutely nothing that is not in those books, not even you or myself taking toilet breaks or anything like that. So tell me Hermione what details can you remember about your holidays, what can you remember about the days when you were with your mum and dad?" Harry said expectantly. He was still a little unsure if it was what he suspected, or if his memory was actually damaged.

Hermione sat looking up at him, a look of shock growing in her eyes, "Harry the only things I can remember are the parts that I am mentioned in these books, why have I never thought about it before, how come I never even vaguely thought about it before?" she asked a little fear entering her voice.

Harry finally sat down next to her and then gently took hold of her hands. "Hermione there is a book on every year we were at Hogwarts, from what I learned there's even one that was written about our quest and the last battle, Snape's end, and how we killed Tom and what happened after… I don't think that these were meant to be books… I think we were obliviated and these were the scripts of our supposed lives fed to us, that's the only thing that I can see that would have us remembering only the things in the books. I also think the Weasleys were in on it because…. Er … can I ask you an extremely personal question?"

Hermione was now looking worried as she understood what Harry was saying; their memories did seem to be rather like scripts read from the book. "Okaaaay… Harry… I don't think it would hurt to ask… I mean I don't need to answer if I don't want too."

Harry looked down at the floor. Even though he was now forty and a married man with kids, asking Hermione what he was about to ask was still embarrassing. Taking a really deep breath he asked, "Hermione do you… er… do you have a small brown birth mark about an inch above your… your… your private area?"

Hermione was truly shocked and it took her several seconds before she could bring her self to nod slowly, "How would you know that it's … well it's hidden in my pubic hair?" she eventually asked.

Harry was still staring at the floor when he answered, "Well you know I have always suffered from nightmares about the things that happened to us… to you… some of them can alter at times, but… well, one of them is not so much a nightmare, as it is a very erotic dream about us when we were in a bed room, the things we did together. It's a very vivid dream and it never changes, I remember everything in the dream, I remember every detail of your body and what you liked or disliked when making love."

Hermione sat looking into his eyes her face a look of utter shock and almost as red as her husband's hair. "Harry!" She declared in shock, and as she stared at him her look began to change slowly, "I often have a dream about us too, we were hoping on getting married!" She exclaimed loudly as she turned to give a look of true anger at Ron… "But if that dreams true how did I end up married the idle berk and working myself to death to keep a home together for him and his two children?"

Harry looked at her with a sad look, "I have quite a lot of questions Hermione, we both do… the main one being what actually happened to us during our years at Hogwarts, and how come no one let anything slip. Who did this to us is another good question."

"What plans have you made up to now?" she asked quietly while glaring at the two Weasley men.

"I have made some arrangements to see a specialist mind healer for both of us, the rest will be explained to you later if what I suspect is true, but we have to do some travelling as he won't be able to help us here in Britain. Oh and if you decide to come with me wear your best winter clothes because it's below freezing there."

Hermione stood up from the couch she had been sitting on for most of the afternoon and stretched a little before she said "I need to pop home, need to pack a few things to take with me."

Harry gave her a sad little smile, "I'll wait here for you, got nothing better to do until I find out what the hell is happening." He told her as she picked up some floo powder.

Nodding her head and giving him a smile of encouragement she threw the powder into the fire called out "The Herron," stepped into the green flames that had appeared in place of the normal fire and vanished in a swirl of green smoke. Just fifteen minutes later she returned dressed in the best winter cloths she owned, not that they were exactly good ones. Being Ron's wife had been a very hard life for a woman who loved to read and teach.

She had to go out to work every day to earn a living, and as a muggleborn she had been unable to find work in the magical world. So to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table she worked as a waitress at a none-magical restaurant in Oxford. Each day arriving home tired she still had to do all the house work because Ron thought it was below him to do what he called woman's work. His dad never did house work so Ron did none.

He had had several jobs over the years and had lost or packed in all of them. His reputation was so bad that he was now classed in the magical world as unemployable. Even his brother George had refused to employ him, though George did occasionally slip Hermione a few galleons to help out and to keep the kids from starving.

Leaving the Weasleys still trust up until the spells wore off, Harry and Hermione walked to the edge of the Burrow wards and with a predestined arrival point they used a portkey Harry had with him and they vanished in a swirl of dust and colour.

Hermione knew that it was going to be cold wherever Harry was taking her to find out what had happened to them, but she had not expected the temperature to be so far below freezing. They had arrived on a remote mountain side in Greenland. Holding on to each other for balance as they arrived, Harry almost kissed her and her eyes shot wide as she realised what was going to happen. She felt slightly disappointed when Harry was able to snap himself out of it before he did something that he thought would earn him either a slapped face or at least a telling off.

Still holding hands Harry stepped forward and placed his free hand on a square piece of glass set in the stone of the mountain, and did not remove it until a door appeared and then opened fully. Harry led the way into a rather long tunnel that was well lit. They only had to walk a short distance from the door before it closed and as it did a small vehicle similar to an enlarged go cart rolled out of a small side tunnel and stopped in front of them. Harry helped her to sit in the back seat and he sat in the front to do the steering. Although the cart seemed to take off with a mind of its own as soon as Harry sat down.

It took them just five minutes before they reached their destination and Harry helped Hermione out of the cart which then took off back to the entrance area. Harry opened a low door which was obviously made of very thick oak and with his hand on the small of her back they walked into a large cavernous chamber. On the wall furthest away from them was what looked to Hermione like a huge movie screen, but what surprised her most about the chamber was the number of Goblins that were rushing around doing some odd magic she had never seen before.

As the two of them stood looking around they were approached by a shorter than average Goblin who rubbed his hands together. "Good evening, good evening indeed… I take it you are our two possible volunteers. From the information I received you are to be treated for possible mind altering before you make a decision as to whether you wish to take part in our experiment. Oh I do hope you will, it is so hard trying to find volunteers, in fact we have yet to find a single human willing to take the risk.

You should know we could do with someone brave like you Mr Potter. We tried it with a Goblin you know, it worked fine until those fool Goblins at Gringotts killed him thinking he was a raving lunatic. Well no dawdling around, time is money and it is wasting away, so do follow me and we will soon have you sorted."

"Harry what on earth is he talking about?" Hermione whispered as they followed the small Goblin through several doors and smaller chambers.

"We'll talk about that after we see the mind healer eh, I don't want us to be thinking of anything that could cause a problem for us just yet." Harry replied as they entered a normal room. Well normal in the sense of its size. It was a room completely covered in rune etchings, walls floor and ceiling.

Hermione looked around at the various rune sets noticing that there were several different languages. The small Goblin handed the two humans over to a Goblin healer who had them sit on two comfortable armchairs. "Right Mr Potter and friend, you are here to determine if you have been subjected to any mind altering and if so to put things right… from my notes I see you have no idea what or who might be involved or if there has indeed been anything so drastic carried out on you both. Is that correct?"

Both Harry and Hermione nodded in agreement. Giving each other worried looks, they both knew there had to have been something done to them, they were wondering if what they learned might be a new nightmare for them. The healer had them drink a small goblet of potion that tasted and looked like a banana milk shake. As soon as they had drunk the potion the lights in the room went out and the healer began chanting while he made his way out of the room. As the healer reached the door and finished his chant the runes around the room began to glow. It started out a dim glow at first but then it began to get more powerful until they could barely see anything, moments later they were both squeezing their eyes shut as the light became to intense for them.

It was two days later when the two of them opened their eyes again. Both of them had had to be treated for shock after what they had experienced. Both of them had had their true memories restored to them.

They had both shown themselves to be extra ordinarily powerful when using accidental magic as children and they had both been kidnapped by Minerva McGonagall on their first visit to Diagon Alley.

They had been held as Albus Dumbledore's prisoners in the Hogwarts dungeons. For seven years they had been forced to train like animals and learn the magic they were told. Several times they were taken from their prison and forced to face death eaters and Voldemort. They were beaten starved and mistreated when they tried to rebel. Subjected to horrendous pain that was inflicted on them if they resisted their captors. Sometimes if they were too rebellious the pain went on for hours on end. Never allowed to leave their underground prison unless it was to be forced to fight for their lives against people they did not even know, for reasons they did not know.

Their lives had been a nightmare that had seemed never ending. They became lovers in their sixth year of captivity, their times being together and eventually making love being the only happiness they knew, they spent hours talking and planning ways to escape the crazy old wizard and his lackeys who kept them prisoner. Then there had been the final fight when they had to face the vile Voldemort once again. It was the night they finally got a chance to escape and taking their chances they crept out of their dungeon prison and stepped right into the middle of a battle. There were fights and duels taking place all over the castle.

Their chance of escape vanished when Voldemort saw them sneaking through the great hall, trying to stay away from the dozens of fights happening around the hall. Voldemort had cut them off and they had ended up fighting him once again. It was during that fight that Voldemort's luck ran out, he was facing the two of them alone, he had no powerful people fighting along side him; they were all too busy fighting to save their own lives. The two of them holding hands had been able to hit the vile creature with two blasting hex's that killed him instantly.

As soon as they knew he was dead they made a dash for the exit doors, they held hands and looked for a way out as they ran, they were almost at the castle boundary, the gates of freedom were just fifty yards away when they were knocked unconscious from a stunning spell that came from the collars they both wore around their necks. Their control collars that McGonagall controlled could inflict some truly horrendously severe pain when they disobeyed an order and were used to stop their escape. When they had woken up they were both married to a Weasley and had completely new memories of the past eight years.

One memory that was revealed did surprise them; they were fed their new memories by Minerva McGonagall and Filius Flitwick who had been two of their trainers. Flitwick told them that as far as they were concerned they had served their purpose and that he and McGonagall disagreed with Dumbledore's plan to use them both to breed and build a powerful protection force that would be answerable to him and only him, a plan he had devised when he had discovered just how powerful their accidental magic was, showing those with the knowledge just how powerful they would eventually be. Of course all that was to happen once they had matured and they had disposed of Voldemort. After the old man had died their trainers formed a new plan with the help of some friends and the unspeakables, they intended to set them free. Well they would be given a sort of freedom that their trainers could live with. A freedom that would still be controlling them with out their knowing, as they were to be used to strengthen old pureblood blood lines. McGonagall had been the one to obliviate that last memory though her charms work seemed far less powerful than Flitwick's.

Harry and Hermione were given time to recover from their two days in the rune chamber as it was called. Their full memories were restored and they once again began to plan. It took them a full week to come up with a feasible plan that had a very good chance of working. They knew that with the Goblins help they could either return to a time before they were kidnapped and try to do something then, risking never meeting each other, or they could use the little window of opportunity that presented itself during their attempted escape and give their younger selves the chance to get away and remain together.

Their minds made up they called to let the Goblins know that they were ready. It was a fairly large group of Goblins that proudly showed them their new invention. It was what the Goblins called a 'Time Step'. The two humans stood in front of the huge screen and watched as the Goblins demonstrated how they could pick any place in history and then someone could theoretically step through time using the Time Step and arrive at their chosen destination and time.

Hermione gave them the location and a rough idea of the time they wanted to step into. It took ten minutes before everything was set and the huge screen held a live scene of the battle going on in the great hall of Hogwarts. They were viewing the battle from the entrance doors and could see their younger selves at the other end of the hall fighting for their lives against a murdering ego maniac. They gave each other a kiss before they drew in a breath, wished each other good Luck and stepped onto the Time Step.

The Goblins in the chamber looked on disappointed when the battle scene they were watching ran its short course. Their instruments showed that the two humans had not appeared on the other side of the Time Step. Convinced they had got some thing wrong in their calculations the Goblins set about trying to find the error.

As the battle raged in the great hall of Hogwarts, no one noticed two small globes of silver and gold light that sped through the hall at the two teens who were fighting Voldemort. No one noticed the bright flash of light that lit up the two teens for an instant at the same time as their two spells hit the dark lord.

Harry holding Hermione's hand suddenly felt himself hurtling through a void and then he was hurtling toward his teenage self and with a flash he was standing facing the falling body of Voldemort. When he looked to his left he saw in Hermione's eyes that she was in the same condition he was. Without speaking they both turned and ran for the exit doors just as they had before. Once through the main door of the castle, instead of running for the open gates of the grounds, they started on their plan though it was changed a little to account for the unexpected change of being in their younger bodies. Harry stepped to the right and Hermione stepped to the left moving back into the shadows of the castle doors.

They had just pressed themselves back into the shadows when two figures came running out of the castle and paused half way down the steps. Neither Flitwick nor McGonagall knew what had hit them as they both dropped unconscious at the same time. Stunned by Harry and Hermione, who for the first time while outside their prison and were not fighting, had their wands. The two professors rolled to the base of the steps before they were joined by the two teens that now had the minds of forty year olds and were armed, and wanting revenge.

Quick levitation charms cast on the two unconscious bodies by Hermione allowed them to levitate them in front of them as they ran for the castle gates. Four hours later Filius Flitwick and Minerva McGonagall woke up in a dirty cellar, they were both tied with tight ropes that they were unable to remove. They both looked up when they heard a low growl like sound and a door opening. There was a look of horror on their faces when they saw Harry and Hermione, their control collars no longer around their necks, and their wands in their hands.

Minerva realised with fear and pain that she was now wearing one of the collars and Hermione had the control rune block. McGonagall screamed and writhed in pain while trying to beg for mercy as Hermione turned up the pain flooding her body. Flitwick was the next to suffer as Hermione activated the collar he was wearing.

It took the two forty year olds in their teen bodies quite some time to learn to cope with their different sets of memories, the one set that they knew were false but had at least been of a far better life than their real memories, and their real memories of a life that no child should have ever been subjected too. Eventually over several days the souls of the older two melded into the two younger souls, they began to accept that they had lived two different lives, both of them forced on them by an evil world led by an old man who they could not punish because he had died before they could seek revenge.

Together they began to put their minds to what they would do in the future. There were of course a few people they needed to deal with, but they would need to visit the Goblins first to settle their affairs there, to reclaim any and all stolen moneys. They would then visit Hermione's old home to see if her parents were still living there. She prayed that they were, she had missed them so much while she had been held in the evil place. She wondered if they would know her, if they were still alive would they recognise her after eight years.

The day before they decided to leave the old farm they were using, Harry asked Hermione if she would marry him. She said yes instantly and informed her soon to be husband that they could be married while they were at Gringotts.

For more days than they cared to count the two evil professors Flitwick and McGonagall repeatedly suffered the same horrendous pain they had so willingly inflicted on two children. During that time they revealed all their dirty little secrets to Harry and Hermione. They told of Dumbledore's plans for his private army, and of their own plan for the two teens, as well as who was helping them. Eleven days after locking the two professors in the cellar and just an hour after allowing them to eat their breakfast, Hermione followed by Harry entered the cellar.

"Well professors Harry and I will be leaving today so you won't see us again." Hermione said her face showing a cold face of hate.

"Yes we just popped down to say good bye," Harry added with an evil grin.

Together Harry and Hermione walked out of the cellar and closed the door. Minerva looked at her life long friend and silently asked him if he thought they were actually leaving. Flitwick nodded and let out a quiet breath. "I think they are going to go after the Weasleys now. I hope they place these damn collars on one of them. In fact I wish I had never seen the bloody things."

Minerva nodded at him as guilt was flooding her mind, "God Filius we have been using these vile evil things on those two children for years, never once did I wonder how much pain they were in as long as they did as we told them to do, now I know I pray that they do as you said or that we find a way out of here."

The faint words "No chance," came through the closed door as Hermione activated the collars and turned up the pain threshold to its maximum. Pain throughout the entire body so intense it would slowly drive the person insane before it finally killed them. Harry and Hermione left the deserted old farmhouse miles from any other dwelling to the sounds of the agonising screams of their old tormentors and torturers; holding hands they both vanished as they apparated away. They had more things to take care of. Others to get their revenge on.

They arrived in Diagon Alley on the steps of Gringotts bank. Just a few minutes later after speaking to a teller they were talking to an account manager. The account manager was not being very helpful when he refused to believe that any release of funds forms that were filed were not signed by Harry. Eventually Hermione asked if the bank had a pensieve they could use, and would a very senior bank official be available to view the memories because they contained one of the Goblins most guarded secrets.

It took four hours and several Goblin provided mugs of tea and coffee before they were joined by the Goblin overlord who had been called back from business on the continent. Hermione after asking a few short questions for the Goblin to prove he was senior enough to view their top secrets, filled a pensieve with a series of short memory clips of their imprisonment over the past eight years, along with the memory of their visit to a secret Goblin location where they were treated by a Goblin healer. The last memory revealed their stepping onto the Goblin made Time Step.

As the Goblin over lord left the pensieve he declared that all and any forms signed by Harry Potter were forgeries and all removals of possessions or funds from the Potter vaults had been illegal, every effort was to be made to reclaim the stolen money and goods without delay even if the money had to be taken from the ministry vaults. He then turned to Harry and Hermione, "After seeing those memories and knowing what you have been through and still rid the world of Voldemort for us, is there anything the Goblin nation can do for you."

Hermione smiled at the head of the Goblin nation and asked him something he had not expected. "Would you be able to marry us and would it be legal in the muggle world?"

The Goblin was looking at the young human female in front of him for several seconds before he burst into laughter. "Oh I like you miss. Of all the things in the world you could have asked for I never expected that. Yes we Goblins can and will carry out the ceremony for you and yes it will be legal in the world of the wizards and the non-magicals. In fact I will carry out the ceremony myself while my subjects work on restoring all the Potters have being robbed of."

Harry was worried about Hermione not having a dress and all the other things a woman should have on her wedding day, but Hermione told him not to worry about those things because if her parents were still alive and she could find them she intended to have a real non-magical wedding. Harry nodding his head agreed that they could do that without any problems.

The Goblin overlord looked at the two teens that were not really teens and marvelled at how they had stayed so sane after the things he had seen in those memories. That they had been willing to reveal to him that the Time Step would eventually work but in an unexpected way, gave him a good feeling about the Potters. "So Mr Potter and miss… er…"

"Granger sir, Hermione Jane Granger."

"Yes good, well my name is Ragnok leader of the Goblin nation and I suggest we leave this office for a short time and make our way to the ceremony room, where I will have several of Gringotts curse breakers brought in to witness your marriage."

Their wedding was short with ten curse breakers to bear witness, and as promised the Goblin overlord Ragnok carried out the ceremony. Two hours later the two newly weds left Gringotts via an exit into the non-magical world. With their wallets full they headed straight for the first shopping centre they could find. They wanted clothes that they chose, and not the Victorian type clothes they had been supplied with.

A small jewellers supplied them both with wedding rings that were chosen by Hermione and wearing their rings and new clothes they apparated to a hidden alley in Oxford. To their joint surprise and Hermione's utter joy they discovered that Hermione's parents still lived in the same house. As it was the middle of the day the house was obviously empty, so the two teens made themselves comfortable sitting on the front door step, cuddled together they fell asleep in each others arms, and while they slept they could feel the comforting presence of each other which allowed them to sleep nightmare free for the first time in eight years.

Helen and Richard Granger arrived home from work that evening and even before she had stopped the car she drove, Helen Granger knew that her baby had finally come home. "HERMIONE!" the word left Helen's mouth as she simultaneously pulled on the hand brake opened the car door and jumped out. The car was still sliding to a stop as she left it but Helen did not care, she would recognise her only child's hair anywhere in the world.

Helen's almost scream of her name woke Hermione just a moment before Harry woke up. Scrambling to her feet Hermione rushed to her mother. She had thought that their reunion if it happened would be a little difficult, but that thought was gone as she threw her self into her mother's arms in the middle of the driveway.

Mother father and daughter were huddled together in a tight family hug. Harry sat on the door step a small smile on his lips, happy that his new wife still had her parents. "When we have finished our business with the magical world I hope they will all agree to my little plan to leave this foul land behind." He muttered to himself. Patiently he waited while Hermione hugged and spoke with her mum and dad. As they all stood there Harry blessed the fact that he had been forty years old and had matured quite a lot before they returned to this world. It allowed him to silently enjoy his wife's happiness without any great sadness over his own lack of a family.

Finally after about ten minutes Hermione remembered she was now married and that her husband was waiting for her, turning to him she held out her hand to him and invited him to join her. "Mum, Dad, this is my husband Harry… Harry my mum and dad Helen and Richard." She said making the introductions.

"So very pleased to meet you Mr and Mrs Granger, you have no idea what a relief it is to see that you are both alive and well." Harry said as he held out his hand to Mrs Granger.

Helen ignored his hand and gently pulled him into a hug while thanking him for bringing her little girl back to her family. Harry had a tear in his eye as Mr Granger said almost the exact same words. Neither mother nor father made any mention about them being too young to be married. Which he had actually expected to happen. He quickly realised they were far too happy to have Hermione back to worry about other things.

The small reunited family made their way into the house, where Hermione found there had been little change from what she could remember. While her mum and dad stepped into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, or in Richard's case pour a small glass of brandy. Hermione took Harry up to her old room to find it just they way she had left it all those years ago. Her small collection of dolls in national costumes lined the only shelf that was not filled with books. The bed still had the special canopy her dad had made for her, and her old clothes were still in her wardrobe.

After their quick inspection of the house Hermione announced to Harry, "Seems the only real change is the colour of the décor, my dad still has that ancient old chair in his study. So little has changed Harry." she sounded quite surprised as she spoke. "Except maybe it all seems a little smaller."

"It was like that where I grew up Hermione love, I don't remember anything ever changing much in that house, mind you when you come to think about it, I don't suppose there is really much you can change except maybe the furniture." Harry said as they entered the kitchen.

It took the two teens very late into the night to tell the two Grangers what had happened to them and what their immediate plans were. Harry ended their tale with a rather cold threat, "some people in the wizarding world will pay for what they did to us."

It was just after two am when they finally made it to bed, both of them sharing the bed Hermione had slept in as a little girl. They were both asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Tomorrow was going to be the start of a purge in the wizarding world, a purge that no one expected.

Two days later Harry and Hermione crept up to the dilapidated old house that was the Weasley home and peeked in the window to ensure their quarry were all gathered. Nodding to each other Harry walked around to the front of the house while Hermione walked to the back. Almost in sync they stepped back thirty feet from the building, and with revenge on their minds and the false memories reminding them that they were to be taken away from each other and used by the family inside, they cast incendiary spells at the old building, followed by blasting hex's.

The Weasley family had no idea what was happening until the first blasting hex hit one of the upstairs rooms, shaking the ceiling above them and showering them in dust. George rushed to the window and looked out, he could not hold back the words that escaped his mouth, "Oh shit, death has come calling. I knew we should have stuck with Dumbledore's plan, that or killed them off."

His words sent a chill of fear through the inhabitants of the house as they too rushed to look out of the windows. Their home was burning and the two people they had helped to keep prisoner, the two people they had hoped to continue using were out there looking for revenge.

As the Weasley family tried to apparate and found they could not, Arthur Weasley spoke to his family. "It looks like they have discovered our plans, we are all going to die today for what we did to those two children. Potter and Granger are the battle hardened killers that we helped to train. They will not allow a single one of us to escape, so ends the hopes of getting new blood into our bloodline. I hope you are happy now Molly, you killed our children."

Molly Weasley did not get a chance to answer her husband as the wall behind her exploded inward and practically shredded her back; she was dead before the blast had finished throwing her across the room.

Harry stood his ground outside and looking through the dust and into the house he spotted Ron. Ron who in their memory altered forced life had for twenty years pretended to be their best friend while using Hermione for his own pleasure. A surge of pure hate ran through Harry as he unleashed yet another spell. Ron Weasley died in a shower of blood as the spell blew his head apart.

Hermione ended the assault on the Weasleys when she fired an explosive incendiary spell into the heart of the kitchen where the Weasley family were gathered. The family that had used them for so many years no longer existed. She watched emotionless as the building began to fall. She then locked away the memories of her hard life with Ron. All of them were locked into the back of her mind, where they would remain until they had had their revenge on all those that had stolen their lives. Until that day she would retain those memories until allowing the Goblins to remove them.

Ten minutes later the two teens stood side by side and with one last look at the burning wreck took hold of each others hands and vanished, reappearing in the Granger back garden. It was time to find their next quarry, one who had been their cruellest and most evil task master. It was time to rid their world of Severus Tobias Snape.

Tonight they would sleep, tomorrow they would plan and soon, very soon Snape would be no more. They promised each other that he was one they would never allow to get away.

Harry and Hermione woke up together in the small bed. Both were surprised that they had not suffered from nightmares since they had escaped and married. Both stretched slowly, enjoying the comfort of the queen sized bed. After sharing a very quick kiss they climbed from the bed and together they made their way to the shower. It was two happy young people who walked into the kitchen to find the two Grangers up and ready for the day.

It was a long drive from Oxford to Huddersfield where Spinners End and Snape was. Richard Granger laughed as he thought that it ironic that the foolish magical people who had kidnapped his only child so long ago had not got the sense to use fictitious addresses when they made the false memories for the two teens.

Severus Snape was actually out in his garden when they arrived at their destination. The evil little man was busy collecting plant leaves and did not notice the tall slightly older man as he approached. He did however notice when Richard pressed a knife to his throat and commanded him to open the door.

Severus Snape was about to try for his wand when he stopped dead. The sight he saw practically froze the blood in his veins. Standing to his left were the two teens he had helped to train. The two teens he had so enjoyed torturing for the slightest reason. The fear that ran through him on seeing them without their collars made him wet him self, he knew he was going to die in a most pain filled and probably gruesome way.

On the outside Snape's house on Spinners end was silent, on the inside Snape screamed and pleaded for death as the two teens took turns in forcing potions down his throat. Neither teen even bothered to check what potions they picked up from Snape's large collection, they just kept on emptying the vials into the vile little man's mouth, watching as he writhed in agony. Once they could force nothing more into him they bound him to a chair and left him to die in agony from the over dose of mixed potions. Snape's last thought were that he wished he had never even met Albus Dumbledore or heard about his plans for an army of obedient slaves.

On the drive back Richard had to pull over as both teens were ill, both of them heaved until they could heave no more, what they had done had got their revenge but it also affected them poorly, although it would not stop them from continuing their purge of all those who had helped or had known about what Dumbledore did to them.

Two days later the Grangers and the Potters stood outside the main doors of the now empty Hogwarts castle, the very hell that the teens had been held captive in. Drawing their wands Harry and Hermione counted to three and then together they cast the fiendfyre spell into the castle. They stood and watched as the practically unstoppable fire took a good hold on the castle before they turned and walked away. There would not be a lot left of the place they had spent eight years of suffering in, when the fire had run its course.

It took them several weeks to get ready for their next target, weeks during which Richard did all he could to help. Their target was the ministry of magic who had so willingly aided their enemies by keeping the books that had started the teens bid for freedom, away from wizarding world of Britain. It was the corrupt centre of the wizarding government and it needed to be replaced.

Four stolen petrol tankers stood on the street where the phone booth entrance to the ministry was located. Each tanker was standing empty after its entire cargo had been pumped down the lift shaft in to the ministry. The ministry building was busy as usual even though the entire building was filled with a strange unknown and powerful smell. At exactly nine in the morning Harry and Hermione cast incendio spells at the phone booth. The explosion that ensued as all the vaporised petrol exploded totally destroyed the entire ministry and everyone in side. The most severely damaged area was the department of mysteries where absolutely everything was incinerated to a crisp.

That afternoon those members of the wizarding government who had not been in the ministry when it was destroyed were sought out and they too died painful deaths. Two days later the Potters and Grangers left Britain for a life in a new land as far from Britain as they could travel. Before they left the two Potters paid a visit to the Goblin facility in Greenland and had their unwanted memories completely removed. It was time to start a new life and to build them selves some happy memories.